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Opal (lux serise #3) By Jennifer L. Armentrout 


omg the cliff hanger I am so sad and hope they can save her…..
I am so happy that Dawson is back I have to admit it was creepy that he went into his twin brother’s girlfriend room and says she looks like he’s girlfriend how is trapped I thought that there was going to be a romantic connection with Dawson and Katy.
I like Dawson I really hope he will find beth and they can be together I can imagine Katy and Dawson being bestfriends hopefully Dee will get over her problems with Adam and forgive Katy I mean its not like they had to try save Katy they chose to its not Katys fault I hate Dee and Ash friendship it really annoys me it’s like Ash is trying to turn Dee against Katy.
I hope Blake dies sorry to all the Blake fans but he does keeps setting kat up I had a feeling he would I mean in the second book I was fine with the whole making daemon jealous thing until he started becoming the enemy when Dee was like let’s kill him I was like yes you tell them.
When kat couldn’t escape and daemon was banging on the door *I cried* I was glad daemon was safe but annoyed kat wasn’t I’m kinda worried about what they might do to her we all know Daemon might do something stupid like hand himself in or brake in hopefully he finds another way I will not read the next book if Katy and Daemon are not together…..
love reading this series and recommend it to you.


Review: The forever or Ella and Micha book 2: By Jessica Sorensen 

I love Micha and Ella I have to confess I thought Ella would cheat on him I kinda rolled my eyes when she said she had cheated on him I can’t believe he feel for that even though he knows she was trying to break up with him.
I had a feeling she had axienty and depression because of how she acted In la when she was around him and also having to deal with her rubbish family I think we all knew they were going to get engaged because it was brought up quite a lot but I kinda loved how they ended it with it I know that Jessica might not do it but I have this werid feeling she gonna be pregnant in the next book …..
I love how Caroline is the one to fix the family and also marries him in the book I can’t wait to see how she is going to be in the next book because I really not sure what to make of her.
michas dad he’s a jerk, ass and I’m glad that michas no longer letting him affect him I hated that he keep drinking his problems away especially when he said what he said to Ella I think sometimes he’s mad at how Ella let’s people get to her and that what he was trying to say when he was drunk but it came out wrong I love the park scene he made me laugh a lot at him.
Lila and Ethan I just gonna say it they are together I mean it obvious they showed lots of romantic gestures to each other and I’m still confused with the candy canes bit but maybe that’s a good thing right any way you all know that he is or she will say they are together no matter how much they denie it.
I felt sorry for Ethan having a horrible dad and also he’s mum I hope that Ethan can somehow get him and he’s mum way from his dad.
I can’t wait to read more about the four teens because they make me laugh so much especially Ethan about Ella and Micha act romantic.
I’m planning to review the first book once I read again because I have completely forgot what I was going to talk about reading this book.

Review: The witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

I am so glad I pick this book up it is one of my favourites I have a feeling the next book will be just as mind blowing.
When I read past Meredith and present merry I assumed they are the same person and I was kinda right because I find out they have the same name and the curse was put on her to solve.

I’m still trying to figure out what to make if leo he seems really nice.
I feel sorry for gwenyth thinking that because he completed the quest he can marry the princess only to find out he can’t because he’s a slave. But that doesn’t I agree with what he does to Jack I mean it’s not like he wouldn’t find someone else there is a saying there is plenty more fish in the sea.
I really feel sorry for Jack having to leave his adoptive parents and the girl of he’s dream and having to eat his loves heart I actually gasped with the shock that he could be so cruel I  wanted to punch gwenyth he really makes me angry.
I kind of feel sorry for Merry being forced to use her magic even though she hates her gifts especially since she is stuck in a curse you already knew she fall for him and it hard not to not when he is the king of hearts but Jack the prince / king I really did hope they were able to save him to be honest I don’t think he’s dead it’s just this feeling that hes alive.
I otp Jack and Merry I hated when he said he didn’t love her you know he does because otherwise gwenyth wouldn’t what him to eat her heart and omg the last thing he said to her made me cry. (Quote is below)
Gwenyth did count on Merry letting Meredith into her body and destroying the heart puppets I cried when jack died and after that I’m still crying writing this review he can’t be dead even though they saw the place crumble down even merry says he was like he was asleep and they are making another book so that prove.
Oh I almost forgot I cried for leo when dan died you knew he loved him more than a friend he was worried to say he was gay because of what he thought I really wanted him to be with Dan.
I’m so glad Merry didn’t want to give up on her powers and I was so happy she knew that Jack loved her and not Meredith which I think was Merry past life.
Hope you read this book let me know what you think below here is one of my favourite quotes.
‘ Do not … do not weep. This is… the way it should be.’ Jack’s voice was barely a whisper; she leant in closer. ‘Forgive me. Earlier, above the lake… I… I wanted to only protect you. Meredith lost everything… because she loved me. I could not see you suffer in the same way.’ He gasped and shuddered ‘I wish… I wish I could hold you, one last time my love…’

Review: BECOMING SEBASTIAN VERLACBy Cassandra claire 

​I was surprised to know that cassandra claire writes about jhonathan becoming Sebastian verlac I love how he starts being nice to the real Sebastian and asks questions about him I think so if anyone asks him questions he’s able to reply to them.
I felt bad for jhonathan when he was saying how he’s mum abandoned him and that hes dad only cares about Jace he’s favourite son the only one he cares about and that valentine only wants to have clary and Jace by he’s side aswell I can understand why people don’t really love jhonathan is because he’s a demon and valentine only thinks of him as a solider.
The only thing I didn’t like was that he thought that clary was he’s and no one else because she is he’s sister I thought that was a bit strange but he wants to know clary which is nice. 

I feel sorry for real Sebastian meeting a nice guy how just kills him not really fair for him.

Queen of shadows review by Sarah J. Maas 

​Queen of shadows is the best book in the series.  I don’t even know where to start, I was very surprised on how things how things ended. 
I have to start with chaol and aelin (celeana) relationship ended. I was going to stop reading, I expect them to be together but I had a feeling that her and rowan might get together too.
I was really surprised, she would go to the safe where her old master would be. And her master had less assassin than usual,  I was even more surprise that she would ask for his help to rescue adieon sorry if I spell adieon wrong.
Don’t hate me if your adieon fans, but I thought he was usual. But I now he Is one of my favourite characters. I love how he was treating rowan like royalty. Don’t worry guy’s I’ll get to rowan soon….
Dorian I expect more, I wanted him to have been free sooner. And now we find out prince royland I think is the total bad guy, which I think is very interesting in the next book. 
I was very shocked that chaol was involved with another woman, when technically he was still with aeln. but I am glad because the chaol is more mature, in a way I was sad he became a cripple hopefully he will be ok.
Ok now my favourite in the book rowan and aein yes you heard right kinda hinted at the beginning but the sexual tension was great especially the nighty scene and if you see on my update I was like omfg to the quote.
‘You make me want to live, Rowan. Not survive; not exist. Live.’

– aein

Booktubers that I recommend 

​1) Sahsa Alesburg – she is one of my favourite youtubers not only is she a author of zenith but she gives amazing recommendations but also in depth reviews her genre is more dystopion books I wish that I could meet this amazing youtuber in person.
2) ShopieSeries – I stumped upon her when I was researching youtubers and i saw page and click on to her page and I was shocked that they do reviews and recommendations and I never stopped watching her channels ever since I watch her channel there is not one video I gave missed thank you for showing me white hot kiss and other amazing books her books are dystopion and young adult please check her channel and I’m so happy to have her on goodreads to see her book reviews.
3) Qwendoyln reading methods – I was on youtube after watch all of ShopieSeries I noticed that Qwendoyln does reviews for all genre I added her on goodreads as Lena83 and ask her to recommend me a great new adult book and she recommend Rosemary beach series abbi glines as soon as I read this amazing 11 (I currently haven’t read 10) I ask her for another recommendations and she told the duplin street series by Samantha young  (which I am currently reading) I am lucky to go on her goodreads phychic videos where she will look at your goodreads and recommend you a book thank you gwendoyn reading methods for being my second favourite booktuber. 
4)Aprilius Maximus – my friend louisa told me about her saying that she was looking into reading books and April helped her with amazing recommendations she also does journaling and reviews I’m so jealous louisa has her on goodreads and I don’t.
I will recommend other booktubers soon because I have a really long list and these are my favourite booktubers and i watched all the video they have ever made (apart from the reviews if books i haven’t read yet) please check them out you won’t regret it.

Why I started reading 

​I was in secondary school in my first year I was in my library studying for music and I saw a girl reading twilight I walked up to her and said “why are you reading this book when you can watch it” and she looked up and smiled and said “but the book as more in depth it explains it better and the characters are more better and I prefer reading the book than watching the movie.”

She got up and went to the shelf I was thinking about what she had said and thought maybe I should try it and the girl came back and handed me the same book in hardcover “take it out of the library and read it I promise you won’t regret it.” I took it and thanked her once I took the book out I got home and sat in my room and started to read it I hate the first few chapters but carried on because i wanted to know what was so good about reading and I like it and I read the rest of the series and she recommend more amazing book I am so glad I listened to her thanks to her I’m a book addict.

Thanks for reading this long blog let me know why you started reading ?

Review for the fault in our stars by jhon green 

​one word to describe this book emotional. first your happy then you sad then your crying. when my friend janny told me about this book I thought it was the one of those boring books. but I promise to read the book and I am so thankful I did.

I was expecting hazle to die but jhon green wants you to be surprised and emotional.  I started crying when grace, Augustus friend and Augustus were doing the once Augstus is dead speech. it was really heartbreaking but the letter and the end of the book made me feel like laughing and crying. 
I love when Augustus writes he’s phone number in his book so hazle can ring him when she finishes the book I enjoyed how the imperial book brought them close. 
I also like how romantic jhon green makes Augustus eventhough I like the book I really wished Augustus didn’t die he was one of my favourite characters. 
When he was in the wheel chair joking around you were both laughing and sobbing he was so sweet and romantic and he also was a great friend to isacc letting him destroy trophies and cheering him up after losing his girlfriend and losing his eyes.
I’m glad that grace had isacc once Augstus died to talk about him and being able to help each other out I did feel sorry for isacc and hope that he will find somone how will love him for being him 
Tell me what you think of this book 

Prince of wolves ( the grey wolves series #1) by quinn loftis 

​ I rate this amazing book 6.5/5 starz I recommend this book it’s funny and romantic and involves wolfs before you ask yes there’s fighting in it also it’s free on kindle 😉

I  am not sure what to think of this book from what I have read so far.
So far a girl Jacquelyn saw a limousine come from the opposite side of the road and talks to her in her mind saying
‘your going to be mine Jacquelyn’ 
when he goes to enter the house 
Enters in her mind reading that I was like yep this is going to be really good I was still think that when her friends though she was insane.

You read his side he sounds too (simon from the mortal instrument series.) I expect him to be more like (daemon from the lux series or Warner from shatter me series.) But it was ok may pick up hopefully. 
Once he finds out her mum lily and her two friends and her are going to visit he starts to answer questions one of my favourite things that happen in this chapter is.
‘Fane bowed slightly, placing his hand over his heart, “As we say in my country when parting, pînă la următor timp Mai Moon lumină al tău patetic, which means until next time may the moon light your path.” Jen looked at Fane and true to form in her out-spoken way asked, “Is that kinda like an Irish pro verb, only, ya know, like a Romanian proverb instead?” Sally giggled, Jacque looked mortified and Fane simply smiled and said, “Yes, something like that.”’
I am shocked how Fane all of a sudden feels something for her so soon in the book and jen always makes you laugh at some of the things she says. 
‘ Jacquelyn realized it, she has access to his thoughts… all his thoughts. There was a way to put up what you might call a wall in your mind if you needed a break from your mate, but it was difficult for mates to be cut off from each other for any length of time, not that he knew from experience, that’s just what his father had told him about the mate bond.’
I was shocked that she can read his thoughts but a bit curious about what would happen if they are far away from each other. 
‘ he was going to have to do this the honorable way and court her. She deserved that after all, she is his Luna, and will be Queen of the Canis Lupus one day ; she deserved his unwavering love and devotion. She would get nothing less.’
I this is my favourite quote so far I didn’t know how important a luna is until he’s father said the bond makes Fane really strong and a adult and has to protect his mate (luna) and lily.
 “maybe he’s the one, you know like in those romantic movies where a person has one, true, soul mate. I mean, he can talk to you telepathically, so it could happen.”’
Reading this I realised that her friends finally decide that she was telling the truth I do admit it was really funny how they were taking the mickey out of her for talking about what Fane had talked about in her mind.  
I am a bit worried that Fane dad hasn’t made things worse by sending a male werewolf to protect Fanes luna.
I thought that the male wolf was going to try and blood bond with her but it turns out a alpha from another pack is trying to get jacquelyn has his mate he warned fane he had a hour to say goodbye (because he had accept a challenge to the death to have jacquelyn has there mate.) 
But once he agreed the next day lucas had bruised jacquelyn wrists (because he saw the fanes mark on her) I was so glad that happened because in the werewolf rule fane was aloud to stay with her until the challenge (they kissed during the days up to the challenge) I thought was really gross and also the character jacquelyn though was gross is that lucas gave her four sacrificed dead caucuses as a symbol of him of him courting her.
I thought it was clever that fane got (sortia) (if I got his name wrong please correct me) to dump them.
 “He saw the markings on Jacquelyn’s back and neck, he got angry and grabbed her arms and gripped her hard enough to leave bruises on both arms . Imi pare rau am ratat ai tatalui (I am sorry I failed you father). “Tacerea (silence), you have not failed me son, you had no choice but to honor the rules of the challenge. You don’t have time to sulk over what has happened, do you hear me?”’
After asking that guy he calls his father to tell him what happens I really hated how fane was so sad that not only he failed his mate but also his alpha (father) his father is the only one how stops fane for feeling sorry for himself which makes me so happy that hes dad can do that.  
Do I blame him for not going against the rules? 
No I am actually glad because he go to see jacquelyn.

I know there are great scene of the time they spent before the fight but the fight is my favourite I didn’t like how he played dead I sobbed not knowing what he was doing I really wasn’t going to carry on until he was like ‘lay still don’t breath let him think your dead I was like “YAY HE’S ALIVE I AM SO HAPPY” my sad sobbing changed to happy tears.
My favourite scene has to be the ending I was so happy they got to be mated the next day then it finishes.
Before you ask my review for the next book is coming I’m nearly finished yes I know I should update regular but I really wanted to find out what happens…………