Review: The witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

I am so glad I pick this book up it is one of my favourites I have a feeling the next book will be just as mind blowing.
When I read past Meredith and present merry I assumed they are the same person and I was kinda right because I find out they have the same name and the curse was put on her to solve.

I’m still trying to figure out what to make if leo he seems really nice.
I feel sorry for gwenyth thinking that because he completed the quest he can marry the princess only to find out he can’t because he’s a slave. But that doesn’t I agree with what he does to Jack I mean it’s not like he wouldn’t find someone else there is a saying there is plenty more fish in the sea.
I really feel sorry for Jack having to leave his adoptive parents and the girl of he’s dream and having to eat his loves heart I actually gasped with the shock that he could be so cruel I  wanted to punch gwenyth he really makes me angry.
I kind of feel sorry for Merry being forced to use her magic even though she hates her gifts especially since she is stuck in a curse you already knew she fall for him and it hard not to not when he is the king of hearts but Jack the prince / king I really did hope they were able to save him to be honest I don’t think he’s dead it’s just this feeling that hes alive.
I otp Jack and Merry I hated when he said he didn’t love her you know he does because otherwise gwenyth wouldn’t what him to eat her heart and omg the last thing he said to her made me cry. (Quote is below)
Gwenyth did count on Merry letting Meredith into her body and destroying the heart puppets I cried when jack died and after that I’m still crying writing this review he can’t be dead even though they saw the place crumble down even merry says he was like he was asleep and they are making another book so that prove.
Oh I almost forgot I cried for leo when dan died you knew he loved him more than a friend he was worried to say he was gay because of what he thought I really wanted him to be with Dan.
I’m so glad Merry didn’t want to give up on her powers and I was so happy she knew that Jack loved her and not Meredith which I think was Merry past life.
Hope you read this book let me know what you think below here is one of my favourite quotes.
‘ Do not … do not weep. This is… the way it should be.’ Jack’s voice was barely a whisper; she leant in closer. ‘Forgive me. Earlier, above the lake… I… I wanted to only protect you. Meredith lost everything… because she loved me. I could not see you suffer in the same way.’ He gasped and shuddered ‘I wish… I wish I could hold you, one last time my love…’


4 thoughts on “Review: The witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

    1. I really didn’t know 😦 but I think they done to make more books but it the second book it’s hinting that hes coming back to life and there’s a thrid book it’s really amazing I highly recommend checking this out.


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