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My reading this month has been less than usual due to my big essay after Wednesday I’ll be back to my reading I’m currently reading three books.

Del Boy He Who Dares… 

I’m currently on page 60 I’m hoping to finish this before October I can’t wait see how Dels story will end.

Kindred Spirits By Rainbow Rowell 

I chose to read this because I love Rainbow Rowell’s short story out of all her books I’m currently 12 pages I’m and I’m planning to finish this book by this week.
Camp Rock ‘the book of the film’ adapted by Lucy Rugged

I know most of you may know camp rock from the movie on nickelodeon I am planning to read this because I am writing a book that us kind of the same but different I’m hoping to get some ideas from this book I am planning to finish this by this week.
Books I’m planning to read next 

Spot the different by Juno Dawson 

All over youtube I have been seeing people reading diverse books so me and my friend decided to read this book. This book is about a girl called Avery she was also bullied until she was given the opportunity to join the A-list in her school I can’t wait to find out what the A-list is.

The Scorch Trials  (The Maze Runner #2) by James Dashn

I think about a month ago i was on page 197 so if I read the other books by steptember I’ll try and cram this one in.


Help Me! Book Tag

I keep seeing lots of youtubers do this tag so when my friend Janny challenge me I had to accept.

1. You have a test tommrow, but instead of studying you’ve been reading which fictional character do you call to help you cram for this test?

Tiberius Blackthorn from Lady Midnight ( The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Claire 

I chose him because he researches every little detail and also he is quick at completing tasks.

2. Payday is still 2 weeks away, but you are broke which rich character do you ask for money to help you out?

Dorian from Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas 

I know for a fact Dorian would say yes because he has a nice side even if he is mean’t to be the enemy.

3. There is a burglar in your house, which character do you call to help you beat up the burglar? 

Celeana sordethen from the crown of midnight (throne of glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas 

I chose celeana because she is brave, fearless and doesn’t let emotions cloud her Judgement and also would kick anyone’s ass.

4. Their is a spider (I chose spider), snake or something else that really scares you in your house which character do you call to get rid of it for you?

Seph from eclipse  (twilight #3) by Stephanie Meyer 

I chose Seph because he won’t make fun of you plus he is brave and determined and he is the only werewolf in the book that’s my favourite and if Edward Cullen wasn’t in the book I’d totally be team Seph.
5. You’ve had a really bad week which character do you call to cheer you up?

Cricket Bell from lola and the boy next door  (anna and the french kiss #2) by Stephanie perkins 

I chose Cricket Bell because he is sweet funny and is very cleaver he would find a away to make you smile and would make you happy no matter what lola is a very lucky to have a guy like him.
6. There is a zombie apocalypse going on which character can totally handle him/herself in this apocalypse? Pick a character that would give you the highest survival chances?

Rowan from heir of fire  (the throne of glass #3) by sarah j. Maas 

I chose Rowan because he is amazing at fighting no one can defeat him he like the terminator so I’d definitely have a chance at survival no doubt.

7. You house caught fire you need a place to stay in which characters house do you want to stay in? 

Cristina Rosales from Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1) by Cassandra Claire 

Ok so technically it would be a institute but I’d love to live in one it sounds totally amazing I chose Cristina Rosales because she is a good friend to Emma she would always cheer you up when you are feeling down she’s funny and has the ability to make you like her.

8. Because your house caught fire you obviously don’t have any clothes which character do you want to borrow clothes from? 

Isabella Swan from twilight (twilight #1) by Stephanie Meyer 

I chose Bella swan because we both have the same amazing dress sense as each other I know some people would think our dress sense is terrible but that is what makes us comfortable.

9. You’ve been wrongly accused of something which character can weasel him/herself out of any situation and can certainly help you out of this pickle?

David from marked (soul guardians #1) by Kim Richardson 

I chose David because he has this way of charming people convincing them to agree with him and also us determined to make you like him with just looking at him.

10. You just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend which character do you call to be your rebound? 

Devon from out of the shadows (A werewolf wars #1) by Bethany Shaw 

In real life I wouldn’t do that because I’m not that type of girl (to pretend that happened) I chose Devon because he’s trustworthy and is really nice person and he is so great and I’d love to Lark for an hour or more because he’s a good side even if he does want to show it.
Hope you enjoy this tag and if you want to do this tag I’ll tag you to do it let me know below you thought in what I’ve chose and also if you’ve done the tag link it below so I can check it out.

Lady Midnight covers

Hi guys,

I was looking at lady midnight covers most of the covers are made from fan – fiction I just wanted to know which one of these covers are your favourite I can’t decide let me know down below which is your favourite.

The normal looking cover:

These covers are nice I love the way they put the Carstairs sword on the cover and how they put Emma on the front cover.

Mortal Instruments looking covers:

I love that these covers remind me of mortal instruments they are different but they have the writing the same place and have Emma on the cover.

New mortal instruments and infernal devices covers:

I love how the first one is a lot like the actual cover and the parbatai rune as well the second one I love how they made Emma look like proper shadowhunter nor that the others don’t but It looks like she’s just on the floor from jumping up high and having the Carstairs sword strapped to her.

Again let me know below what your favourite cover and which one you’d buy.

Taylor Swift Book Tag 

I saw this tag on a blog the person is called I’m always looking at her blog you’ll have to check her blog out this tag was first created by The Book Life she’s an amazing youtuber.

Let’s start this TAG 

1. We are never ever getting back together = A book or series that you were pretty sure you were inlove with but know want to break up with? 

Divergent series by Veronica Roth 

I loved reading the four novella, Divergent and Instergent but once I read Allegiant I wasn’t a big fan off it made me not like the series at all sorry Divergent fans.

2. Red = pick a book with a red cover?

Ruby Red by Kristen Geir 

I chose this cover because it’s my favourite red cover I love how the cover is old fashioned the picture of the women and the sliver flowers.

3. The best day = A book that makes you feel nostalgic?

Endlessly (paranormally #1) by Kristen White 

This book series makes me happy I am team Reth all the way but this book also makes me sad (I even cried) because Evie chose Lend over Reth I can’t get myself to read it after what happened I’m gonna try so I can review it.

4. Love story = A book with forbidden love? 

City of Ashes  (The Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Claire 

I know this is a predictable chose but I love it I totally love the sexual tension between Jace and clary and how much they want to be together  even though they shouldn’t be together.

5. I knew you were trouble = A book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love? 

Roth from White Hot Kiss  (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

I know Roth is the bad guy because he is a demon and he also the enemiesof the gargoyles but he has this good side as well when you get to know him.

6. Innocent = A book where someone ruined the ending for you? 

Allegiant  (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth 

My friend Jenny told me whatwas going to happen to Tris while reading I was thinking ‘she was probably lying or joking’ but she didn’t.

7. Everything has changed = A character from a book who goes through extensive character development?

Ignite me (Shatter me #3) by Tahereh Mafi

I chose Juliet because she becomes more grown up plus she has more confidents in herself she has also become fearless and is proud to have her powers I think Warner has help her to understand how special she really is.

8. You belong with me = you’re most anticipated book release? 

Empire of storms  (throne of glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas 

This is one of my favourite series I love that this series is about a girl assassin and I love how Sarah makes the blot better in each book you thong she can’t top queen of shadows you have got another thing coming.

9. Forever and always = you’re favourite book couple? 

Rowan and Celeana/Aein from queen of shadows  (throne of glass #4)

The reason why I chose Rowan and Aein is because they have a really good connection I love how they how they can look at each other to talk to each other and I can’t wait to see what Sarah will continue with this relationship in empire of storms.

10. Come back, be here = the book you would be least likely to lend to someone for the fear of missing it too much?

Lady Midnight  (The Dark Artifices #1) by cassandra claire 

I read this book 24/7 I’m inlove with this book and so excited for the next book if I gave the book to someone to borrow within a minute I’d ask for the book back.

11. Teardrops on my guitar = A book that made you cry a lot?

The fault in our stars by Jhon Green

I had to cry more than one time in this book the first was when Monica broke up with Isacc over the thought of him being blind second was when Isacc was blind also him asking for Monica when Hazle entered the room and the last finding out he had cancer  and also what happened to him plus the letter he wrote to Van for Hazle to find out what happened in the book she loved reading.

12. Shake it off = A book that you love so much you just shake off all the haters? 

The grey wolves series by quinn loftis 

This book series is one of my favourites I love the blot 8 books all together but people say their are to many books in the series I don’t care what people and it’s boring nut I don’t care what people think because I love this series so much and I know two people who love the series as much as me I have a review for the first book in my blog.

Let me know below what you your answer are and if you agree or disarre I’m interested to know what you think and also I tag you to do this tag if you want to do this tag.

Tags I’m planning to do

1) The Taylor Swift Tag

2) Help Me ! Book Tag

3) Friends Book Tag 

4) This or That Tag

5) The Pets Book Tag 

6) The Zombie Apocalypse Tag

7) Greek Mythology Book Tag

8) Totally Should’ve Book Tag

9) Book Tag Netflix/Books

10) The Coffee Book Tag
These are the ten tags I’m planning to do in the month of September and October let me know below what tags you challenge me to do.

Why I started blogging 

I just want to start by thanking all my 19 followers for liking and commenting on my blog I wasn’t expecting to even have one follower I just wanted to express my opinion on my favourite thing in the world which is reading and I did expect to have other people  (other than my friends agree with me) I remember being in secondary school reading in the cafeteria, library, outside classrooms and even once I finish my school work.

I was classed as a book addict at school loads of people would be like “oh she’s reading again surprise surprise” but I didn’t care especially in the end of my school year my friends were not hanging around with me that much I was happy to sit on my own reading.

And also to post chapters of my stories and see if people thought they were good now I know they do I’m planning write a story and publish it hopefully I’m currently working on four books what ever one I post the chapter of get liked more I’ll publish first.

I’m thing of making a blog on things in my life as well as this one I’m not 100% sure my nickname is lola/lena you can call me either instead of bookfandom1001 In posts or comments.

I’m planning to post a book update mire tags and a few more reviews during the month of September I’m planning to start reading empire of storms in October because that is when my birthday is and it would be a great book to read on my birthday especially since I love this series so much and I’m also planning to post a very late books I want to read that is due out in September.

Let me know what books you want me to review what tags and also what you want me to post on this blog.

Protecting Shaylee ( The Fae Guard #1 ) by Elle Christensen 

I will be reviewing:

Protecting Shaylee ( The Fae Guard #1 ) by Elle Christensen 

I was unsure of the book in 60% of the way but wow it was really shocking how she made a character In the beginning of the book be so unimportant and then in the sort of end become one of the evil villain that and the funny ending change the 4/5 stars to a 4.5/5 stars I recommend this book if you like fae and new adult but to warn you its instant love.

I quickly jump in and read this book because I want a fae book (and also free on kindle) I’m not really reading this type of book so I thought I start reading more fae books when reading the blurb I expect a lot more than I was given but I did still enjoy it I’m debating whether to buy the next book because of what I heard about the next person the story is based on.

Shaylee is a really good character is kind of reminds me of Jennifer in the Grey Wolves Series By quinn loftis she has this side where she will speak her mind no matter how rude but also she won’t let any guy be the boss of her.

I did like how Aden was rushing Shaylee to move in and other stuff I wanted him to try to impress her longer If I was Shaylee I would made him suffer a lot longer after how he broke her heart I did love Lila and (Eden I think his name is) but totally shock that they were together in secret I love how Shaylee had her twins and was like something went on there haha.
Also Ella forced three books to one it should have been three books in the story she had written but it was a good idea to have a try put them all together but it did reach the 5 stars mark because of it.

I did love the mum and how the dad told Shaylee the story of the fae world I wish we could have known more about him but I  did wishe her mother joined them but I do understand she couldn’t because she wanted to go with her husband.

I did love how she got pregnant in the end and he was like oops I literally died laughing with my friend how was like I’m definitely reading the next book.

I wish that there was more fighting scene’s there was only one which was really confusing since she was meant to be protected by the Aden because she was in danger hopefully in other books it will be more fighting.

I was really surprised that Shaylee wasn’t mad at Aden for the fact her father died because of the people looking for Aden to kill him but I surpose Ella did continue with that because we were near the end I like the fact they got married even though we couldn’t see but again we were near the end and she was rushing to finish it.

I do read a lot of free kindle books when the college wifi stops working until I get home because I have wifi at home do I would always let you know if the story is free on kindle.;)

Hope you enjoy this review and let me know if you are going to read this or if you have what you thought of it I’m going to read storm of fury instead of what I planned I’m going to do a book update soon hopefully and other great things.

The Stationery Tag 

​I was tagged by KDREWKTHEBOOK for the stationary tag I want to thank her for being the first person to tag me I definitely recommend checking out her page she does the most amazing book reviews and other amazing bookish things  I’m planning to but her on the blogs I check out on my next blog.

    Before the questions here are the rules:

    • Thank the creator: Sam @ RiverMooseReads
    • Answer the questions.
    • Add pictures! (If you want to)
    • Tag (about) 5 people.

    Let get started.

    Pencils: Favourite middle grade or children’s book?

    Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl 

    My mum use to read this book to me when I was about 6-7 before bed, when I was ill and whenever i asked that was my favourite to this day I still read it 

    Pens: A basic staple for any reader

    Twilight by Stephanie Meyer 

    I know what you’re thinking REALLY but its a book I always recommend to people who are starting reading because it’s about a hot vampire falling for a human what girl doesn’t love this book and guys because it has lots of ‘hot’ females my guy friends say this book was the first book I read and it’s a really good series everyone I know love this series.

    Notebooks: What books do you own multiple copies of?

    Instergent  (divergent #2) by Veronica Roth 

    I brought my first copy in a bookshop around my area and loved it I couldn’t stop reading it but then my mum got me the lovely purple cover and I just wanted to keep it but I’m planning to give my first copy to my friend how finished the first book and wants to read the second book.

    Markers: A book with a beautiful cover?

    Ruby red by Kristen Geir

    Not only Is it a beautiful background but the dress is as red has a ruby and it is has match the same colour the title says not only that but this beautiful cover is what drawn me to the book.

    Glue: Two characters that work well together even if they’re not together

    Lady midnight by cassandra claire

    I think that Mark and Cristina worked well together and we’re able to understand each other they both were able to help solve problems eventhough they are not together I do hope in the next book they do.

    (If this is not right for the question let me know.)

    Scissors: What book would you like to destroy did you dislike?

    Looking for Alaska by jhon green 

    I’m sorry for all the Alaska fans but it had so many flaws I know it took me about 4 weeks to finish and that never happens my review for this on my blog please check it out if you hate the book.

    Art kit: What completed series do you own?

    Divergent series by Veronica Roth 

    I first heard about the book from my friend let me call her Natalie which is her nickname she told me she feel inlove with the series and begged me to read them I bought three different types of covers has you can see above I am planning to buy the whole series in the ones to match insergent  (purple one) and allegiant.

    I tag 

    • The cosy nook
    • Shopiethestark
    • Book owly
    • The book prophet 
    • Twin tales

    (Sorry about not being able to link you to the page havent mastered it yet p.s you dont have to do the tag because i asked you.)

     about that thing below it won’t delete I hope you enjoy this tag and agreed with me I tag you if you want to do this tag I’m planning to make more.

    Is it ok to reread books

    Hi guys,

    I was browsing through all the people I follow on book blogs when I saw that

    Poppy’s Best of Books made a blog about rereading I definitely recommend checking it out I just want to say that I think rereading books are definitely ok because I always do it.

    She’s right not one person can say they haven’t reread a book forever that would no only be impossible but ridiculous one book I’ve read a thousand times would be the lux series I absolutely love it and couldn’t imagine not reading this book series.

    Also you can spot what you haven’t noticed before for example I didn’t notice that Stephanie Meyer mentioned that charlie still had a wedding photo frame by the window sill because he’s never fully moved on.

    Please do check out her blog she has some good things let me know what you think of rereading book if you have how many and what have you spotted when reading more than once. 

    Book update:

    Hey guys I thought I’d update what I’m reading luckily my college wifi YAY! Hopefully it stays working so I’ve been reading two books.

    This is in my September tbr I’m currently not sure what to make of it I’m currently 66% in the book (just a warning it’s instant love) but its still ok ish I’m going to review this book.

    I’m still reading my dad’s book for the around the year 52 books challenge I’m really enjoying it learning more about the trotters it’s based on the tv show only fools and horses I use to watch with my parents when I was a child I’m like 30% in.

    To read next.

    I so can’t wait to jump in and read this book I’ve been waiting ever since it came out I’ve been putting it off because I was waiting for the right time to read this book and now seems like the day it one of the around the year 52 books challenge.

    I’ve been hearing really good reviews about this book and I also watch Aprilius Maximus on youtube saying how much she enjoyed so I Definitely be reading this next. 

    I’m planning to do a post of books I did not enjoy and not planning to read and also new releases I can’t wait to read let me know below if you read any of these, what you think of them, if you’re planning to read them and what you are reading this month.