Fae falling for a mortal 


Eldima is a royal princess and a fae Eldima is sent to the mortal world to help her cusions understand more about the fae world.
Until Eldima meets luke a mortal and spends a lot of time with him can she will she fall in love with the enemy?

Here’s the first chapter in my story on wattpad please let me know what you think 🙂
Marsella Navila 
Eldima opened her eyes and her mother was beside her being fae made Eldima happy but she wanted to try being human like her cusions they would tell her of experiences they have been to and done but her she thought about how much her mother would despise of her pretending to be human.
Her mother was a Queen of Navila one of the popular location in Marsella Eldima was glad she got her beauty from her mother her ginger hair that reach her waist her dark chocolate eyes and pale white skin she had to admit her pointy ears where not that nice but she was a fae and that’s how she looked her name was a mixture of her mother and fathers name.
Her mother was called Eimella and her father was called Delkalia she always longed to have had her mother name but unfortunately was never that lucky “Eldima my beautiful daughter your antiy Livida wishes you to go to the mortal world and help her to teach your cusions our world more I hate what she wants to do in return but mortals hate young mortal girls you’re age not to learn new things to become a esquba” a esquba means (work servant) people who work are called esquba it doesn’t mean that they are servants it’s to say they work its rude but that’s how faes are.”
I felt excited about being in the mortal world it sounds really fun mother says mortals are mean and like to bully other mortal and if they found out about us they would kill us “you need to have a mortal name Eldima” my mother said I thought about it really hard “Celopatira Rosemary but Celo for short” my mother nodded “Celopatira Rosemary it is night Eldima tommrow you must go to the mortal world” I smiled so excited to see what it was like to live in the mortal and how to act mortal even if I was born to hate them.

Let me know if you want me to post more sample of my wattpad books.


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