Discussion on Bulling Bookworms

Hey guys,

I’ve have something to talk about and it is about people who bully bookworms I’ve been reading a lot of book bullying on people’s blogs and also my friend was bullied about it so much she doesn’t want to pick up a book ever again.
I just want to tell you that you may not like read that fine I understand because I didn’t like reading and didn’t understand why people did until someone told me it’s on my blog check it out if you want but it may be minor to you and you think not a issue about bullying bookworms but it is and people will feel like it’s a huge deal and not read or be to embarrassed to read in public.
Imagine I don’t you liking for example football and people talk bad about are you going to be like so or well I don’t want people to know like that football team or I play in spare time you’ll try and hide or give up. 
So why should you bully them because they like reading and imaginating being in the Shadowhunters world for example so just leave them be it really annoys me that you want to hurt someone because they like something or your jealous they like reading you don’t if it is the case you should ask them how you can get you reading. 
Sorry to waste people who don’t time I just had to talk about it plus I need advice on how to convince her to read again let me know down below of you experience on book bulling or what you think of it so people can know the seriousness of it and also let me know if you want my story on book bullying.


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