Protecting Shaylee ( The Fae Guard #1 ) by Elle Christensen 

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Protecting Shaylee ( The Fae Guard #1 ) by Elle Christensen 

I was unsure of the book in 60% of the way but wow it was really shocking how she made a character In the beginning of the book be so unimportant and then in the sort of end become one of the evil villain that and the funny ending change the 4/5 stars to a 4.5/5 stars I recommend this book if you like fae and new adult but to warn you its instant love.

I quickly jump in and read this book because I want a fae book (and also free on kindle) I’m not really reading this type of book so I thought I start reading more fae books when reading the blurb I expect a lot more than I was given but I did still enjoy it I’m debating whether to buy the next book because of what I heard about the next person the story is based on.

Shaylee is a really good character is kind of reminds me of Jennifer in the Grey Wolves Series By quinn loftis she has this side where she will speak her mind no matter how rude but also she won’t let any guy be the boss of her.

I did like how Aden was rushing Shaylee to move in and other stuff I wanted him to try to impress her longer If I was Shaylee I would made him suffer a lot longer after how he broke her heart I did love Lila and (Eden I think his name is) but totally shock that they were together in secret I love how Shaylee had her twins and was like something went on there haha.
Also Ella forced three books to one it should have been three books in the story she had written but it was a good idea to have a try put them all together but it did reach the 5 stars mark because of it.

I did love the mum and how the dad told Shaylee the story of the fae world I wish we could have known more about him but I  did wishe her mother joined them but I do understand she couldn’t because she wanted to go with her husband.

I did love how she got pregnant in the end and he was like oops I literally died laughing with my friend how was like I’m definitely reading the next book.

I wish that there was more fighting scene’s there was only one which was really confusing since she was meant to be protected by the Aden because she was in danger hopefully in other books it will be more fighting.

I was really surprised that Shaylee wasn’t mad at Aden for the fact her father died because of the people looking for Aden to kill him but I surpose Ella did continue with that because we were near the end I like the fact they got married even though we couldn’t see but again we were near the end and she was rushing to finish it.

I do read a lot of free kindle books when the college wifi stops working until I get home because I have wifi at home do I would always let you know if the story is free on kindle.;)

Hope you enjoy this review and let me know if you are going to read this or if you have what you thought of it I’m going to read storm of fury instead of what I planned I’m going to do a book update soon hopefully and other great things.


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