Fallen Too Far(Rosemary beach series #1) By Abbi Glines 

When I first read this I like it , and addicted to this series. and now I am still addicted. When Blanie meets Grant after pulling out a gun on him you laugh until you meet Rush at first you think he’s disrespectful but then he becomes flirty and starts to become nice.
Then he starts being her friend until he can’t handle it any longer I am very sad for Rush when Blaire broke his heart I ended up crying he begged Blaire not to leave him Rush is so hot and amazing why leave him I wouldn’t I do agree he should have told her about what happened but I hate how her father is telling her how terrible her mother is (I know he’s lieing you can just tell).
I love the way he cares about his sister (even though she is a pain in the behind) but I think nana needs to be nice to her so what Blair spend more time with there dad (because nana and Blaire are half sisters) I like woods even though he can be really flirty he really great and I hope to read his story.
I hope Blaine and Rush get together because they are so amazing together does anyone else get the feeling she going to be pregnant in the next one imagine if she is Rush would be a great dad I just know it.
thank you gwendoyn reading methods for recommending this to me on goodreads.


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