Never Too Far (Rosemary beach series #2) by Abbi Glines 

I was so unhappy about what happened in the first book I wasn’t planning on reading this but I was on a book hangover and wanted to know what happened badly and i’m glad I did him depressed over Blaine broke my heart and I loved when he beat the shit out of Cain I was glad he diserived it.
I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT DIDN’T I TELL YOU I hate how blaine was like im pregnant and ill pretended to be with him so he thinks I agree then will leave him I became absolutely mad also I was mad at the fact she hid that she was pregnant and wasn’t planning him  Rush had the right to know sge was carrying his child even if he has a terrible family i love when he finds out he is happy I was disappointed in Rush for keep putting Nana first she is to much to deal with I cried when Rush proposed to Blaine so romantic  and I also cried when he’s pov says:
‘I reached out and grabbed Blaire’s hand, unable to take my eyes off the screen. That was our son. Fuck… I was also going to cry.’ 
I couldn’t stop laughing when Grant wanted to prove he had bigger muscles and also when Rush took Blair to the funiture store it made me roll my eyes he such a gentlemen to Blair it’s so sweet but I hate how Blair always asumes he’s cheating on her it really annoys me I mean of course he had a player side but he’s changed and she should trust him. 
I defiantly recommend reading this amazing series Rush is my babe I am excited that they are having baby cant wait for the next book i hope they get married.


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