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Life blog I’ve created 

Hey guys,

I made a new blog Lolas Crazy Life Blog  I will be making its about my lifeish things, (of course) also tags that aren’t books and any advice you may want college or work experience.

You can check it out and follow me if you want to, thank you for reading this post.


Branding the Virgin (Cowboys  and Virgins #1) By Alexa Riley 

Alexa Riley, thank you for making such an amazing, insane book. I love this instant love normality, I’m not a big fan of them. but Ty is just amazing I want a guy like him. I rated it 5/5 stars.

I don’t understand how a sperm bank can make a mix up with a person who doesn’t want to donate. but I don’t know anything about it maybe they do.
I really felt sorry for Mary – Jane at the beginning scared of having to lose her boy. But I was really pleased that not only does she get to keep him, but also finds the love of her life as well.
Ty has to be one of my favourite characters. I love the way he just rushes the relationship she didn’t even do her job on the second day, they realised they wanted to be together.

I felt really sorry for TY because of his accident, but I am glad it happen (not in he deserves it kinda way.) But because he has the love of he’s life, and he’s child. My favourite scene of he’s has to be when he rings up the clinic and tells them to burn his Sperm or he would sue.
But I do love TY family and I can’t wait to read Blakes book. And know more about him and hopefully the other characters in this book.
Let me know below 👇👇 What you thought about this great book.

Bringing In The New Year Tag

Thank you my good friend Shopiethestark@blameitonchocolate for tagging me, I definitely had fun doing this tag.

Best book/series you’ve read in 2016?
The best book I have read is Carry On By Rainbow Rowell, I wasn’t sure about the wings and the tail but I did love it.

For my series I would have to say, The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Claire. I know the first book is only published, but its a really good book I know that the other books will be just as great.

Authors that you’ve recently found and would like to read more of in the new year?
1) Ransom Riggs 

2) Kiera Cass

3) Jess Bryant 

4) Victoria Avenyard

5) Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

6) Jennifer Donnelly 

Most anticipated book turned TV/Movie show?
We are not sure if they will make it, they say their going to but sometimes directors change there mind.Throne of Glass TV – Show I really hope they do, fingers crossed they cast Piera Forde for celeana Sordethen. 

Name a character that you wouldn’t mind sharing a kiss with at midnight?
Noel from my true love gave to me by Rainbow Rowell. A short story, he is my favourite character in this twelve winter romance.

What’s on my TBR for 2017?
– Hollow City by Ransom Riggs 

– Assassins Creed by Christie Golden 

– Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake 

– An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 

How many books do you plan to read in 2017?
100 hopefully more.

Will you participate in the Goodreads reading challenge or any other? 
I’m am currently participating in the Goodreads challenge in 2017, I’m currently on 8-9/100.

Any New Year’s resolutions (bookish, blogging, or otherwise)?
Bookish and blogging  resolutions:
I have bad news for my blogging, but good for me and buying books. I have just been accepted for my Apprenticeship. Which I am really pleased about, but I work 8-5 all week. Which means I have less time to blog, I’ll be blogging all this week and every Saturday and Sunday. because blogging is really important to me, as all of you my friends. 

You don’t have to do this tag, but I hope you do so I can see you’re answers. Please link it in this post,  so I can see you’re answers.




Debbies Libary 


​Blogging advice // Tag //

My Friend Jenny had ask me questions about blogging and wanted to know a few things before blogging I decided to make a tag out of the questions so other bloggers can answer these questions to new bloggers hopefully help them.

How do you make time to blog?
Depends sometimes I will make a plan on what day to do it or sometimes I’ll just do when I suddenly have time.

Do you regret blogging? 

No never I love blogging

What are the best things about blogging?

Talking about books and reviewing them and also talking to followers about certain bits of the books. 

What are the worst things about blogging?
I would have to say when I dislike a book I hate to think of not liking a book but everyone has a book they are no a big fan of and you have to write why you don’t like but in a nice way because other bloggers can be a big fan of the book you dislike.

What social media do you recommend creating before blogging? 

I recommend Goodreads it’s a way to keep log of what books you read how many you have read each year and also you can write your thoughts and others also helps to recommend books in your favourite genre.

It helped me alot without it I would probably haven’t have had the reviews to start blogging with how many books I have read how many to read and what books to read next.

What do you do if you need help with your post or any future posts?

I post pictures of help on instergram and tell them any issues I need help with or what they would like me to post next to better my blog if you have any advice please do comment below. 👇👇

What is your best post?

I Dare You Book Tag I created 

 Beauty And The Beast /Book Tag/ another I created 

Discussion on Bulling Bookworm’s 

What is your worst post?

Non that I can think of if I do I’ll post it here.
How long have you been blogging for?
About 4/5 months I’m doing a pretty good job I have 100 followers and I am really happy that that many people enjoy my posts thank you guys.

How long will you blog for?
For has long as I can.

Thank you for reading my posts I hope this answers all questions to new bloggers out there let me know below if you have any other advice for me or new bloggers also you can answers these questions on your blog.
If you do not want to do this tag you do not have to but if you do link it in the comments below. 👇👇 even if I haven’t tag you so I can tell new bloggers who to go for advice.
I tag:





I can’t believe I have 105 followers already it I am so happy to have such good friends that are bloggers and thank you all for following my blog and commenting I am so thankful for Savannah@thebookprophet for persuading me to make a blog.

Why did I created tags:

I create my tags because I want to get to know my followers more and also other people plus I find it really fun to make up questions for books that are hard for fellow bloggers.

I Dare You Tag:

Click here to see the answers for the tag I dare you tag

Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag 

Click here to do this tag Beauty and the Beast / Book Tag

I first created my I Dare you tag because I wanted my friend to answer questions about books to as a game to figure out what was her favourite book I failed epically but she told me to put it on my blog because loads of people would love to do this tag so I thought why not but I didn’t expect loads of people to follow me after that.

I created the Beauty and the beast / book tag because I was watching recently with my family and because it’s my favourite film and to celebrate the movie I thought it would be a great idea to create the tag if you want to do the tag please do and link it to my comment I would love to see everyone answers.

My friends that I want to thank for encouraging me to continue to blogging when I wasn’t doing so well.

Savannah@thebookprophet I highly recommend following Savannah she always gives me great advice and has also recommend the best films and books you can also talk to her on goodreads and hopefully soon instergram.

marrillcollins@marrillcollins I talk to marrill alot whether on blogs or Instagram she is really good at advice what books to read she is an amazing blogger and I hope that you guys follow her she deserves a lots of followers so check out her blog you can also talk to her on instagram she good at giving advice.

Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm Kayla is an awesome blogger she has inspired me for many posts and I also have done some of my tags from her page she also has great taste in books and I can’t wait to see any future posts.

Twintales@twintalesbookreview these two girls are really amazing bloggers I am so happy they recently have celebrated having 500 followers I can’t wait to see what they fo next.

Last but no least Maddie A she great at taking pictures of books and does amazing reviews she has also got good advice for books and blogging tips you can also talk to her on instagram so do follow her.

Contact me 

bookfandom1001 my goodreads account.

bookfandom1001 my Instagram account 
Have a great day let me know what you thought of my post below also if you have any questions let me know in thr comments aswell.

bookfandom1001 this is my twitter account.

Q and A 

I  had gotten so many questions I am planning to do a part two I didn’t expect so many people to ask me questions.

Marrillcollins my favourite blogger you can also follow her on @marrillcollins on instergram:

Favourite animal?                                      

My favourite animal is werewolf 

Favourite fantasy book?      

The Host By Stephanie Meyer I love the host it was the first book after reading the first three twilight books I’m team Ian all the way.

A weird/bad habit you have?        

              I have ocd (I’m classing that has bad habit people say it is) I have to tidy up everything my old college friends use to tease me alot about it especially when I organised there things.

–  What job(s) do you want to have when you get older?     

                                  I have certain order of the four I’m think of doing    

1) be a author 

2) run a business 

3) be an accountant 

4 ) be a admin officer 

– A popular book that did not go over so well with you?   

                                                  I am sorry to say this for people who love this series but mine would be Looking For Alaska By Jhon Green 

A book that reminds you of your childhood?                                                                 

Fantastic Mr Fox By Roald Dahl 

What tv show are you thinking of watching?

 I heard alot about how I met your mother and I am planning to watch it if you know any tv shows let me know below.

Jenny My Friend got me read in the first place:

–  One thing you regret doing?                       I regret not focusing in maths In secondary thinking it wasn’t important 

Name four bloggers you love reading posts?

Savannah@thebookprophet,  marrillcollins (instergram user @marrillcollins), Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm (instergram user kdrewthebookworm) and Twintales@twintalesbookreview 

Your first bookhangover? 

Mine had to be twilight and newmoon after finishing twilight I couldn’t sleep until I read the next book and I could stop raving about the second book after finding out about the propsal.

First book crush? 

Edward Cullen he was so romantic so protective and the fact he was a 118/9 he was a gentlemen due to it that made us really jealous of bella.

Are you going to create more book tags I’d so what names will they be or something about them?

Yes a few I’m thinking of doing a rosemary beach series tag, beauty and the beast tag that’s what I can think in the top of my head.

What genre are you planning to get into more?

I am planning to read more Si-fi books after reading the Lux Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Emily a goodreads friend:

What course are you currently studying?    I am currently level 2 Business Administration 

Are you planning to go back to college? 

Unfortunately no because I have to start working to buy books and other things I’m thinking I might do an Apprenticeship but not level 3 business administration maybe ict course or a accounting course.

Two favourite Gilmore girls characters?

Jess Mariano I’m am team jess all the way the second favourite character is Luke Danes if i could chose a dad it would be him.

 – You’re guity read book and also series?

My guity book is Out of the Shadows By Bethany Shaw I love Devon he is so sweet and romantic when he can be but he also rude but it only have of the book I can’t wait to read the second book.
My guilty series is rosemary beach series 

– What are you allergic too?

I class my things that set off my miagrane has things I am allergic to which is:


(But I sometimes eat them even though I shouldn’t) 

Favourite cartoon growing up?                         Mine had to be lazytown the old version I use to want to be Stephanie eating sports candy and running around

Favourite Disney film? 

My favourite Disney film of all time is beauty and the beast I use to get my Belle dress for world book day in my primary school and act how she would.

​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag 

I just wanted to make this tag because I am a huge beauty and the beast tag it’s completely different to other tags that have been created for this I just wanted to know what answers other people would give see if they would be the same as mine.
Hope you enjoy here are the rules:

Rules : 

1)Tag at least four people 
2)Thank the creator                                   3)Make sure you answer honestly 

Belle: someone who is willing to sarifice themselves for someone they love? 

I have read lots of characters that have done that but the one I have to chose would be Tris I love the way she is willing to sarifice her life to keep her brother safe eventhough he was a jerk to her.
Beast: A good character development? 

 It would probably be Juliette from the Shatter Me Series she was really afraid of her gift and was defenceless wereas the thrid book she is not afraid and beats up anybody who wants to attack her.

Lumiere: A character that gives good relationship advice?

This one’s kind of hard I know so many I would probably chose levi from Saving Angel she knows if you like someone and how to deal with any boy situation.

Cogsworth: A loyal character (a person you can trust?

Kenji Kishimoto you can trust him even if he is friend with your enemy he still wouldn’t tell a thing you say unless you want him to.

Mrs. Potts: A mothering character (a character that you would want as a mum)?

Mine would be kats mum from the lux series because she is a lot like my mum she is my bff and we talk about anything.
Gaston: A character you hate that everybody else loves? 

Gale from the hunger games to me he was a character that was not needed he just really annoyed me I didn’t really understand why he was in the book I really want to skip that parts he was in.
The Enchantress: A person who put a curse on someone?

Qwendoyln from the witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra he cursed Jack to be the prince of hearts who ever he love or who loves him he would cut there heart our. 

I tag:

Savannah@thebookprophet  Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm    @marrillcollins  Twintales@twintalesbookreview 

I also tag whoever else wants to do this tag can’t link to the comments so I can see the answers let me know if you disagree or agree thanks for reading my tag.


January Tbr (2017)

I am trying to lower my goodreads TBR I have 227 books I am planning to read 100 of them in the year of 2017 fingers crossed I can do it this is my January TBR.

The Selection (The Selection Series #1) By keria Cass 

I heard alot about this series from fellow bloggers and instergramers I’m a few pages in and I’m liking it so far I am trying to read books out of my confort zone and this is one of them.

A Court Of Mist And Fury (A Court Of Thrones And Roses #1) By Sarah J. Maas 

As a few of you know that have me on instergram  (@bookfandom1001) I posted my reading update about what I think so far I am 50% in the book and my team has changed for who I like I’m planning to a review once I finish the book hoping  it’s this month  but it might be in the month of May when the thrid book comes out.

Prince of wolves (The Grey Wolves series #1) By Quinn Loftis 

This is a reread I absolutely love this series and I have missed a few books so I want to read all the books this month and hopefully post reviews.

Saving Angel ( Divisa series #1 ) by J.l weil 

I gave only read the first two books in this amazing series and I am going to reread this book I am planning to do a non spoilery review for this book and also the lux but I haven’t done one before so it may take some time if you have any advice please do share.

The Raven Boys ( The Raven boys cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater 

I have read shiver by Maggie and loved it hopefully I can read this and rave about how much I love it.

This is what I am planning to read this month if I don’t read them all I will move them to my February tbr let me know below what you thoughtof these books if you have read.


Ben phillips Sorry Bro! Review 2017 

I was given this book as a Christmas gift I was really surprised and happy to have gotten it I love ben phillips pranks I watch them as soon as they are uploaded on youtube although I would never do that to my brothers and sister.
I thought I was going to read a biography but they made up some of the bits to make it funny it was funny anyway without the make up bits but I still did enjoy the book my favourite prank in the book would be the dog food in the rucksack I love the parts about bend friends and family members knowing a lot more about them.

I also love the way it’s set out in pictures letter formats and speech bubbles and social media screen shotish I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 18 this book has rude words and also has pictures that are inappropriate for anyone under that age for people who are 18 and over I do recommend this amazing book 

My best reads of 2016

These books may not have been published in 2016 but I had discovered and first read in the year.

1) Lady midnight  (The Dark Artifices #1) By Cassandra Claire 

2) Out of the Shadows (Werewolf Wars, #1) By Bethany Shaw 

3) Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass #5) By Sarah J. Maas 

4) rosemary beach series 

5) Carry on By Rainbow Rowell 

6) Kindred Spirits By Rainbow Rowell 

7) The Witch’s Kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

8) Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs 

9) Protecting Shaylee (The Fae Guard #1) By Elle Christensen 

10) Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon 

Let me know I’d you have read any of these books and also what you have read the year of 2016.