​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag 

I just wanted to make this tag because I am a huge beauty and the beast tag it’s completely different to other tags that have been created for this I just wanted to know what answers other people would give see if they would be the same as mine.
Hope you enjoy here are the rules:

Rules : 

1)Tag at least four people 
2)Thank the creator                                   3)Make sure you answer honestly 

Belle: someone who is willing to sarifice themselves for someone they love? 

I have read lots of characters that have done that but the one I have to chose would be Tris I love the way she is willing to sarifice her life to keep her brother safe eventhough he was a jerk to her.
Beast: A good character development? 

 It would probably be Juliette from the Shatter Me Series she was really afraid of her gift and was defenceless wereas the thrid book she is not afraid and beats up anybody who wants to attack her.

Lumiere: A character that gives good relationship advice?

This one’s kind of hard I know so many I would probably chose levi from Saving Angel she knows if you like someone and how to deal with any boy situation.

Cogsworth: A loyal character (a person you can trust?

Kenji Kishimoto you can trust him even if he is friend with your enemy he still wouldn’t tell a thing you say unless you want him to.

Mrs. Potts: A mothering character (a character that you would want as a mum)?

Mine would be kats mum from the lux series because she is a lot like my mum she is my bff and we talk about anything.
Gaston: A character you hate that everybody else loves? 

Gale from the hunger games to me he was a character that was not needed he just really annoyed me I didn’t really understand why he was in the book I really want to skip that parts he was in.
The Enchantress: A person who put a curse on someone?

Qwendoyln from the witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra he cursed Jack to be the prince of hearts who ever he love or who loves him he would cut there heart our. 

I tag:

Savannah@thebookprophet  Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm    @marrillcollins  Twintales@twintalesbookreview 

I also tag whoever else wants to do this tag can’t link to the comments so I can see the answers let me know if you disagree or agree thanks for reading my tag.


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