Branding the Virgin (Cowboys  and Virgins #1) By Alexa Riley 

Alexa Riley, thank you for making such an amazing, insane book. I love this instant love normality, I’m not a big fan of them. but Ty is just amazing I want a guy like him. I rated it 5/5 stars.

I don’t understand how a sperm bank can make a mix up with a person who doesn’t want to donate. but I don’t know anything about it maybe they do.
I really felt sorry for Mary – Jane at the beginning scared of having to lose her boy. But I was really pleased that not only does she get to keep him, but also finds the love of her life as well.
Ty has to be one of my favourite characters. I love the way he just rushes the relationship she didn’t even do her job on the second day, they realised they wanted to be together.

I felt really sorry for TY because of his accident, but I am glad it happen (not in he deserves it kinda way.) But because he has the love of he’s life, and he’s child. My favourite scene of he’s has to be when he rings up the clinic and tells them to burn his Sperm or he would sue.
But I do love TY family and I can’t wait to read Blakes book. And know more about him and hopefully the other characters in this book.
Let me know below 👇👇 What you thought about this great book.


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