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Wattpad accounts 

Hey guys,

I have two wattpad accounts I am currently using one is lolastories2017 I made the account in 2015 when I was in secondary school so the books may be very terrible spellings but they are still good.

This is what it looks like same pics same books just the name and user name changed I was reading my fanfiction of city of heavenly fire and was super suprised to see that the parpati forbidden love was in my fanfic before Cassandra Claire done lady midnight freaky right.

I think it’s funny how I had a mystic Meg think going on anyway I wanted to just share that werid discovery moving on.
My second account is bookfandom1001 my instergram should be link to this account.

This has recent books on this page I’m going to post my falling for wold on this page so do follow both and check them out since I’ll be writtin stories on both and here also.
Hope you enjoy this post let me know below if you have a wattpad account if so put your user below if so or not what genre book would you write.
Happy reading 


Falling for a wolf 

Hey guys,

I know what you’re thinking REALLY we are waiting for the next chapter of the curse of the heartless soul I am still trying to figure out what to write I have a few ideas but while you are waiting I thought Id post more books Ive been writing or chapters I would like to know you guys opinion HONEST opinion so I can edit any parts that are not as good.

Hope you enjoy.


Ariana is a normal teenage geek girl and has been crushing on her best friend Preston until a mysterious guy how is hot and flirty will she cool or scared with his deep dark secret
It wasn’t meant to happen like that, watching the love of my life suffer. and my mate a stranger fight on the fresh bright green grass, looking at my mate threw blurry vision. 
A guy in a black hood the hood covered the whole of his face “aria you can’t win he’s dead save yourself and join me” he voice was loud my mate growled the guy sounded familiar almost like Kyle. 
“pre- pr- p” I tried screaming but I could only managed a whisper getting up but my body wouldn’t move no matter how hard I tried ‘relax aria relax let death come say goodbye’ I didn’t want to go I had to stop it ‘to late you’ll never win you and the Wolf have no chance’ the hell I don’t ‘aria fight against death we have to save our mate’ my Wolf begged I was aria and I will win no matter what. 

Let me know below what you thought and if you want another chapter and what types of stories you like.

Lolas read a long Book for the month 

Ok so I know some of you may not be happy with the reading chose this month but remember it changes each month we got two choices the first is:

Carving the Mark by Veronica Roth 

I was debating whether to read this or not after what happened with Divergent but once you guys wanted it on the list I realised I couldn’t judge Veronica on one choice she made it may have upset and have a book hangover for weeks but she has written a book on a different genre Si-fi and I actually can’t wait to see what her new novel holds.
I don’t have a copy of her book but I have borrowed my friend physical copy of the book until I have gotten paid to buy the book she’s been trying to convince me to read this and has told me to write thank you from her for finally convincing me to read this book we are going to start on Saturday for those who are doing the read a long.

A monster calls by Patrick Ness 

This is the second book that was chosen fingers crossed we have time to read both before april if not maybe we can read this book another time bought this two days ago I saw it being the second choice and decide to buy it incase we finish carve the mark I hope that I like the book so I can watch the movie.

Thank you guys for doing my read a long and also being such great friends I hope that I get to hear what you think of the two books we are reading this month if not those how have I would love to know your opinion on the book.

Read a long news 

Hey guys,
One last heads up before the poll is done check out the Goodreads group Lola’s read a thon the poll is going to end 11:59 tonight whatever book is chosen will be so if you want to chose join the group and chose if you guys aren’t interested that is also ok it’s just for those how are.

Have fun reading 

Lola’s read a long 

So I’ve made the club it’s called lola’s read a long goodreads is not working at the moment but I will put the poll and the pic on as soon as it starts working again.

this is how it looks like unfortunately I can’t get the link up hopefully you guys can find it until I can let me know below what book out if the book list you would like to read I’m very curious.

As soon as you are able to join the club and follow my goodreads account I had to make and we can start choosing what book.

join the poll and club click here

Have fun reading 

Lola’s a long news 

Ok so I have had to make a new goodreads account to verify my email (eye roll) I’m am going to make the club has we speak I have finally gotten people’s book ideas if you guys have anymore write below I’ll add it to next month’s list don’t worry if you’re book doesn’t get chose I’ll add it to next month’s also and what ever months until it does.

The books list is 

1) The Witch’s Kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

2) Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

3) A monster calls by Patrick Ness 

4) The Raven Boys (the raven boys cycle #2) Maggie Stiefvater 

5) The Winners curse (the winners trilogy #1) by Marie Ruthoski 

6) Ruby Red by Kristen Geir 

7) Heartless by Marrisa Meyer

8) Incarnate ( Newsouls #1 ) by Jodi Meadows 

9) The kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles #1) by Mary E. Pearson 

10) Looking for Alaska by Jhon Green 

I am hoping to do a choice thing on goodreads but until then write below what book you want us to read and if you’re book made the list.

I know some of you may have read these books I know I have read 4 of them and was not a big fan of one but you guys have to respect  (which I know you all do) other readers they may have not read them they may not like books you do but they are willing to read it anyway to be able to discuss the books they love or dislike maybe reading with other fellow bloggers and friends will help you to decide whether you like the book or not who knows.

As soon as have made it I’ll post it on my next post with the name and hopefully the link.

Have fun reading 

Lola’ Read a long announcement 

Hey guys,

I know what you’re thinking Lola’ Read a long huh so I haven’t been reading much books lately and thought why don’t I have all my friends read along with me so we can discuss it with each other and do what we all love reading.

I am planning to do a group thing on goodreads hopefully tommrow if not satuarday if you guys want to join in let me know below and also write what book you want us to read and we can choose between them to decide what book.
Hopefully you guys are wanting to read a long with me if not then I  completely understand and hope you decide to because I consider you all my friends and I have never read a book with some well apart from one but still it would be great if you guys do.

Happy reading 

Heir Of Fire (The Throne Of Glass #3) by sarah j. Maas Review:

Hey guys,

I made this review when I first read this book and has not reallygood at blogging in the beginning this is a very old review but I wanted to make a before review and after so you can see how far I have come in blogging since a year a ago I hope you enjoy this very short review.

At first I thought rowan was an ass. But then I saw the sad side to rowan and the fun side. I like how celeana builds characters how here and rowan both celeana both make each other strong now I don’t know if I’m team chaol or team rowan.
I was finally glad, chaol finally picked celeana side but I think chaol shouldn’t trust celeana cousin he just a bit weird. I hope dorian okay I worried the king will use him to kill people he loves so glad sorsa died she was a completely useless character in the book.
I know it sounds mean but the only thing she done was make Dorian happy for a few days and make him move on from celeana but she also made a stupid plan with him got him caught and died.
Rowan omg what can I say you are freaking awesome I mean a lot I need a Rowan but I not sure about her and him I don’t really think they are suitable she not gotten over my baby chaol I hope that in the next book they act more like friends.
And I can’t wait to see how chaol acts when he sees celeana I know he will totally be happy and they stop this silly fight and stay to together I also hope that celeana and Dorian team up to kick the kings but and Celeana meets her cousin and he’s friends.
That’s all I have to say I really really can’t wait for book four super excited 😆😆 come out already.

I hope you enjoyed this review let me know below if you have read this amazing series and what you thought of it.


hey guys,

I found this tag and really wanted to do it before I do u just wanted to thank you guys for saying such nice things about the chapter I posted for the curse of the heartless soul I will be posting the next chapter once I’ve have written it I am also considering writing it and sending it to the publishers but I want your opinion on it because you are my friends and I know you guys give good advice.
Anyway on to the tag.
1. What book is on your nightstand right now? 

The witches tears by Katherine and Elizabeth corra the first book the witches kiss was one of my favourite books and once I heard there was a sequel I knew I had to buy and read it.
2. What is the last truly great book you’ve read? 

The Host By Stephanie Meyer it is my favourite sifi book and I an team Ian no one can say this book is terrible because it is absolutely amazing.
3. If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would you want to know? 

Wow this is a hard question probably cassandra claire I would ask her how she got the amazing idea of shadowhunters. 

4. What books might we be surprised to find on your shelf? 

Jacqueline Wilson books maybe I love Hetty Feather books and her works I can’t wait to rave about her to my sister when she is older. 
5. How do you organize your personal library?

Authors is how it use to be but now I’m planning to do favourite to least favourite.
6. What book have you always meant to read but haven’t gotten around to yet? 

There are lots but one has to be the lunar chronicles I hear lots of great reviews but I literally can’t get into cinder it’s slow base and the girl robot I’m not a big fan of her I’m going to try with a audiobook fingers crossed I like it.
7. Disappointing, overrated, just not good: what book did you feel you were supposed to like but didn’t?

 My answer has to be looking for Alaska by Jhon Green I rated this 1 / 5 stars I know it sounds very harsh but its my opinion but on the bright side I love read the fault in our stars by Jhon Green.

8. What stories are you drawn to? Any you steer clear of?

Instant love I hate when the two characters declare there love in chapter ten and are pretty much done and they rush it on its not something I love reading.
9. If you could require the Prime Minister to read one book, what would it be?

Errrr I really don’t know let me know below how you would answer this.
10. What do you plan to read next?

Beauty and the beast book of the film adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick I saw this and knew I had to buy it how else is excited for the movie.
I tag 






I will be tagging different people because it’s not fair for me to tag the same people over and over I also tag anyone else who wants to do this tag.

​The curse of the heartless soul my short story 

The curse of the heartless soul

I got the idea from the witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra

 I not completely satisfied with it but I am hoping I can improve it let me know below if you like it or have any advice.

Chapter 1:
As I was dying from being stabbed to death I knew that Matthew must be stopped but in this lifetime I knew I couldn’t not now I was facing my death I crawled my motionless body through the forest fighting the urge of crying out loud otherwise he would find me and stop me I reached the nearest tree and pushing the wound but not hard enough to force death but enough to have blood upon ones hands.
“My dearest anisisters I have failed dearly so I beg your forgiveness my dear anisisters let me give you another chance in another life to save us all from the wrath of the Matthews curse will not make the mistake of loving him again I swear this on a blood oth” I put my hands on the tree “I swear upon everything I hold dearly I will destroy Matthew and banish the heartless soul where he belongs otherwise I curse myself to a lifetime of punishments from my dear anisisters.” I begun to feel another sharp pain but not from my wound but another forming.
“Alison you really think that blood oth would work he burst out laughing “if only the anisisters could hear your plea such as a shame they have no longer use for you I on the other hand can give you a life free from those stupid witches  in return you follow my rules be with me your beloved rule the world has we should.”
I forced my ice body around and spat at him “you are no man you are inhuman a monster I will destroy you when I am reborn in another life one where you won’t make me weak wearing the mask of the man I once loved you will never hear me ask you to make me a monster I’d rather die and be punished in the hands of my dear anisisters I yelled he bent and brushed his lips upon my I imagine that it was my beloved Matthew imagined him kissing me with love has he said goodbye for the last time “goodbye my love my we meet in another life time with that I felt the darkness wrap around me.