​The curse of the heartless soul my short story 

The curse of the heartless soul

I got the idea from the witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra

 I not completely satisfied with it but I am hoping I can improve it let me know below if you like it or have any advice.

Chapter 1:
As I was dying from being stabbed to death I knew that Matthew must be stopped but in this lifetime I knew I couldn’t not now I was facing my death I crawled my motionless body through the forest fighting the urge of crying out loud otherwise he would find me and stop me I reached the nearest tree and pushing the wound but not hard enough to force death but enough to have blood upon ones hands.
“My dearest anisisters I have failed dearly so I beg your forgiveness my dear anisisters let me give you another chance in another life to save us all from the wrath of the Matthews curse will not make the mistake of loving him again I swear this on a blood oth” I put my hands on the tree “I swear upon everything I hold dearly I will destroy Matthew and banish the heartless soul where he belongs otherwise I curse myself to a lifetime of punishments from my dear anisisters.” I begun to feel another sharp pain but not from my wound but another forming.
“Alison you really think that blood oth would work he burst out laughing “if only the anisisters could hear your plea such as a shame they have no longer use for you I on the other hand can give you a life free from those stupid witches  in return you follow my rules be with me your beloved rule the world has we should.”
I forced my ice body around and spat at him “you are no man you are inhuman a monster I will destroy you when I am reborn in another life one where you won’t make me weak wearing the mask of the man I once loved you will never hear me ask you to make me a monster I’d rather die and be punished in the hands of my dear anisisters I yelled he bent and brushed his lips upon my I imagine that it was my beloved Matthew imagined him kissing me with love has he said goodbye for the last time “goodbye my love my we meet in another life time with that I felt the darkness wrap around me.


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