The curse of the heartless soul Chapter 2 

Those who are new to my blog I have been writting this book due to readingthe witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra and having the inspiration to write this before you say I am not REPAT not COPY WRITING it’s from my own ideas and I am also using my other book I was writting Faraway ideas click here to see the first chapter.

For those who have read it and request that I posted another chapter I hope the wait was worth it I was struggling to top what I wrote but I knew I had to do her future life and how old she was if she knew she was a witch etc. Let me know below what you thought about this chapter if you want more from it and why also if you would like another chapter. 😉


Chapter 2:
I woke up sweating and crying out in pain my mum run in my room “Alison are you ok” she was saying in a panic voice she was panic you could tell not only from her voice but her face.
I started to take deep breaths my mum wrap her arms around me as though as she could block what ever it was with her arms “Ali the curse is getting stronger than ever before I am starting to wonder if Matthew is in town triggering you curse I have to keep you here no school a place where I can protect you until you have fully mastered your powers and have protection spells around the house plu-” I smiled knowing she was talking to herself trying to convince herself I was fine here.
“You heard nema we have to live our lives has normal or we can’t control what the future predicts so far we know what he is planning to do we change how we handle things the future will follow and will probably not refill it to us until it’s too late.” She buried her head in my hair “I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you.”
I closed my eyes trying to fighting the tears I could feel my my tears falling in my hair like rain drops hitting the pavement “remember past me did this for a reason until I see why we can’t do anything and believe me I definitely would have done it for a good reason.” 

Or at least I hope so.


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