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Hey guys 

I am sorry I haven’t been blogging much but its been really busy with work and the work I had to do at home but I  am trying to blog more I am determined to do this.

I saw this tag around and thought I’d have a go at the questions so here goes.

1. Have you ever damaged a book?

OK I’ll admit I have when I use to put my book secondary school bag and my book use to get damaged.

2. Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Never I respect other people’s books as if they were my own and has I would want them to treat mine.

3. How long does it take you to read a book?  

Depends on if I am working or short and long. If it’s long it might take a week or two if it’s short maybe 2/3 days since work my reading not been as great as I normally do.

4. Books that you haven’t finished?

(Dedicated to my brother how loves spiderman haha)

We could be here for a week I’ll list some of them.
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) 

I do like this book I am halfway through but I just want to buy the whole series before carrying on with the series before you ask I ship Ron Weasley.

The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner #2) By James Dasher 

The reason why I haven’t read thesecond one is because I am not happy with a certain person I think you all know and when my friend told me they betray the gang I was so mad at them because they was my favourite in the first book apart from Minho is just so no way to describe how amazing he is.

Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures #4) By Kami Garcia 

 I haven’t read this fully because I wasn’t sure what was going on it was confusing and I was disappointed with what was happening but I am going to reread it because I want to love this book because I love the Caster Chronicles but I do think that it should have ended at chaos then start with dangerous creatures with him alive and then did a chaper explain how he came back alive or something.

The Unexpected Everything By Morgan Matson 

I can barely see this picture haha the reason why I haven’t finished it was because at the time I had a reading slump but I will be definitely be reading this book.

5 . Hyped/popular books you didn’t like only thought were OK?  

I always promised I’ll be honest so I’m going to tell you guys but has I always say it’s my opinion I feel really sad that I can’t love every book in the world.
Also the book I say in the series doesn’t mean the whole series just the book that i say in the series.
Allegiant (Divergent #3) By Veronica Roth

This book was slow paced people were always fighting and someone died that we didn’t agree with I haven’t read this series for two years but I am going to reread it because I absolutely loved the first two books and the novella hopefully in time I will love this book.

Maximum Ride Forever (Maximum Ride #9) By James Patterson 

 I chose this book because I was really disappointed with how James Patterson decied to end this book I didn’t expect it to end like this I would have to say it should have ended at book three but I do like the rest up to nevermore but that’s a conversation for another time.
Mockingjay (The Hunger games #3) By Suzanne Collins 

Wow that picture is huge anyway this one I chose because it was not the best book in the series I love the beginning and the fighting scenes but that was pretty much it oh and peeta scenes I wasn’t happy with what happened to him and Prim but I am trying to deal with it because Suzanne done it for a reason.

– Looking for Alaska By Jhon Green


Has most of you may know I am nota big fan of looking for Alaska I am sorry to say this to fans of this certain book but I am planning to reread this one because at the time of reading it I was in secondary maybe because I was at that age maybe click here for the review.

6. Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading? 

Haha good question it probably have to be between two books Fangirl and Carry On By Rainbow Rowell lots of people I know hate this books and I don’t tell them I read it because they start trying to convince me how rubbish these books are.

7. How many books do you own? 

101 only doing a quick count I probably missing some books.

8. Are you a fast or slow reader? 

Fast loads are people are surprised how quick before someone finished a page I have finished both pages.

9. Do you like to buddy read?

Unfortunately I haven’t had a buddy to read if you guys would like to buddy read with me let me know below. 😊 But I have a read along group on goodreads I haven’t been using it but I am going to start.

10. Do you read better in your head or out loud? 

I prefer to read in my head but I sometimes I read out loud when my friends are around.

11. If you were only allowed to own ONE book, what would it be and why?

I can’t answer that question I love more one book it’s like asking me to  chose my favourite between my family members.

I chose you to do this tag all of you guys please link your answers for this tag below I’m curious to see all of your answers.