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July (TBR 2017)

Hey guys,

I haven’t done TBR’s and wrap up in ages but i am planning to start doing them again. The reason why i didn’t do my June wrap up is because I didn’t do the TBR.

So this month I am planning to read 14 books because the list is very long for this month and I have read two of them I have made acategories  so you know what I have read so far what I am rereading and what I am currently also what I am planning to read (my friend is saying my ocd is starting to affect my blog) (Laughs) I kind of agree.

Here goes what I am planning to read this month.

What I have read so far this month?

I have rated this 3/5 stars but I am not sure if I will change it I wasn’t expecting to not enjoy it I thought it might be like Riley Alexs books  but I was wrong it was almost like 50 Sog with contracts and rules that get broke because of a girl but I hated how Tia was rushing the blot and tried to long it out with years later and fights.

Has you know I am a big fan of Marked which is the first book then the second was elements so when I found out it was a 7 book series I knew I had to finish the series its a great soul – Guardians series the soul guardians are people who are caught by other guardians right when they almost die and are swore to protect humans it’s young adult I highly recommend checking this out.

What i am planning to Reread:

I decided to reread this novel because it is my favourite book this is my go to read when I have a reading slump or wanting to a werewolf, new adult novel plus I am planning to read the second book this month also.

I absolutely love quinn loftis books she was the persons book I reviewed which was  Prince of Wolves and she also thank me for review her book as a first time blogger the fangirl within me squealed with excitement so you can click on the reverse to see her comment.

Anyway about this book it is a spin-off about the grey wolves series and it’s about peri the fae and her mate who’s is the alpha of the Grey Wolves brother and is trying to help her to convince her to be his mate I am probably not explaining it right but I highly recommend checking this out I am also planning to read the second book aswell.

Books I am currently reading?

This is the fourth book in the soul guardians series I am currently reading.

I absolutely love the first book to this series I read it when I was in secondary and also this month june and it was finished on a cliff hanger which I was dying to see what happens next.

 This is the 3 book in the A Court Of Thrones And Roses series as most of you know the second book was left on the most heartbreaking cliffhanger that made all book community talk about there theory’s of what might happen in the book and most of them had the right idea.

Anyway I was so desperate to see what happens next after that heartbreaking, tearworthy cliffhanger I don’t even need to say I recommend this book you can tell by what I am saying that I do.

So I have been watching Qwendoyln from the reading methods 

Books I want to read after?



Me and my mum really wanted to read this so I bought it on kindle without her knowing. ūüėČ 
Let me know below what you thought of my July tbr and what books you are planning to read this month.
Happy reading 


Do you get free books? And if so how do you get them?

Hi guys,

So I have been given so many questions and I want to answer them but sometime questions will have there own post and pictures may not be included due to the time I write it like now it’s one in the morning for me.

So here goes,

I do get free ebooks by authors on goodreads, twitter and even instergram since I have to many physical copys and I am moving my room around have a new shelf I need to figure out if I have more room for them.

I am only buying ebooks so if any authors are on this post which I pretty much doubt if you do ebooks I am planning to review them for you.

How long does it take you to read books?

About half a day but since I have been working a lot longer week at most I am shocked on how I am able to review.
How many books do you own? 

104 only doing a quick count but I think I have more once I have put my books on there shelf I will be able to count them.

Have you ever got rid of books?

I did recently to get more which I did but they will be on ebooks if I haven’t posted that I will soon.

What is your favourite book cover of 2017?

Umm all of them (Laughs) honestly I would have to agree with my baby sister when I say a court of mist and fury by Sarah J. Maas her covers are always amazing before you ask I never read her books to my little sister they are kinda new adult I just ask what she thinks of every book cover I buy.

Do you buy books for people?

Totally am am planning to get a book for a family member for there christening soon.

One book you’ve recently found and bought straight?

 Goldenhand (Abhorsen, #5) by  Garth Nix I bought because it was review by three of my favourite authors sarah j. Maas, cassandra claire and leigh bardgo after buying it I realised it was the fifth book in the series and am debatingwhether to read this now or not.

Thank you for asking these questions can’t wait to finish answering the millions of questions I have left (not really millions just being dramatic lol) hoped you enjoyed this post.

Happy Reading 

I Dare you |Book Tag discussion 

So has most of you guys know I created a 19 questions book tag the link is right here I dare you | book tag

Good news is its very popular on youtube you type on the search and you see how’s done it which I was very surprised my first tag was popular.

Unfortunately a very amazing and one of my favourite youtubers also created a I dare you book tag and clashed with mine since no one knew how created my 19 questions book tag they thought it was rianna reads how I highly recommend checking out that she may have made to we just assumed that we created it first  but I just wanted to clarify that because it’s ironic that we had the same idea.

But I suppose because I’m not a booktubers they just asumed that a booktuber created it but I am just going to ignore it because its not a big issue and I am pleased that it’s popular not matter who they thought created it.

I just wanted to clarify and let people who know it was my tag how I feel about it.
Happy reading 

Emily Rosa (Protecting humanity from Robots #1) 

I recently got this idea of cyborgs and if they had feelings and this is what I came up with I hope you enjoy.

This story is also on wattpad if you want to see chapter 2 once I’ve published it here’s the preface.


Why did I do it chose to be machine?
It was to protect someone I loved he was destined to die by other machines I chose to save him but I was late I died and became a machine not fully more cyborg half human half machine.
This is the story of how I saved him but if I live or not you have to find out ….

Sometimes we do things to protect the ones we love even if they are bad choices even if it makes us lose our humanity, souls.
For me it was both the only thing I had that made me human and not machine was my ablity to feel definition feelings happy, sad, anger and love.
Why did I do it chose to be machine?
It was to protect someone I loved he was destined to die by other machines I chose to save him but I was late I died and became a machine not fully more cyborg half human half machine.
This is the story of how I saved him but if I live or not you have to find out ….

Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James 

I was forced to read this at secondary with a girl who was obsset with this book it kinda freaked me out has a first new adult book so I decided to read this in the perspective has a adult not a secondary school girl so hopefully you are fine with my review and not judge.

I literally have no words to describe how werid this book is.

I rated 2/5 stars because I did like a few bits of the book but I absolutely hated how Christian treats Ana like she is nothing and that’s me putting it nicely I really wanted Ana to just walk away I was finally glad when she left don’t get me wrong I did like when bits of when he was nice with Ana and also when he was jealous it reminds me of Rosemary Beach when he was saying he didn’t deserve her but he was also protective no wanting her with anyone else but what was letting the book down was the reason above.

Before you comment I would like to say I understand why people love this book the romance, jealousy and friendship I am currently reading the second book and something that happens makes me tolerate him but I still hate him being bossy and the way he treated Ana in the first book.
let me know below what you thought of this book.
 P.S.  I always recommend a book even if I dislike it also I have Dnf this book.

 For the second book he trys to change to keep her.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 

Hi guys,

Today post will be about my reading challenge. So far I have read…..

25 books which is not great since I normally at 40 at this month which is June It took ages to transfer all the books I read on my old goodreads to my new one I am proud I have read this many dont get me wrong.


So I am going to be read in no Particular order…




Let me know below what your goodreads reading challenge is at and what book you are planning to read next.

Happy reading