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Review: The Notebook  (The Notebook #1) By Nicolas Sparks 

Hey Guys,

My review may seem small but Jen told me not to write a essay and to stick to three paragraphs so I think I have. (Not)
I rated this 6.5 / 5 stars this is my absolute favourite book EVER I’m literally still crying from the ending this is a love story that leaves you with so many feels I hope that when I find someone that will love me like Noah loves Allie I think every girl/women have this as a relationship goal.
I do feel sorry for Noah losing Allie  and when she finally returns she engaged to a lawyer you know if she returns to see him it’s because she wants to be with him I love the way they end up falling inlove again and again when they are elderly due to Allie’s Alzheimer’s which I really hate because every time she forgets Noah it makes him upset  but the ending she remembers him on there fourth ninth anniversary.
Also what Janice the nurse said was what I would say Noah is amazing dealing with Allie’s Alzheimer’s pretending to be someone else and reads the story of how they fell in love to try and get her to remember I don’t know how he handles it when she forgets again.

It was nice to read both versions I am curious to see if Allie and Noah are mentioned in the sequel.
Also Lon when he stopped a court case to try win ally back you knew it was too late for him but I did feel a little sorry for him but not has much as I did for Noah in every part that he got upset my favourite scene has to be the boat scene I just thought it was really romantic. 

Basically you’ll cry on every page I didn’t expect to like this when watching the movie I don’t know why but I love it I maybe reading this alot in the future. (Definitely will)
I am planning to read the sequel very soon if you didn’t know there was it’s called The Wedding it’s based on Wilson Lewis who is Allie and Noah’s son-in-law Wilson is trying to win Janes heart again. 

Let me know below what you thought of this book/ movie your favourite Nicolas Sparks also what classic books do you recommend.
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Book update 

Hey Guys, 

Finally it’s raining in London yesterday it was so hot I hate summer worst weather ever also I know my birthday coming up when the it’s rains one day I wish it could snow on October for my birthday can’t believe I’m 19 this year.                                   I know I need to do my September Tbr but I just want to do what I am currently reading because I need to talk about them has you guys know I did my August Wrap up early because I want to start on my colour cover read-a-thon Jen is coming to London today so we can buddy read in the same country also I have but Classics into this read-a-thon because I want to read more of them.

So the books I am currently reading is.

I am currently listening to the audiobook on youtube for this amazing book just got to chapter 3/4 and already know I will be rating this 6.5/5 stars.

I watch the movie before reading the because I did that with the last song by Nicholas Sparks and I have a feeling I will love his works.
 Pretty much all the books I have put on this list I have already watch the films and show for Love Rosie has to be my absolutely favourite Movie unfortunately the book is not turning out to be better there’s too much emails on the first three chapters I have read I really hope it has a actually conversation and calls etc. than emails it’s was ok for the first two chapters it was quite funny somethings that have happened.

 Yesterday I watch the movie was really surprised that my favourite actors where the main characters in the movie I hope they do more movies together anyway I decided has green on the cover I am going to pick it up.
What I am planning to read next.

Has you guys know I absolutely love the tv show and movie of the three musketeers so when I saw there was a book I knew I had to pick it up.

My only excuse is Jenny blame her for the reason I stopped on page 110 she told me to stop reading and wait for her to finish the second book which thank goodness she has because I would have read it without her this month and she knows I would.

So that’s what my reading is going to be so far I would have done my TBR but unfortunately I don’t have my notebook which has the books I am reading this month written in it.

Let me know below what you thoughts of these books are, what you are planning on reading this month also what did you think about these movie/ tv show adaption I am curious.

Happy Reading 

August Wrap up 

Hey Guys,

I decided to do my Wrap up early because I want to started my colour book cover read-a-thon as I said in my Books News post that you are welcome to join me and Jen you can read the same books or different even different colour/s.

If you reading my reading goal reads post you guys will know I have read 34 books this month which help me to complete my 100 books in my Goodreads goal it is also the highest amount of books have read in any month my excuse is I am freakishly quick at reading.

 My favourite book this month would have to be all of them I literally can’t chose even though I have Completed my reading goal I  am curious to see how many more books I can read.

Let me know below if you are planning to join in with our colour book read-a-thon me and Jenny are cheating by read three cover colours Green, Yellow and Blue.

Also let me know below how you are doing with your reading goal I hope you guys complete them if you have congrats also what was your favourite read this month.

Happy Reading 

The TBR Tag 

 Hey Guys,

I am going to be honest I answered the post fully on Sunday but haven’t gotten around to publishing it yet hope you enjoy this tag.

How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

One word Goodreads all the books I want to read or plan to are on my Goodreads.

Is your TBR mostly print or ebook?

Both I have probably the same amount.

How do you determine which book from your TBR to read next?

There’s not plans I think of books I might read that much and it goes on my TBR but I don’t always stick to that plan it depends on what book I want to really.

A book that’s been on your TBR the longest?

Ummm from the top of my head I’d say.

9781408855669.jpeg I have been meaning to read this but I just haven’t been able get around to yet hopefully in in the month of September colour cover reading month read-a-thon me and Jen made up to get us to read books with the same cover mine will be green but I am going to do a post about it after this.

A book that you recently added to your TBR?

30066054 I didn’t put it on my Goodreads TBR my friend did but I am curious to why Jen did.

TBR strictly because of its beautiful cover?

thewitcheskiss-cover2.gif The Reason why I bought this amazing book was because I loved the cover it was the best cover buy I ever did. Review: The witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra 

Would you look at that cover?

kate-hannigans-girl-catherine-cookson-good.jpgThis cover is just so beautiful this is NA (New Adult I highly recommend not reading it if you are not 18+) Book Review: Kate Hannigans girl by Catherine Cookson (Non-Spoiler)

A book on your TBR that you NEVER plan on actually reading?

Unfortunately I don’t put those types of books on my TBR I plan on reading books I put on there.

An unpublished book on your TBR that you’re excited for?

I have lots of those haha mine would have to be.


A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read except you?

I have finally found the audio and will hopefully be read or shall I say listening to it soon.

A book on your TBR that everyone recommends to you?

I haven’t been able to get into the series but I am termined to read this book series but I don’t want to rush into it and not like it.

A book on your TBR that your just dying to read?

After watching the movie I am dying to read this amazing story and also.

I think they are both NA ( NEW ADULT) due to the content of the movies.

The number of books on your goodreads TBR shelf? 

 304 the worse part was last year I lowed it down too 200 and the TBR has gone back to its original number (sigh).


Who ever wishes to do it please do link it in the comments below I’d love to see your answers.

Happy Reading 

Completing my Goodreads reading goal 

Hey Guys,

So far this month I have read 34 books which is really shocking but as my friends say I am freakishly quick reader anyway onto the reason for this post today I have reached my Goodreads goal. 

My goal was 100 books and I started the reading goal around March time before that it was a 1001 books which I put has a mistake my friend said was you tryingto match your user number. Haha

I am really pleased with it how many books I have read this year and I hope that my reading stays up to date I know that there are books that I should have read and I will get to them I would have done a wrap up now but I still have two days left and I may read more books.

I am still wondering what to read after the hush, hush series I am currently on the thrid book but I am really close to finishing it I want to read more fallen angels books I am going to do a discussion about the hush, hush series and the fallen series and it’s a spoiler discussion so I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you haven’t it.

If you guys have a fallen angels recommendations let me know down below I hope you had a great reading month.

Happy Reading 

Book News 

Hey Guys,
Have you watched season 6 of Teen Wolf after Sytles joins the FBI so you think it’s better with or without him.

Sorry for those who have Book news has a pet peeve but I had some news that me and Jenny are doing and thought I’d let you know to help you think of a way to get through that massive TBR pile.
So me and Jen also her other bookworm friends we decided to read books in the month of September based on the colour of there cover.
I know what you’re thinking REALLY why you’ll change your mind but it’s not gonna happen I hope that I do you don’t have to chose the same colour but we all did the colour we chose was green and we have to pick a pair mine was Jen of course due to our book blogging and we have to chose our book choice which we already have one of the books was meant to be Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell but I may have read it earlier.
If you guys didn’t know my friend Jenny is back from Wales she was helping a booktuber with a few short films but I think Windy will be coming to London with her because she wants to be doing our challenge. 
I will be doing the post for this readathon on the 1st of stepember also if you have any advice on how to low your TBR tips please do comment below for other bloggers so they can get some ideas.
Happy Reading 

Review: Forever With You (Wait For Me By Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Hey Guys,

I rated this 6.5 / 5 stars I am just going to say it no one can say that this book is amazing heartbreaking, tearworthy, romantic no one can say that they don’t like this book NO ONE.
Going into this book I literally didn’t know anything about this book only that the two main characters Nick and Stephanie I was very surprised that Stephanie would be pregnant I was really excited to read about it until a few more chapters where she miscarriaged the baby which I have never read about before in books but what I love about this book is how Nick helps Stephanie deal with the lost of their child I couldn’t stop crying it was so heartbreaking.
Avery and Cam where also having a child luckily there’s survived and they called her Ava which would have been amazing but you can’t help but feel bad for Stephanie she may say she is ok but when she was at Avery and Cams wedding they kiss their daughter when they go to the end of the alter and she was thinking one day and cried I couldn’t imagine what she was going through.
I was happy that we finally got to saw Avery and Cam get married I wish that we go to read there version of them getting married and when little Ava born when Jennifer added together with Stephanie dealing with what losing a child I suppose it was showing that she was dealing with it. 
I don’t think I will be reading book 6 not now anyway after reading this book I decided that I had to read a different genre no because I disliked the book I loved it the blot was a great Idea (it was just a very sad thing that had to happen).
That’s all I can say I am literally crying just review that little bit.
Happy Reading 


Hamilton Book Tag

Hey Guys,

I was tagged by the amazing Marrill Collins if you haven’t checked out her account I highly recommend you do she is a bookblogger and also writes reviews dvd’s and tv shows also she is a YA reader.

I am not a big fan of Hamilton songs but I do like a few songs it may be because I have recently found out about Hamilton but before this tag. (warning I have only had three hour sleep last night and have been drinking lots of caffeine to stay awake its 20:48 so be prepared my answers may not be that great.)

as Jen says let get on with this tag.


The Room Where It Happens: Book world you would put yourself in?

I do change this answer when I get this question because there are a lot of book places I would love to go to so this time it’s.

wp-image-1584889610 wp-image-1342433362

The Night Court I know everyone says so they can be with Rhysand which I agree with but also because they was that Sarah J. Maas describes the Court.

The Schuyler Sisters: Underrated Female Character?

I loved Marrill’s answer for this and agree but I don’t want to copy so I am going for.


oooh hard question Vi from The Faerie Guardian the guys in the book don’t really think she is a great Faerie Guarding they just hate her.

My Shot: A character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them?

Screenshot_2017-07-05-16-39-19-1Raine tries to find a away to get Torin to remember her and everything he has done has a when he moved into the town and that he loves her and won’t let anything in her way.

Stay Alive: A character you wish was still alive?

wp-image-201528958I wish that Tris was alive because of four I know this is going to sound mean but I wish that it was Caleb that when and not Tris she and four didn’t get to have there happy future but I know that as soon as both her parents died she couldn’t live without them, Will and Ail maybe she did want to be alive when everyone around her died but it was said that Four ended up alone and with his mother.

Burn: The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read?

I wish I could say Tris and Four but I used that answer so I am going to have to chose.

thewitcheskiss-cover2.gifYh I use this to much don’t I the relationship I am talking about is Merry and Jack the reason why I chose this book is because Jack’s death is how there relationship ended and to me that is hurt breaking apparently in the second book something happens that is going to make me chance this answer kinda curious why?

You’ll Be Back: Sassiest villain?

wp-image-1584889610Ridley the reason why I chose Ridley is because she is the sassiest villain I know.

The Reynolds Pamphlet – A book with a twist that you didn’t see coming?

cdb1e6e099795bdc93db9f51c6e4bde7.jpgThat feyre does back to Tamlin to save her friends and mate and blocking the mate bond so they didn’t know he was still her mate and tries to destroy Tamlin from inside the court.

Non-stop: A series you marathoned?

So many but I’ll have to say Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas.


Satisfied: Favorite book with multiple POVs?

Carry On By Rainbow Rowell lots of people say that the amount of POV is ridiculous but I actually like that there are so many versions of the story.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A book/series you feel like will be remembered throughout history?

notebook-680x1020I think that this is a very popular film and book I have only watched the film but I know that the book is going to be just has amazing and can’t and will always be popular.

I tag!

Has I always say in my tags feel free not to do the tag if you don’t want to if you don’t want me to ever tag you or those who follow me and don’t want to be tag let me know also.

Onceuponabookdream, Beaucoup, Abookblog, Booksinneed, Maxxesbooktopia, and Balmeitonchocolate

I hope you like my tag you are more than welcome to discuss anything abotu these books or recommend me books in the comments below hope you have a great day and talk soon.

Happy Reading





Review: Fall With Me (Wait For Me, Book 4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Guys,


So far I have reached 74/100 on my goodreads reading goal which I am really pleased with ideally I would like to reach my goal by reading 24 more books but I don’t know if I am that much of a quick reader anyway onto the review.

I don’t know why I am doubting that the book I am currently reading in the series to be better than the previous book but I was wrong my rating is obviously the same as the other books in the series 6.5/5 stars I love how Jennifer links all the old characters to the new characters and how she can come up with different storylines if you have read my previous review Stay With Me you know I haven’t read the blurb for this the reason why is because it kind of spoils the story I wait until the end of the book and guess the two main characters and my friend will let me know if I am correct.


As you guessed I didn’t know why Roxy was mad at Reese all I know is until she said it when they were talking outside I was very surprised after how much she avoided him but I suppose she was mad he turned up at the hospital Charlie was I have to talk about Charlie I know most people care about Charlie but he was one of the important characters in my book even though he didn’t really move or talk he was Roxy’s best friend and I hated Henry for what he did to Charlie and wish as Roxy he stayed in prison but on the bright side I was glad he was there to help Roxy with that freak Kip I was surpised it was him I though it was strange how he knew her name and ran in after the police came about the break in I knew something wasn’t right about him but he was so freaky in a scary way I was very worried that Reese wouldn’t make it in time.


I was surprised that Isaac name was mentioned I have a feeling he maybe in the next book but I do feel annoyed that Kip didn’t go to prison but was murdered by Isaac’s men anyway back to Reese and Roxy I love the way Reese try’s to win Roxy over by starting over and I laughed when he went to the Mona’s and drank water after what he thought happened with Roxy and him one night Reese had a hard time dealing with things he has done as a cop and it makes me sad that he cannot forgive himself for it but I am glad that they ended up together I have to talk about predictions that Katie has told Calla, Jax and Roxy, Reese now Nick that he will fall in love with Steph which I personally can’t wait to read about from what I have read in the book Nick isn’t interested in a relationship but I had to laugh that there was a chance he would end up with Aimee.


Happy Reading


Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

Hey Guys,

download.jpg I am currently watching one of my shows on Netflix The Musketeers it’s based on the french revulsion which is one of my favourite history subjects probably the nerd in me which also reminds me that I need to buy the book of it.

I am rating this 6.5/5 has I would have if I first read this and also reviewed for the same reason Fangirl is one of my absolute favourite of Rainbow Rowell works and I always talk about this book I cannot tell you how many times I have recommend this book to people it’s a very romantic novel its YA and a Contemporary there’s also a sequel called Carry On which is based on the main character Cath’s Fanfiction my friend told me my review is more like a discussion so be prepare I go into depth.

People ask me why do you love Fangirl and my answer is she’s a lot like me loves writing Fanfiction loves to read and prefers not to go out partying and drinking (not drinking isn’t me) prefers to stay at home and also because of Levi he’s is my fictional boyfriend fair enough he’s older than her but not by that much I’ve also been asked when did I like Levi and I said from the very first page he might not read books but he loves them when Cath reads it to him his also selfless willing to help others my favourite scene to prove it is when he leaves work to help Cath to go to the hospital to see her dad which would have possibly made him lose his job.

I have been hearing alot of hate comments about him kissing another girl if he could do it once there’s a chance he would do it again and I agree there is a high chance he could but he explained that he drank alot and wanted Cath which isn’t a good enough reason but he did try his hardest to prove himself but when he did kiss the other girl I wasn’t expecting that but I didn’t dislike him for it because technically he wasn’t cheating because they weren’t even a couple but I do understand because Kiss someone means alot especially to romantics like me if you kiss someone its because you like that person alot.

Has I said in my reading update my favourite sentence of Levi’s has to be…..
Back up to his eyes.
“you know that I am falling for you right?”‘
I can absolute love when he finally admits it and you have to wait until it about 84% way into the book but it does annoy me that Cath didn’t say it back I mean after everything that happens all the stuff he’s done for her the way she talks about him it just really bugged me.

Was anyone else not surprised that Reagan was not really mad at Cath for kissing Levi has she said when Cath mentioned him as Reagan’s boyfriend she replied “his not my boyfriend” I said to my friend Jen I knew they weren’t you could tell by how they acted they were only friends and Levi was trying to empress Cath he wouldn’t have done it in front of Reagan if they where dating.

Can I just stop talking about them and talk about Wren (Cath’s twin) she is totally out of control I’m not judging just saying when it does to the extent of her having to go hospital that is pretty bad I’m glad that Cath and Wren made up I did feel bad for Cath and Wren having to deal with jerks (guys) when they see them has twins I am so glad that guy got punched he deserved it but I do understand why Wren cut her hair and dressed different.

I think that it’s best I stop there or I’ll talk about every page otherwise hope you enjoyed the review let me know what you think of the book also what Rainbow Rowell’s books are you favourite.

Happy Reading