Book Review: Kate Hannigans girl by Catherine Cookson (Non-Spoiler)

Hey Guys,

This is my first non spoiler review so bare with me also let me know on the comments below if there is anything else you’d like me to add on my next non spoiler review.

I rated this novel 6.5/5 stars I only recommend this author if you are 18+ maybe older due to the content in some of the novels which I let those who are of age be aware of below so those who are below 18 stop reading NOW it is Na (New Adult.) It’s also a chic flick and a sequel.

It is the second book after Kate Hannigan has you can tell by the novel it is based on Kate Hannigan ‘ s Daughter the year that the book is based on is the early 1920s after Dr Rodney prince and Kate have been married and I asume had a child or they spring it on you in this novel since Annie is the eldest (she isn’t Rodney ‘s child but he treats as though she is.)
A bit of background history on Kate and Annie is that they suffered in the Fifteen Streets which is a poor area and lots of people say Spiteful Rumours about them because of they use to live in the Fifteen Streets.
The main character is Annie which I said earlier but its about her learning her strength and her maturity and dealing with her issues it’s also contains near assult which is why I don’t want anyone reading it if you are not the age that is what most of her books contain but not all (I highly recommend researching before reading her works) but luckily that someone helps Annie before it happens.
I love the romance between Terence and Annie which is what the book is based upon I love the way  Catherine discribes the scenery and writing format aswell has when they talks about being Church of England and a Catholic  (which I am) it’s nice to know about other faiths than your own.
Also an intresting that kate Hannigan was in fact Catherine Cookson first book to ever be published I am planning to do a spoiler review but this is for those who want to know about this book with being kind of spoiled.
Let me below if you want to talk about the book but it has to be non spoiling incase people want to read the comments also what books would you like me to non-spoiler review.
Happy reading 


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