Book update and a strange message

hey guys,


I had a message on my twitter private message a mother hows daughter and her read my blog ask me if I could do a post about Twilight which was the mother favourite and is her daughter didn’t want to read it because she heard its about a ‘creepy vampire’ I really shocked to hear someone say that about Edward Cullen but I continued reading the reason why she wanted me to do a dissuasion about twilight is because she wanted her daughter to realise how stupid that was and also to try to convince her to read it and I replied.

Dear Caroline

I will start reading all of the series right away so I can fully talk about it because just as you I love twilight series they were the first book I have ever read even though I haven’t read it since a year ago due to lowing my TBR after reading you message I went on to a few blog reviews and also goodreads to find out that there are a lot of hate comments and discussions about how ‘creepy, stalker, abusive and bossy’ Edward Cullen is I am very disappointed that people would say that I mean he is bossy but only to protect Bella but I do agree that a discussion is needed to straighten out what people are saying i am also planning to review the books aswell if you are interested thank you for letting me know and I hope to convince Annabel that she should give the series a chance let me know if there any posts you wish for me to do in the future.

Happy reading


Anyway she commend back thanking me for taking the time to read her message letting me know she is excited to read those posts and hopes I can convice her daughter also and she didn’t expect me to answer her which really surprised me since I read everyones message and reply as soon as I can if you guys have any ideas on what posts I can do next do let me know.

So has you know by that conversation I am planning to read the twilight series I may not be able to read any other books for a reason which I’ll be talking about in my other blog lola’s crazy life blog.

I am currently reading Edwards verison of the book which is called midnight sun but i have to say that I do prefer reading Edwards than Bella’s let me know what you think of twilight and what Team are you and what character do you dislike.


Happy reading



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