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Book to Film Adaptations Rating 

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not updating lately I but last week was my first week of me starting my new job and I don’t have set days on when I work so I may not be blogging every day like I did before.

I have recently watched:

I absolutely adore it the actor who plays Emma is a favourite of mine you may know Gwyneth Paltrow from (IronMan, Glee, Shallow Hal.) She was the best Emma out of all the movie adapations of this book by Jane Austen and Mr knightly Aww he’s honest even if it hurts your feelings a great friend and fictional boyfriend material over all this was a 6.5/5 stars and I can’t wait to read the book.

My mum already had this movie and let me borrow it there are two versions but Billie Piper was not only amazing has Rose Tyler in Doctor who but was wonderful has Fanny Price I felt so sad for Fanny but I loved the ending alot Edmund was a great character but he wasn’t not Mr Darcy or Mr knightly it was interesting to have a film about a religious guy character I did think he’s sudden interested in Fanny did seem like insta love which I normally dislike but I did love when he was running down the hall wit her and grabbing her arm when she went to walk off overall I rated this a 5.5/5 stars.

I am planning to rate the second book adaptation of Mansfield Park also I may do a movies review for the movies I just Rated I can’t remember what really happened I am hoping to post my September Wrap up and October TBR which is the month of my birthday if you have any book recomendations then please do let me know in the comments below.

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Sherlock Episode 1 Season 1 Review

Hey Guys,

15052534861861279050951I absolutely love Sherlock but I did this review ages ago so it probably won’t be as good as me reviewing it now but I did promise to post this review on my life blog but since it technically a book first so that’s why I am writing a review here hope you enjoy. 🙂

I think that Sherlock is absolutely amazing, Brilliant and cleaver I love the way Sherlock’s mind works and how he figures out the case so quick but is so clueless when it comes to romantic interests towards him.                                                                                       I also love Doctor Watson but I did feel sorry for him about his leg until we saw his crutch at the restaurant oh and I thought it was funny when people thought Watson and Sherlock were dating and Watson kept saying “I’m not his date” when I first saw Sherlock analysed Watson I was amazed it really baffled me I wish I had his brain.

I do think Sherlock is insane going with the cabby and risking his life just to prove his right but I couldn’t help but laughing when I found out that his arch enemy was his brother and then they were talking about there mummy and Waston was like “mummy whos mummy” I was cracking up laughing.

Did anyone else want to take that women’s phone and throw it in the river even I look at the person I was talking to and put my phone down not texting and talking if it’s just me then ignore it I love love the theme song what a tune and I do think the pictures fit perfectly with the tune I overall rated it a 5/5 stars.

I hope you like the review let me know below what you though about this amazing show and what shows do you recommend,

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Book Update For NA ( New Adult ) 

Hey Guys,

I have been reading books non stop for 4 days why because two series I was so focused on reading I forgot to blog it wasn’t until I went on my goodreads today I noticed my I didn’t blog haha.

Books I have read?

(I highly recommend reading this before the first book.)

Sorry the sizes are different my laptop broke.

What I am currently rereeading:

haha I know seriously I am loving this series I will be reading it in the month of October which is my birthday also.

So thats the Na ( New Adult ) books I have read so far let me knowin the comments below if you have read any of these books also what Na books are you currently reading?

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Review: The Prelude of Ella and Micha ( The Secret 0.5) By Jessica Sorensen 

Hey Guys,
I only had 3 hour sleep because of this book and I was such a doughnut I read this after the second book I was meant to read this then the first book my mistake. (Oh I forgot this is a Na (New Adult) series.)

This is based on when they were younger and up to the bridge scene I rated this Novella 6.5/5 stars I know what you are going to say you pretty much rated all books that same rating but I definitely rate honestly anyway onto the spoiler section.

The amount of times I felt so sorry for Micha he feel inlove with Ella before she did and the amount of times that they could have ended up got ruined every Bliming time.
Favorite scene has to be when Micha caught her dancing on the bed to one of my favourite songs We Got The Beat By Go Go’s when you read the first book I was expecting that Ella just ran to Vegas without planning it buy she was debating whether to tell Micha to go with her the whole time I was thinking tell him tell him even though I know she doesn’t.
‘It hits me like a blow to the chest, cutting so deeply, I think my heart actually cracks.

I fight to breathe.

Ella is gone.

Without me.

And she might not be coming back.’
The worst part was he pack his bag ready to leave town I literally felt like reading the first book just to see Micha end up with Ella even I  though he does but the way she was saying that them kissing was weird I was mad at her for breaking his heart. 
I am going to stop there because I’m doing a spoiler but not full spoiler only because it’s a novella.
What do you think of this series also what is your favourite book out of all these book because I am curious.
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Ya recommendations PT 1

Hey Guys,

So after talking to a new blogger a new friend of mine Picnicinthestars which I highly recommend checking out and following her she’s new to book blogging shes a Ya, Fantasy, Fiction and Contemporary reader also is looking for recommendations and gave me the idea to do this post.

1. The Witch’s Kiss (The witches kiss #1) by Katherine and Elizabeth corra

Rating: 6.5/5 stars 

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, paranormal and Witches.

This is based on a 17 year old girl called Marry how has no control over her magic and feels invisible in school and is fed up with her family fued then she meets the amazing Jack and starts to fall in love with him the only problem she has to face is that he has a centry old curse that makes him cut people’s hearts out can true loves kiss stop this curse once and for all.

2. Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon 

Rating: 6.5 / 5 stars 

Genre: Romance, contemporary and mental illness 

This is about a girl called Maddy her illness is not being able to leave her house because if she does she will die the only people who are aloud to be in her house is her mother and Carla her nurse which was fine until she sees a boy name Olly and knows she was going to fall inlove with him.

It also has pictures, emails and phones calls.

3. The Fallen Star (The Fallen Series #1) By Jessica Sorensen 

Rating: 6.5 / 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult and Romance.

I am currently reading the Na (New Adult) version reimagined but this is Young Adult. This is about an 18 year old girl called Gemma her life is far from normal up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion and when she is around Alex she starts to feel electricity that makes her skin buzz not to mention the monsters that haunts her nightmare.

4. Anna and the French Kiss Series By Stephanie Perkins 

5.5/5 stars but I am changing them to 6.5/5 stars.

Genre: Romance, contemporary and Young Adult, Woman Fiction and Chick Lit.

I was going to talk about the first book but you can read any of these books in any order but check out these books on goodreads for the blurb.

5. The Host By Stephanie Meyer 

6.5 / 5 stars 

Genre: Romance, contemporary and sifi.

Earth has been taken over by Souls  (known has The Host) an alien race that wipes the human from the body and takes it over most of the human have been eradicated but some like Melanie hid away in caves until Melanie gets caught and Wanda goes into Melanie the only problem is Melanie won’t be eradicated.

That’s the only books I am recommend at the moment before you ask I am going to do a part two let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them also what Ya books do you recommend because I am looking for new Ya books to read.

Happy Reading

The Secret Series 1-2 books By Jessica Soresen

Hey Guys,

I am currently since Monday been doing a Gilmore Girls Marathon and drinking lots of coffee I am currently on season 2 episode 7 and on my sixth cup of coffee I know too much caffeine which is bad for my migraines but that won’t stop me this post is my book update, book reviews and book recommendations wow I know.

I have only read two books which I have reread this month I absolutely love Ella and Micha romance they adore each other it’s a kind of romance every women dreams of I rated them 6.5/5 stars if you haven’t read this NA (New Adult book) then I highly recommend it but I don’t if you are younger than 18+ plus I don’t want to get blamed for it.

This is is about Ella and Micha they have been friends since they were 8 and started it like each other when they were 14/15 years old and made an oath that they would never leave Star Grove and create a life for themselves until they hit 16/17 and Ella ran away after standing on a bridge nearly about to jump until Micha stops her and they kiss and Ella leaves Star Grove and goes to Vegas and leaves her Rule breaker and Fiery attitude behind her and becomes someone who follows the rules until but then it hits the summer holiday and has no where to go but home.                                                                       Ella has fears that as soon as she goes home that everything she has worked to bury will surface when especially with Micha right next door making her remember the best parts of her past,

thats all I am going to say The blurb for the first book is better but I am going into more detail so you can see why I love this book The Secret of Ella And Micha blurb here and The Forever Ella and Micha blurb here I have also done a review for the second book I am planning to review the book at some point Review: The forever or Ella and Micha book 2: By Jessica Sorensen 

I am planning to read next:

I decided to pause the other books I have been reading because this is going to surprise you Jeanie (which is Jen) has given me a reading slump so I went to my go to book that gets me out of my reading slump which is this book series before you ask I will be continue reading the other books as soon as I have finish the series which in my case will be soon.


So this is the order of what book I am going to read them I know it looks like lots of books and surprising on how many books based on four characters but if it like the first two books then I am excited.

Let me know below if you want me to make more of these posts and also what do you think of Jessica Sorensen books and what are you currently reading I am curious.

Happy Reading


Pride and Prejudice Booktag 

Hey Guys,

As you guys know I was very excited to do this booktag I am a huge fan I have watch everything films and shows also films /books based on pride and prejudice.

Finally for those who have been waiting for the 1/2 pride and prejudice tags that have been meaning to do without further or do.
Thank those who tagged you.

Link back to the creator of the tag (Emma @ A Dreamer’s Library)Tag as many people as you wantHave fun!!

The Bennett Sisters – A Mixed Bag

A book or series with an eclectic cast of characters.

Non that I can think of at the moment when I do I’ll place it here.

Charlotte Lucas – The Best Friend

A dependable standalone, series, and tv show that you can always turn to.

( My laptop not logining into my account so the sizes of some photos are bigger than others.)

Mmmm probably the secret circle I love the books and also tv show which I still watch I personally think she should have been with Nick.

Mr Darcy – The Unexpected Surprise

A book or series that you originally didn’t like but you grew to love. 

I’ll have to say the beautiful creatures series the first book was ok but I had to read this book 10 times before I loved it also the only book in the series I dislike was Beautiful Redemption.

Lady Catherine de Bourg – The Domineering Aristocrat

A book or series that you are daunted by.

I am going with Paranormalcy series only because of the love triangle that went wrong and I mean she ended up with the wrong person and for some strange reason it Daunts me.

Mr Bingley – Honest yet easily led.

A character full of good intentions and heart yet is often perceived wrongly by others.

Mmmm can I say Mr Darcy when he tells Bingley that Jane doesn’t love him but he ends up realises that he is wrong and let’s Bingley know.

(Jeanie/Jen has made this point a million times since she is a huge Bingley fan.)

Mr Collins – Awkward and cheesy

A series, book, or character that you find really silly in a good or bad way.

Marked by Kim Richardson it so silly and unbelievable but in a good way for example talking chimps I highly recommend reading this though.

The Gardiners – Steady voices of reason

A character from any book, film or TV show that you would turn to for advice.

Ummm I know one can’t remember the name emmmm Carlisle from twilight he’s always great at giving advice.

Mr Wickham – The deceptor.

A book you had high expectations for that fell flat. 

Beautiful Redemption.

Georgiana Darcy – Shy, naive, but friendly

An under-represented book that you really love.

Ella and Micha no really mentions this book and I am very surprised it’s one of my faves also it’s Na (New Adult).
The Forster’s Regiment – Sure to liven up any party

What book or series would you always recommend?

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell my absolute favourite book EVER. 

I Tag: 

These amazing bloggers. 

(The layout not going to plan)

@Tyr Carter@DelphinetheBabbler@TheBookRaven@The Hook (sorry if I got you name blog wrong)Twintales@twintalesbookreview  and Mistysbookspace  If I haven’t tag you then please do the tag and link me I’d love to see your answers.

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Hey Guys,

For those who have me on Goodreads I am sorry for the bloody word I was very mad with Jen I was enjoying a nice read Marked By P.C. Cast which I started reading after talking to Tyr Carter who blog is amazing so please do check out and follow this amazing blog then all of a sudden I went on my blog to see books added to my currently reading I really regret letting Jen have access my Goodreads and making me mess up my TBR but I’m letting it slide this time because I broke my read-a-long anyway enough with my rant and getting on to my reading update.

So I am currently reading?


Jenny may have won on me reading Lady Susan and Romancing the Duke which I am not reading until I have Finished Marked because I am really enjoying the book and then I am going to read Lady Susan due it being 80 pages I wouldn’t recommend reading Romancing the Duke if you are younger than 18+ since it’s NA (New Adult).


What I am planning to read after?

I want to read Jane Austen books after reading Pride and Prejudice so Jen recommend after giving me a pile of her books to read so I am going to read Persuasion and Lady Susan the only book I own are A Court Of wings And Ruin I may have took Jen’s Marked of her self and said she owed me but she let me keep it since she wasn’t a big fan.

Sorry about the Rant was very mad at Jen for making me brake my TBR again I am currently answering some of my Q and As Thanks for giving me books and non book questions like embarrassing questions so thanks haha not personal personal questions please because I won’t answer them which I think I have mentioned if not then sorry I didn’t.

Let me know below if you have any questions about me and I’ll added it to my 60/70 questions I currently have OMG REALLY yep also what are you currently reading I am very curious also I added a NA to this book update because there was only one book.

Happy Reading


Blogging advice pt1

Hey Guys,

I decided to do this post due to reading a post that someone did I thought that I should talk about my thoughts and what examples on this topic also I may be doing a part 2.
1. Changing up you posts? 
I wasn’t sure about adding Na (New Adult) into my blog due to people disliking it and you get bad comments for reading it so I decided to do it anyway the worst comes to the worst I can always remove it and go back to Ya and contemporary posts but when I did.
I ended up getting more followers more likes and comments and I decided that it was a right choice so if you do something your not sure about doing don’t over think it just do it the worst comes to the worst you will get told they don’t like it then you have a choice stick with it or forget it all together.
2. Add pictures or video’s?
Always add pictures or video’s not on every post but on most of them especially book blogging adding pictures of books helps your followers know what book to buy believe me I have made that mistake and also if you do recommend a book and don’t add pics then write the authors name because most books have the same title.
3. Introduction and signing off
I was told to do a introduction because it was more nicer than just jumping into the post mine is Hey Guys and I normally do a little talk about what I have been doing which lots have people seem to have liked and at the end.
And doing a good sign off mines always comment below if you …

Happy Reading 


It just sounds like a professional blogger in my opinion plus I was told to do it so there’s that but I do agree with them.
4. Always apologise for any long pause in you’re blogging?
The reason why is because you want you’re followers to know you take you’re blogging seriously and you just stop blogging for a year and start up with no reason people will think she/he don’t really care about what we want to read and will probably stop following you altogether.
5. Do not Talking about how bad a blogger is?
I have had friends tell me in person and not blogs because they don’t have one (I call this blog bullying) because you are just insulting the blogger how is new and has worked hard or has a different opinion to yours.
What the best thing to say is I understand why you would say that but… or I know that’s your opinion but… 

That is much better than I hated your post because… you serious need to recheck what you wrote…
Hopefully this has help new bloggers and let me know what advice you have and I will happily help you find a way to solve it.
Happy Reading 

September Anticipated Reads 2017

Hey Guys,

first time doing this I won’t go into detail due to how many books currently watching The Day of the Doctor I just love doctor who big fan.

NA Reads:

Just found out today about Abbi Glines new book so excited.


YA Reads:

I am so excited to read all of these books and thought I’d let you know what books are coming out that I am excited about hopefully I can read these very soon I’m literally very excited,

Let me know what you can’t wait to be released this month also what are you currently reading.

Happy Reading