Na (New Adult) recomendation 

Hey Guys, 
I  know that some may have been expecting my Q and As I ask you but I am planning on doing other posts aswell my next post will be the first person I asked Q and A.

Last week I did a Ya so today I thought I’d share some of the New Adult that I have read out of my 84 books I have read of this Genre. 
The Secret Series  by Jessica Sorensen 

If you don’t know what it’sabout then you should be reading this book series its based on Ella and Micha two best friend since they were 4 they have always liked each other since forever but never let each other know I highly recommend checking out the novella first.

Stage Dive Series Kylie Scott 

It’s based on 4 band members who’s bands called (Stage Dive) and them meeting women that they end up falling inlove with it sounds cheesy I know but when you start reading it you’ll end up loving it.

Wait for you Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout 

It’s a really great series I literally reviewed the whole series I am planning to reread this series ifyou haven’t checked out this series then stop reading and quickly pick up this the first book.
Rosemary beach series By Abbi Glines 

If you haven’t read this book then seriously pick it up lots have people have described it has an addictive series.
And last but not least 

Easy By Tamara Webber 

(Unfortunately no picture phones playing up.)
I have never in my life so far seen a bad review for this and the sequel only how great this novel and sequel are it was my first Na reads and I am very excited to see what happens in the thrid book.
I hope it’s helped you to decide what Na books to read next if you are under 18 then I highly don’t recommend it and believe from someone who witnessed another person doing it and is now sacred about read another Na book.
Happy Reading


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