The Phantom Of The Opera (The Movie)

Hey Guys,

Today my review will be for The Phantom Of The Opera written by Gaston Leroux if you haven’t seen the movie yet then click here to view the trailer it might make you want to watch it.

I highly recommend not reading this review if you have not seen the movie yet because it contains a lot of Spoilers so watch the movie and then afterwards come and check out this review.

I rated the movie a 6.5/5 stars

It’s personal favourite of mine I like how they show the future and aswell has the past it give it that petfect suspends that’s needed also I love the way they use the special affect to give it that gothic, dark, passionate affect.

If you could change anything what would it be?

I would have liked Christien Daaé to have ended up with Erik or has you would call him the Phantom I know he’s is seems like the devil which people like to call him but when I watch this you can understand why he acts the way he does and I always thought Raoul was the evil villan in the film but I was wrong but I was glad of they made a sequel but that is for another review.

What are your favourite scene’s?

The Music of the Night

This is my favourite musical scene because of the connection between the phantom (played by Gerald Butler) and Christine Daaé (played by Emmy Rossum) have and they have a lot more passion the Christine and Raoul ever had.

The Goodbye kiss

I love when she shows him she loves him and let’s him know she’s there for him and kisses him but I wish she stayed with him instead of taking the engagement ring of he gave her and leaving with Raoul I was crying at that point while thinking that.

What did you think of the love triangle?

When I was first watching it I thought wow I wonder who she will end up with they are both amazing guys until I got to know more about the Phantom then I didn’t really like how it was pushing to the opposite side of the love triangle.

Would you watch the sequel?

Yes I would if I hadn’t of already watched it I liked how the sequel wraps up the whole ending because me personally I didn’t think the movie was over especially the love triangle but that’s all I’m saying about it until I do the review.

I hoped you liked my review and the new set out I have done also I thought I would answer my followers questions within the review so I didn’t write a big essay on my opinion.

Write below what you thought also what’s your opinion on this movie because I am curious to see what you guys think.

Happy Reading


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