My First Unboxing….

Hey Guys,

I am very Excited to do my first Unboxing today I know I have keep being asked to do a unboxing and I don’t but today I finally gave especially since I have been really exicted to buy these movies and I thought you might like to know what I have been waiting months to buy so without further or do here’s my unboxing (or how I have seen people to this).

I got my items from amazon and I am really surprised they came early.

So has you can see I only ordered Dvd’s but I have been wanting these Dvd’s for some time now and I thought you might like to see what types of dvd’s that are out there for you for you to buy and watch.

So has you can see I have the Phantom of the Opera I know what you are going to say but you already have the movie but this isn’t the movie its the 25th Anniversary which I have written the theatre review for which is ironic because after writing the movie review I got asked for the theatre review and I found out that the old cast has are no longer doing the play so I will be comparing the two like I was comparing or will be the movie and theatre.

The second one I ordered was Chicago I have never seen it before and I was recommend to watch it by pretty much everyone and I thought well if I am being recommended it that it must be really good plus when I use to watch Glee I did hear a few songs from it and I liked the songs.

The third movie I ordered was Footloose I have seen the new version but I wasn’t a huge fan of it Jenny my friend you may know her has Jennylovesbooks recommend me to try the original so I decided to buy it hopefully I love it fingers crossed.

I also thought If I am going to buy Chicago because everyone was recommending it to me then I was going to watch Les Miserables I have heard a lot about this movie and also because my mum said to me it was a really good movie also it’s in the theatre and I would need to know the storyline before going to see it.

I have been raving about Love Never Dies but for those who don’t know this is a sequel to The Phantom of the opera and It basically 10 years after the first story and has I said I am glad they written it and help us to see the actual conclusion I will be writing a review for it yes I have seen clips for it and in my next post I do mention that I will be posting a trailer clip when I post the review for you to check it out.

I don’t know anything about Fame but that its a lot like Centre Stage and I do actually like that film so I thought why not watch it and see what it’s about and also because my mum actually recommend it to me so she could watch it because she’s heard a lot about it (laughs).

There was meant to be two more Dvd’s but they are apparently arriving on Monday so on Monday you shall see my SECOND EVER UNBOXING if you like this unboxing do let me know also if you have any request for me to do to rather improve or buy or anything just let me know in the comments below I am curious to know if you have watched these if so please let me know your opinion or even link you review in the comments below.

Happy Unboxing


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