The Phantom Of The Opera (Celebration of the 25th Anniversary)

Hey guys,

So today I am doing the Theatre Edition and it’s filmed in the Royal Albert Hall which is England but now it has been moved to Her Majesty’s Theatre (Incase you want to go see it) but this dvd is to celebrate 25 years I haven’t seen it in Theatre I will be going to but this is with the old cast who I want to see play it but it will be interesting to compare the two and see if it was better with the old cast or the new I just thought I’d give you a quick run down of why this is different to the movie I review Yesterday anyway I hope you enjoy this review.

I don’t know why but I always love the bit with the chandelier but I love how it is in this Edition the character is the theatre are a lot more better then the ones in the movie the costumes are much more beautiful then the ones in the movie more authentic also I like how they are going fall out ballet then marking like they did I the movie.

Wendy Ferguson is a perfect fit for Carlotta when I imagine how she would act and sing Wendy literally exceeded those expectations I can’t wait to see what she does next you can tell she is really jealous of Christine and she shows how much of a diva she is meant to be also in the movie I disliked her but in the theatre version I like her a lot more.

The Phantom Is played by Ramin Karimloo

He does look a bit to old then I imagine he would be but that’s probably because he is wearing a mask it’s somehow making him look older I don’t know haha I like how he tried to act cool by brusing his hair back but overall he is a really good Phantom of the opera I Can’t wait to see what he does next can I just mention him screaming instead of shouting I don’t know why but the scene when he sacred she’s afraid of him makes me cry he’s like a kid wanting to be liked I like that Phantom gave a evil laugh each time Carlotta voice sounds like a toad he seems a lot darker then the movie which I didn’t expect everytime I see her chose Raoul it breaks my heart to see the phantom heart broken I don’t know why they change the mask up so it shows his skull but even with that mask its still in my eyes not that bad.

Christine Daae is played by Sierra Boggess

I like how when she first sings she shows how shy she is and becomes more confident then in the movie when Emmy just sung the song you can actually imagine how nervous Sierra was I wish I could just rate her from that piece of acting there that she was a better Christine I never knew she was ment to be scared of the Phantom you can feel the emotions she is feeling when your watching this you can see her being scared of him then in the movie but she trying to overcome it.

Phantom and Christine

They have great chemistry and you can tell his controlling her stopping her from running you can see her trying to fight her urge to run and stay to see what he’s about and listen but also you can see her trying to escape because she worried what is going to happen if you get what I mean it’s hard to type and watch because I’m so engrossed in there connection and passion Christine does love him but she’s scared of how he acts and if he goes to harm her but she has fallen inlove with him but she is scared to because of how he is but when they first kissed it was so cute that Phantom was confused what they were doing but I love the passion they have and still think they should have ended up together.

The Monkey Instrument

I’m really curious why it’s kept being in the movie is it because it the phantoms favourite instrument or toy let me know in the comments what you think.

Raoul is played by Hadley Fraser

Strangely I prefer this actor a lot more then the movie actor he actually shows he has interest in Christine I still not a big fan of Raoul but Hadley fits the role better than in the movie the think I HATE IS HE KNOWS SHE LOVES THE PHANTOM BUT TAKES THE ADVANGE OF HER BEING SCARED and he knows she wants to stop being scared and says he’ll make her no longer scared if she be with him that’s what I get if I’m wrong let me know in the comments below I can see they have a connection but it’s not as strong as Christine and the Phantom’s.

Overall I still think that this is a lot better than the Movie and I can’t wait to write my Love Never Dies review and has you saw in my unboxing today they were both delivered today let me know what you thought of my review also if you want any other movies review also how is excited to watch the sequel I will be posting a link to the trailer in my review for it if you are wondering if it worth watching.

Happy Watching


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