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You are probably wondering what my title means well tootingoozingfooding she is a food blogger who I follow on all her social media she not only writes about food but on her Instagram but also health tips and places to check out in tooting I have been to a couple and really enjoyed them so if you are looking for the popular places to go then do check out Tootingoozingfooding for the hottest places she also gives the places Q and A’s so you don’t only get to know what the places are like to eat and drink but find out more about the restaurant also she does giveaways and so much more.

Background info

She a mother of two and in her spare time goes to food places and takes pics of food she trys for her Instagram and gives her honest opinion on them she sometimes does live chats on rather looking at locations her cooking or just to talk about food if I could chose again what I would blog about it would be food blog she is the second person who has inspires me to cook and I sometimes try to follow her guides on cooking.

Here are a some pictures to show you the types of things she does she is really popular on Twitter, Instagram and facebook and gives really good tips and advice for example her mothers day post she writes about the great places to go and gifts to buy for mothers day so let me know if you are going to follow her and what you think of her blog if you have also if you mention her on you blog please do link it to my blog so I can read it because I am curious to see other peoples opinion about her also if you do write about her on your blog don’t forget to write the hashtag #tootingoozingfooding.

I hoped you liked this post and I hope you follow her and I will be give lot more recommendations about other non-book blogging blogs also let me know in the comments below if you have her on social media and you favourite post she has done also which bloggers do you recommend.

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