Kiro’s Emily (rosemary beach series # 10) By Abbi Glines

Hey Guys,

Before I talk about this book I just want to let people know if you are younger than 18+

Remember when I told you I’d never read this novella well to you guys surprise I did and to surprise you even more I gave it a 6 stars I decided to read it because my friends keep telling me Kiro is a lot different in the novella so I did and he is.

I really hated Kiro because he was not really that good of a character I really didn’t like who his daughter Hallow had to witness what he did and also how he was a rude to pretty much everyone but when reading this he was nice and kind which really surprised me.

I think he goes though a big character development because on the beginning you hear that he’s a jerk and then when he meet Emmy you start to notice he nice and sweet side and he very protected of her my favourite scene has to be when he goes to her house and ask her to live with the band and offers her a job just so he can have her on his life.

Can I just mention how adorable and sweet baby Rush is you wouldn’t believe it was the same person would you and the hole Rush and Emmy being friends was amazing I was kind of surprised with Nanas mum knowing the baby was Kiro’s and trying to spilt up him and Emmy over it I was really annoyed about it also didn’t she say she was sure it was Blair’s father’s kid?

Dean has to be mentioned he always has a way of annoying Kiro alot I loved it you could actually tell they was good friends also I absolutely love him and Rush scenes you can tell they was really close I hope Abbi Glines makes a love interest for him because he is such an amazing guy and deserves his happy ending.

I hated the ending so much but I hate more is what he becomes after what happens to Emmy does he think she would love the way you are because I don’t but I do understand he has to live his life he just should have done it a different way.

Let me know in the comments below your opinion I would love to talk about this book with you guys.

Happy Reading



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