Non-spoiler Reviewing: Untouched A Beachwood Bay Love Story: Book One By Melody Grace

Hey Guys,

I have a new exciting review and for those who are worried about being spoiled reading my review this is a non-spoiler review my next post will be the second review for it but it will contain lots of spoilers without further or do let’s get on with the review.

When I saw this book was free and the beautiful cover I had to pick it up when I was browsing through the other books the author has done I saw a lot of her books are free which i found very surprising also after seeing kay.the.bibliophile talk about it on her Instagram who I highly recommend you guys checking out I decided it would be the first book I would read in December and I am currently on the fourth book in the series and I’m currently loving it.

Non spoiler. Review.

This book/Novella is based Juliet McKenzie and Emerson Ray and how they first meet.
Juliet McKenzie is a city girl who is going to beachwood bay with her family for a summer holiday when she meets Emerson Ray she knows he’s trouble he has left a trail of broken hearts but she also knows he can see through her and it scares her the thought of falling in love with a bad boy like him.

Emerson Ray is a country guy he lives in North Carolina (Beachwood Bay) he knows Juliet is trouble she innocent and destroy’s all the barriers he has but up to stop himself getting hurt and people knowing his mess up family

Can they fight the urge to falling in love or will there be no turning back…

I absolutely adore the series I literally had to fight the urge to continue reading and pause to write my review for it it feels like the Abbi Glines rant happening here but it Melody Grace.

I rated this series a 6.5/5 stars it was a very short novella but It was a good job it was free and the first book was because the moment it ended was the moment I knew I need to see what happens next especially after that amazing romantic cliff-hanger I hope that if you are 18 or over you check out the series other wise you will regret it of you don’t.

I hope you guys enjoying my non-spoiler review if you guys what me to review any other book please do let me know in the comments below. Until next time.

Happy Reading


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