Tv Shows I am planning to watch in 2019.

Hey Guys,

Sorry for these late what I am planning to watch, buy, read and do in 2019 but so far I have had a crazy year I have been super busy and I am definitely planning to do lots of post today so I can post them on different day so I can regularly update. Anyway. Let’s get on with the post.

The first show I am planning to watch is.


This is about a woman called Mia who was locked in a cave because humans believed she is a vampire but she was still human and then a ruthless Vampire Damitri Turned Mia a vampire and is after the artifact that gives him immortality and Mia is termind to destroy Damitri and become human once more….
I can’t wait to see what happens next it’s quite unusual plot and I hope I like the series.


I have absolutely no idea what this is about but I have heard this show is very popular and my friends have told me its a great series I am very interested to see what this series is about and I will 100% make a review for at least the first episode (currently watch the first season and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys).

Shadow Hunters

To be fair I will be technally cheating because I did start watching the show in 2018 but I didn’t really like the series until I watch season 2 in 2019 now I am actually liking the series and hope to watch all the series they do in 2019 so I decided to add this to the list (also I am Currently watching episode 6 season 3).

The Umbrella Academy

This is about siblings who become reunited with each other when their father pass away they discover that they have extraordinary powers and uncover shocking family secrets that can course a threat to humanity also I heard this is based on a Manga/ Graphic Novel which I can’t wait to read.

The Crown

If you guys don’t know I life in London and our Queen is Queen Elizabeth and they have written a show based on our Queen’s story of her life which I can’t wait to watch I find the history of queen’s and king’s lives fascinating which is why I have also Included Victoria.


Queen Victoria is the youngest queen I know of she was 14 and was told her uncle passed away and she was the next line on the throne it’s based on what she does when she finds that information out so far I am on the 3rd season has you guys may know this was also made in 2018 I can’t wait to see what happens next.

13 Reasons Why?

This is about a Girl Called Hannah Baker who unfortunately took her own life and before she did she made video tapes of reasons why she did all her class mates have secrets which will all come out in the end.

Stranger Things

When a young boy undercovers a small town and discovers mysteries involving secret experiments and terrifying supernatural forces and one little girl who seems very strange.

My Little Lover

Two childhood friends who unfortunately drifted apart but when Chiyomi suddenly got shrunk to 15 centimetres tall will Shunichi reunite with Chiyomi once again.

12 years promise

Jung- guk is a pregnant teen who is force to leave her boyfriend and move to America with a new identity by her parents but 12 years later they are reunited in Korea.

Operation Proposal

On Yi-Seul wedding day her best friend Baek-ho wishes he could turn back time and tell her he loves her maybe there is such things has second chances.

Let me know in the comments below if you have watched any of these shows or planning to watch them also what do you guys wanna watch in 2019 hope you have a fab year until next time.

Happy watching


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