June (TBR 2020)

Hey Guys,

Last month I read 13 books I am hoping to read 10 books this month the reason why I am not doing a May Wrap up is because I unfortunately forgot to do a May Tbr so instead of doing a wrap up I decided to review the books instead so without further or do let’s get on with my June TBR.

1. Sweet Reckoning (sweet #3) By Wendy Higgins

2. Sweet Temptation (sweet #4) By Wendy Higgins

I decided to read these books this month because I am curious to see if Anna can complete her mission hopefully she can.

3. After Ever Happy (After #4) By Anna Todd

I think that the book series should have finished on the thrid book the reason why I am saying that is because I love this series alot but it seems like Anna is trying to drag the series on when it should have stopped but I will be reading this book to see what happens to the characters.

4. Boyfriend for the Summer By Penny Wilder

5. Getting Her Back By Penny Wilder

6. The Marriage Dare By Penny Wilder

I have so far read two books of Penny Wilder and have really liked them so I decided this month to try read more of Penny’s works.

8. Pretending By Holly Bourne

9. Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne

I have been wanting to read Holly Bourne books for a while now so I decided to add these books to my Tbr because they look and sound like really good books I so can’t wait to read them.

10. Boss meets Baby By Carol Marinelli

I know absolutely nothing about the plot of this book it’s a thing me and my friend Jenny have decided I chose book for her but she is not to read the plot of the book she will figure it out when she read the book and and she does the same for me all she told me is she thinks I will love it so I can wait to read it and find out.

I hope you enjoyed this post my next post will be my reading update don’t be shy to write in the comments if you have read any of these books and your opinion also what are you reading this month.

Happy Reading

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