Quarantine Book Tag!

Hey Guys,

I have recently been able to catch up on my reading and blogging since I am currently on my three week holiday even when my holiday is over I will be able to continue my updating my posts regularly so with out further or do let’s get on with the book tag.

1. Must-Have- A book you *have* to have with you while quarantined?

Has you guys who have been with me since day dot you will know I chose Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell I absolutely love this book I can relate to Cath she and me have the same personality and we both write fanfictions.

2. Isolation- A book where the MC spends most of their time in a book Alone?

I don’t think I have a book where the MC are mostly alone in the book.

3. Binge Read – A long book series you’d recommend to someone who has a lot more time on there hands?

Rosemary Beach series By Abbi Glines

There’s 13 books in the series but I can’t find the pictures I have for all the books if I find it I will put it here.

I recommend this series if you are looking for a romantic  New Adult genre I must admit there are 13 soon to be 14 books in the series but it totally worth reading it plus the old characters end up popping in each books if you do love the series has I do then I recommend also reading the spin-off series ‘Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary beach series’ I must admit I strange name for a series but believe me it another good series I hope they will make the same amount for books has they did with Rosemary Beach.

4. Toliet  Roll – All the TP is gone! What are you using?

The Princess Dairies (The Princess Dairies #1) By Meg Cabot

Don’t hate on me for choosing it the reason why is because I couldn’t really get into it I really do prefer the movie over the books who knows maybe in the future I will end up getting in the series.

5. Anti-viral- A book that went Viral that you habe avoided or not read … yet?

The Summer I Turned Pretty (The Summer I Turned Pretty Series) By Jenny Han

The reason why I have not yet read it is because I am waiting till I am at the beach and its a sunny day I feel like that is a perfect setting for this book I can’t wait for that day to happen.

6. Super Binge – What book and Tv Series Combo do you recommend

The only one I can think of is The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Claire but you guys will know the TV-Series has ShadowHunters the reason why the changed the name for the tv show is because they had previously made a movie called the mortal insturments which was perfect and kept close to the book has possible unfortunately it didn’t get enough funding to be able for them to make another movie so they decided to make a TV Series with a different name and hardly follow the books but it is still a good show and I highly recommend it.

I Tag!

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Tyr Cater

Sofi@ A book. A thought


Elsie Lmc



I hope you guys liked my post if I have not tagged you I also recommend you to do the tag so please do link it in the comments i would love to see all of you answers also let me know if tyou agree with my answers . Until next time.

Happy Reading,

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