20 Question Book Challenge

Hey fellow Bloggers,

I hope you are having a great reading month or blogging month has you can tell I am doing the 20 question book challenge I decided to do this tag because I wanted a tag that is has challenging has the I dare you|booktag (that I created) so without further or do let’s get on with the tag!

1. How many books are too many books in a series?

I think that there are never too many books in a series if it’s beloved and the readers adore each book in the series and don’t get bored.

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?

I absolutely love cliffhangers I love the way it makes you impatient for the next book and it won’t come out until 2 years because it worth the wait.

3. Hardback or paperback?

I like both I would say hardback the cover the designs are pretty but for outside I would say paperback.

4. Favourite Book?

I have so many books it’s so hard to choose one. (Laughs)

5. Least favourite book?

Mines is two books I’ve DNF the two are Endlessly (Paranormally #3) By Kristen White and Alligant (Divergent #3) By Veronica Roth for both books I’ve liked until the end when they ruin it for me by killing one person and choosing the wrong person in the love triangle.

6. Love Triangle yes or no?

This question is a perfect example as the one I said for question 5 I don’t love it when love triangles happen they don’t end up with the wrong person like in Endlessly (Paranormally #3) By Kristen White otherwise I totally say yes to it.

7. The most book you couldn’t finish?

For me it’s The Game Of Thrones (The Game Of Thrones #1) By George R.R. Martin I did enjoy the 5 chapters I have read but unfortunately I had to pause on it because I was too excited to read the whole series of Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) By Taherehi Mafi after hearing she has written new books for the series.

8. A book your currently reading?

Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) By Taherehi Mafi

9. Lady book you recommended to someone?

My friend Adri use to like reading and stopped for a few years and hasn’t been able to find the perfect book to get into until I bought her City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #4) By Cassandra Claire I know I should of introduced her to the first book but I knew she would love that book and it would get her into the series but she loved it and currently reading it.

10. Oldest book you’ve read?

Newmoon (Twilight #1) By Stephanie Meyer

11. Newest book you’ve read?

The Last Letter to your Lover By JoJo Moyes it’s so romantic and puts you on a emotional rollercoaster I highly recommend you will adore it.

12. Favourite Author?

There are so many amazing authors it’s really hard to choose they are all my favourites.

13. Buying books or borrowing books?

Buying books nothing beats the smell of freshly printed pages from a brand new books.

14. A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

Looking For Alaska By John Green as those of you know who have been following my blog from the beginning you will know my friend Jenny from Jennylovesbooks we have always had a debate regarding the book she adores it and has been trying to get me to love the book but I just can’t.

15. Bookmarks or Dog-ears?

I absolutely love bookmarks my fiancée was so sweet and got me a beautiful book and a ox fan bookmark as well as a fake rose for Valentine’s Day it’s the only bookmark I use I can’t stand having anyone of my books dog-eared I hate my books being damaged I’m always careful with them to keep them looking perfect.

16. A book you can always reread?

Everyone who reads my blog knows the book for this question is Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell I absolutely adore this book I always read it I relate to Cathy she is the book version of me she loves reading and loves to write books.

17. Can you read while listening to music?

Yes I can helps to block out background and the tv etc.

18. One pov’s or multiple pov’s?

Depends on the book the author writes I do love both I can’t decide.

19. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

I normally read books in one sitting but sometimes I do like to prolong reading books depends on the book really.

20. I Tag!

Anyone who wishes to do the tag!

I hope you enjoyed my 20 questions book tag it was so fun to answer I do love answering book tabs and seeing if anyone has similar answers and also reading other peoples opinion for there answers I tag anyone who wishes to do the tag please do link it below also please do comment below what you think of my answers and what you think about the books I’ve talked about until next time.

Happy Reading


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