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Kiro’s Emily (rosemary beach series # 10) By Abbi Glines

Hey Guys,

Before I talk about this book I just want to let people know if you are younger than 18+

Remember when I told you I’d never read this novella well to you guys surprise I did and to surprise you even more I gave it a 6 stars I decided to read it because my friends keep telling me Kiro is a lot different in the novella so I did and he is.

I really hated Kiro because he was not really that good of a character I really didn’t like who his daughter Hallow had to witness what he did and also how he was a rude to pretty much everyone but when reading this he was nice and kind which really surprised me.

I think he goes though a big character development because on the beginning you hear that he’s a jerk and then when he meet Emmy you start to notice he nice and sweet side and he very protected of her my favourite scene has to be when he goes to her house and ask her to live with the band and offers her a job just so he can have her on his life.

Can I just mention how adorable and sweet baby Rush is you wouldn’t believe it was the same person would you and the hole Rush and Emmy being friends was amazing I was kind of surprised with Nanas mum knowing the baby was Kiro’s and trying to spilt up him and Emmy over it I was really annoyed about it also didn’t she say she was sure it was Blair’s father’s kid?

Dean has to be mentioned he always has a way of annoying Kiro alot I loved it you could actually tell they was good friends also I absolutely love him and Rush scenes you can tell they was really close I hope Abbi Glines makes a love interest for him because he is such an amazing guy and deserves his happy ending.

I hated the ending so much but I hate more is what he becomes after what happens to Emmy does he think she would love the way you are because I don’t but I do understand he has to live his life he just should have done it a different way.

Let me know in the comments below your opinion I would love to talk about this book with you guys.

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Review: Because of Lila book 2 by abbi Glines Genre Na 

Hey guys,
I finished three musketeers loved loved loved it just has great has the movie and tv show.

This is a spin-off series for both The Rosemary beach series and Sea Breeze series this series is called Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach Series is the second book in this new series.

This is based series on the main character’s in the rosemary beach series children’s and other characters in the Sea Breeze unfortunately I didn’t read that series so I don’t know much about Sea Breeze apart from the first book on the spinoff series.
I rated this 6.5 / 5 stars there’s a lot of dislikes about this book due to who Lila had ended up with my opinion is the rosemary beach side maybe because I have only read that series but in rosemary beach the guy character is always a player who meets or knows for a long time a girl and they try to not get involved because they don’t want to have a relationship or already have one and ended up in the end with the that girl and are very possessive over them the word they use is (caveman) they also regret ever being with girls they have ever been with before and that is no different with Cruz so yh I ship Lila and Cruz 100% 
If you don’t know who’s kids they are Lila is Grants and Hallow and Cruz is Woods and Calla kid it was funny to see how strict Calla was especially when she grabbed Cruz’s ear haha I didn’t like the player side to Cruz and he was a real Jerk but over the whole book his personality kinda starts to change kinda I don’t know why but he’s kind of a mixture of Woods and Trip.
I know people wanted her to end up with Eli especially since Abi kinda hinted it but he wasn’t right for Lila in my personal opinion but I hope he does find someone poor guy second girl who chose another guy over him.
Like I think I said in Fallen too Far I don’t like reading about the player side it by Jen likes to see how much they change Kelsey’s a freaky person I can’t believe Cruz was that stupid I was so mad and I was totally agreeing with what wood said when Calla winced I hope Cruz does change his act.
I also loved when Lila started to change her personality and acted different being more herself I also love when Eli describes Cruz as a psycho but that’s how they all act that’s what I thought in every book I read.
Let me know if you have read any of abbi glines books and what you thought of them also what’s your favourite Na book.
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Reading update

Hey guys,

The most strangest thing happened to me today my friend Jenny or has you guys may know her BooksLovesJenny Lola and Jenny Read-A-Long Update we also did a post on her page on our reading update also what I am about to say her booktuber friend Wendy came saw me at the coffee shop I was meeting Jenny when she arrived to London Jenny look at my laptop and said are you doing your Notebook review I nodded and Wendy walked over and look at me rereading my post once I published it  and was like “OMG YOU ARE NOT LOLA I MEAN THEE LOLA BOOKFANDOM1001 LOLA OMG OMG” she was literally squealing and shouting that at the same time “I CANNOT BELIEVE IT’S YOU OMG OMG” Jenny was laughing I was just staring at her surprised why on earth was she acting like I was famous I’m not that popular haha I didn’t even know who she was I thought it was a stranger till Jenny told her to stop it she was going to get kicked out that was the most strangest thing to have ever happen to me.

What I have read so far this month is:

wp-image--703093563 Has in my review I rated this 6.5/5 stars it’s a classical novel it begins with the story with Noah Calhoun how has returned from the second war and is restoring a plantation home like he planned to do fourteen years ago still haunted by the girl he meet at that time he feel inloved with her and is unwilling to forget the summer they spend together Noah is fine with just having them memories of her until she shows up at his door to see him once more…. Review: The Notebook  (The Notebook #1) By Nicolas Sparks 

wp-image-815527927If you guys are new to my blog you may not know that I am a huge fan of Abbi Glines Rosemary Beach Series it was the second NA series I ever read the first book was review: Fallen too Far this is the second book in the spin-off series Sea Breeze meets rosemary Beach and also is a spin-off Sea Breeze which I haven’t yet read (SPOILERS I know) any way this series is based on the Main characters of Rosemary Beach series children and other people how live in Sea Breeze.

Anyway I absolutely loved this book and technically I didn’t break my read-a-long because It’s got green and the sun which is yellow but if it doesn’t blame BooksloveJenny how bought me the book today quick reader I know I am planning to do a review fingers crossed soon I know people may disagree with me but I am glad Lila ended up with Cruz instead of Eli I feel sorry that he lost a chance with two girls but he was able to move on anyway the discussion will continue on my review I can’t wait for the third book (SIGH) makes me want to read The Rosemary Beach series then Sea Breeze then the spin-off’s but I am fighting the urge to because I want to read my TBR Pile and not break the challenge luckily Jen’s stopping me from doing it I hope.

Books I may be reading next:

Yes I may have change my reading plan.


I just want to finish The Three Musketeers I am loving the book so far favourite character so far has to be Madame Bonacieux and I will not be reviewing this book due to the fact I was asked not to by Jen saying that there are other books that people have requested me to review like Love Rosie, The Wedding etc. so unfortunately I will not being reviewing this anytime soon,

Let me know what you are currently reading, what is your favourite book so far also what classical books do you recommend because I want to read more Classical books oh and if you could chose a book to be a movie or tv-show what would it be.

Happy Reading


Never Too Far (Rosemary beach series #2) by Abbi Glines 

I was so unhappy about what happened in the first book I wasn’t planning on reading this but I was on a book hangover and wanted to know what happened badly and i’m glad I did him depressed over Blaine broke my heart and I loved when he beat the shit out of Cain I was glad he diserived it.
I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT DIDN’T I TELL YOU I hate how blaine was like im pregnant and ill pretended to be with him so he thinks I agree then will leave him I became absolutely mad also I was mad at the fact she hid that she was pregnant and wasn’t planning him  Rush had the right to know sge was carrying his child even if he has a terrible family i love when he finds out he is happy I was disappointed in Rush for keep putting Nana first she is to much to deal with I cried when Rush proposed to Blaine so romantic  and I also cried when he’s pov says:
‘I reached out and grabbed Blaire’s hand, unable to take my eyes off the screen. That was our son. Fuck… I was also going to cry.’ 
I couldn’t stop laughing when Grant wanted to prove he had bigger muscles and also when Rush took Blair to the funiture store it made me roll my eyes he such a gentlemen to Blair it’s so sweet but I hate how Blair always asumes he’s cheating on her it really annoys me I mean of course he had a player side but he’s changed and she should trust him. 
I defiantly recommend reading this amazing series Rush is my babe I am excited that they are having baby cant wait for the next book i hope they get married.

Fallen Too Far(Rosemary beach series #1) By Abbi Glines 

When I first read this I like it , and addicted to this series. and now I am still addicted. When Blanie meets Grant after pulling out a gun on him you laugh until you meet Rush at first you think he’s disrespectful but then he becomes flirty and starts to become nice.
Then he starts being her friend until he can’t handle it any longer I am very sad for Rush when Blaire broke his heart I ended up crying he begged Blaire not to leave him Rush is so hot and amazing why leave him I wouldn’t I do agree he should have told her about what happened but I hate how her father is telling her how terrible her mother is (I know he’s lieing you can just tell).
I love the way he cares about his sister (even though she is a pain in the behind) but I think nana needs to be nice to her so what Blair spend more time with there dad (because nana and Blaire are half sisters) I like woods even though he can be really flirty he really great and I hope to read his story.
I hope Blaine and Rush get together because they are so amazing together does anyone else get the feeling she going to be pregnant in the next one imagine if she is Rush would be a great dad I just know it.
thank you gwendoyn reading methods for recommending this to me on goodreads.