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1 Year Anniversary of Book BLogging

Hey Guys,


So I was currently writing my post for the BookTuberAThon wrap up when WordPress sent me this:

Screenshot_2017-07-30-23-55-04-1I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have been blogging but I am really proud of how many followers I have gotten since my first post I remember posting my first August TBR  2016  looking back at it I am so shock by how much I have improved since then I am titling in bold and adding pictures back then I just wrote it without thinking about it looking good believe it or not after my first post I got three followers.

At that time when I was blogging it was just to express my love of reading and fangirling  back then I didn’t have many book readers and those I did I rarely saw due to being in college and not really talking because they were always busy so I didn’t expect to have as many followers as I do now so thank you for following me and being patient with how long it takes me to post.




I want to apologies to those fellow bloggers and friends for not answering and doing you books tags you have tagged me in the reason for it is because it didn’t pop up on my notifications which I know isn’t an excuse but I hope you forgive me and continue to tag me in any future book tags and also thank you for those who have if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have my 182 followers.

also I did a post on bully bookworms which I feel very strong about please do click Discussion on Bulling Bookworms and read it and follow the crusade as one of our fellow book bloggers wrote because it is a serious matter a friend of mine almost stop reading because of it also if you do follow the crusade then write a post about what you think about book bullying in generally day to day reading/blogging and link it below or tag me in the post.

Tags I have created:


I made my first ever tag which was  I dare you Book Tag   because I made a tag for my friend Jenny to do for fun and she suggested I put it on my blog which I thought would be fun I even answered the questions once I did them lots of bloggers did my tag and friends then 4 months ago piera forde did my I dare you | book tag which I remember being completely shocked that this tag had been on youtube but then others decided to do my tag and the only problem was no one knew how did it until one of my favourite youtubers Rianna reads did the same named tag which I discussed I Dare you |Book Tag discussion  and just reading it now I can see I wasn’t to happy about it even though I did say I was but now I am completely over it and am happy my first book tag was a success.


I link my other tags here:

​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag

​Blogging advice // Tag //

also let me know if you want me to reanswer them because I would also feel free to answer them and tag me I’d love to see your answers.


Also I just want to say thank you to Savannah@TheBookProphet for convicing me to do my blog and for being a good friend and being my first follower I hope you check out her blog her youtube account The Book Prophet youtube channel because she is a great book blogger and tuber she deserves a lot more followers/subscribers than she has and I cant wait to see what future posts/videos she does next.

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know below why you first started blogging if you have ever experienced bookworm bullying because I have also what was your favourite post of mine I’ll be posting my BookTuberAThon and July wrap up tomorrow plus my August tbr until tomorrow.


Happy Reading.




Booktubers that I recommend 

​1) Sahsa Alesburg – she is one of my favourite youtubers not only is she a author of zenith but she gives amazing recommendations but also in depth reviews her genre is more dystopion books I wish that I could meet this amazing youtuber in person.
2) ShopieSeries – I stumped upon her when I was researching youtubers and i saw page and click on to her page and I was shocked that they do reviews and recommendations and I never stopped watching her channels ever since I watch her channel there is not one video I gave missed thank you for showing me white hot kiss and other amazing books her books are dystopion and young adult please check her channel and I’m so happy to have her on goodreads to see her book reviews.
3) Qwendoyln reading methods – I was on youtube after watch all of ShopieSeries I noticed that Qwendoyln does reviews for all genre I added her on goodreads as Lena83 and ask her to recommend me a great new adult book and she recommend Rosemary beach series abbi glines as soon as I read this amazing 11 (I currently haven’t read 10) I ask her for another recommendations and she told the duplin street series by Samantha young  (which I am currently reading) I am lucky to go on her goodreads phychic videos where she will look at your goodreads and recommend you a book thank you gwendoyn reading methods for being my second favourite booktuber. 
4)Aprilius Maximus – my friend louisa told me about her saying that she was looking into reading books and April helped her with amazing recommendations she also does journaling and reviews I’m so jealous louisa has her on goodreads and I don’t.
I will recommend other booktubers soon because I have a really long list and these are my favourite booktubers and i watched all the video they have ever made (apart from the reviews if books i haven’t read yet) please check them out you won’t regret it.