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You are probably wondering what my title means well tootingoozingfooding she is a food blogger who I follow on all her social media she not only writes about food but on her Instagram but also health tips and places to check out in tooting I have been to a couple and really enjoyed them so if you are looking for the popular places to go then do check out Tootingoozingfooding for the hottest places she also gives the places Q and A’s so you don’t only get to know what the places are like to eat and drink but find out more about the restaurant also she does giveaways and so much more.

Background info

She a mother of two and in her spare time goes to food places and takes pics of food she trys for her Instagram and gives her honest opinion on them she sometimes does live chats on rather looking at locations her cooking or just to talk about food if I could chose again what I would blog about it would be food blog she is the second person who has inspires me to cook and I sometimes try to follow her guides on cooking.

Here are a some pictures to show you the types of things she does she is really popular on Twitter, Instagram and facebook and gives really good tips and advice for example her mothers day post she writes about the great places to go and gifts to buy for mothers day so let me know if you are going to follow her and what you think of her blog if you have also if you mention her on you blog please do link it to my blog so I can read it because I am curious to see other peoples opinion about her also if you do write about her on your blog don’t forget to write the hashtag #tootingoozingfooding.

I hoped you liked this post and I hope you follow her and I will be give lot more recommendations about other non-book blogging blogs also let me know in the comments below if you have her on social media and you favourite post she has done also which bloggers do you recommend.

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Tyr Carter’s Q and A 

Hey Guys,

I have two weeks off work so I have lots of time to blog so I hope to do a lot more posts also has anyone else seen the women doctor performance wasn’t she amazing I am so excited to see what happens next.

Has promised Tyr Carter is one of my favourite bloggers me and Jenny both ask Tyr questions because she is just amazing Jenny hasn’t read these questions and has been nagging at me to post it so I hope you guys check out her page she doesn’t only do book but cooking posts and also sometimes music I wish my blog could be as amazing has here’s I hope you guys love her amazing questions has much has I do. 
1.Favorite Genre?

1.. Contemporary. Specifically YA contemporary. I’m a sucker for romance.
2. If you could be in a book what book would it be and why?

2. Hmm… Harry Potter. I would love to go to Hogwarts! I’m a Slytherin so I’d be able to hang out with Draco Malfoy! (My favorite character!)
3. What is your least favourite reads in 2017 and why?

3. Into The Wild by Jon Krakuer while the story itself is a good story I just didn’t like it. I’ve never been a fan of nonfiction. I did enjoy the movie though.
4. What book can you relate to and why?

4. I relate to quite a few books but I’m going to go with Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Sophie, the main character, is extremely shy. I am too, but I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older. And all she does is bake and read. I do too. My blog is literally food and books. If I’m not reading I’m probably baking. And if I’m not baking I’m probably reading.
5. What book two books would you make law to read and why?

5. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen and ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton. They are two of my absolute favorite books. Classics! If it were the law to read them people who would never read might end up liking them as much as others do.
6. What book do you wish DIDNT have a tv show and why?

6. Hmm.. Sleepy Hollow. I loved the show when it first started but after the second season it started getting weird and cheesy.
7. How’s are your three favourite book bloggers and why?

7. You, Jenny and Marrill.
8. What do you like best Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell  or Looking for Alaska by Jhon Green (you must chose one.)

8. Fangirl. I haven’t read Looking for Alaska, yet. But definitely Fangirl. I relate to Cath quite a bit. 

9. Are you team Mr Darcy or Mr Bingley? (you must chose one)

9. Darcy all the way!!! I do like Bingley but I prefer Darcy. 
10. What post is your favourite you have read in 2017 and you must say the name of the blogger and the post you can do more than one blogger.

10. I’m going to go with one of my posts because I can’t just choose one that was my favorite! My Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag! It was the first tag I ever did. I was so excited to do it!!

I just want to thank Tyr for encouraging me has a blogger and reading my posts and for being a great Friend I definitely recommend you checking her out if not you will 100% regret it. 

If you want to be included in Q and As please do comment below even if I have already done one for you also what would your answers be for this Q and A I’m really curious.

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Bloggers recommendations PT1 

Hey Guys,

So I have been ask to Recommend some bloggers blogs I follow but I follow so many bloggers I decided to do it in parts also I will give you a short reason why I follow them.

Ya Book Obsession I like how she writes about her life and connects it to a book it’s the post I link her blog to she’s very new to blogging and I do hope you check her out.

Tyr Carter I like how she blogs about more than one thing she blogs about books and great music also food that makes me want to start cooking and also a good friend of mine totally deserves a lot more followers than she has now.

Picnic in the stars some of you may have already check her out after reading my post where I gave her a shout out but I do highly recommend checking her out has I said before she is very new to blogging and in her comments you can see our very long comments talking about life I’m really happy she has 9 followers but I do hope you check her out.

Write Ally Write Ally’s blog is mostly poetry beautiful poetry I am always looking out to see if she post more because I love how she writes it she has actually gone though it or of she has I love how she can turn into such beautiful poetry so please do check out her blog.

Marrillcollins@booksandraven Marrill is not only a amazing blogger but an amazing friend for my birthday she did a collage of pictures of me it was shocking but I loved it I pyt it has my whatsapp pic (laughs) she a Ya reader and Recommends the best books I love her reviews whether it’s books or movies and she also talks about her life aswell.
That’s all I am recommend at the moment when I do these posts I will be recommending 5 because I don’t want to looking like an essay let me know what you think of these bloggers if you do or have check them out also what is your favourite post by them and if you have any Bloggers you recommend to me then do let me know in the comments below.

(Those I have recommended in this post of you want me to delete you from the recs then let me know.)

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1 Year Anniversary of Book BLogging

Hey Guys,


So I was currently writing my post for the BookTuberAThon wrap up when WordPress sent me this:

Screenshot_2017-07-30-23-55-04-1I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have been blogging but I am really proud of how many followers I have gotten since my first post I remember posting my first August TBR  2016  looking back at it I am so shock by how much I have improved since then I am titling in bold and adding pictures back then I just wrote it without thinking about it looking good believe it or not after my first post I got three followers.

At that time when I was blogging it was just to express my love of reading and fangirling  back then I didn’t have many book readers and those I did I rarely saw due to being in college and not really talking because they were always busy so I didn’t expect to have as many followers as I do now so thank you for following me and being patient with how long it takes me to post.




I want to apologies to those fellow bloggers and friends for not answering and doing you books tags you have tagged me in the reason for it is because it didn’t pop up on my notifications which I know isn’t an excuse but I hope you forgive me and continue to tag me in any future book tags and also thank you for those who have if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have my 182 followers.

also I did a post on bully bookworms which I feel very strong about please do click Discussion on Bulling Bookworms and read it and follow the crusade as one of our fellow book bloggers wrote because it is a serious matter a friend of mine almost stop reading because of it also if you do follow the crusade then write a post about what you think about book bullying in generally day to day reading/blogging and link it below or tag me in the post.

Tags I have created:


I made my first ever tag which was  I dare you Book Tag   because I made a tag for my friend Jenny to do for fun and she suggested I put it on my blog which I thought would be fun I even answered the questions once I did them lots of bloggers did my tag and friends then 4 months ago piera forde did my I dare you | book tag which I remember being completely shocked that this tag had been on youtube but then others decided to do my tag and the only problem was no one knew how did it until one of my favourite youtubers Rianna reads did the same named tag which I discussed I Dare you |Book Tag discussion  and just reading it now I can see I wasn’t to happy about it even though I did say I was but now I am completely over it and am happy my first book tag was a success.


I link my other tags here:

​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag

​Blogging advice // Tag //

also let me know if you want me to reanswer them because I would also feel free to answer them and tag me I’d love to see your answers.


Also I just want to say thank you to Savannah@TheBookProphet for convicing me to do my blog and for being a good friend and being my first follower I hope you check out her blog her youtube account The Book Prophet youtube channel because she is a great book blogger and tuber she deserves a lot more followers/subscribers than she has and I cant wait to see what future posts/videos she does next.

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know below why you first started blogging if you have ever experienced bookworm bullying because I have also what was your favourite post of mine I’ll be posting my BookTuberAThon and July wrap up tomorrow plus my August tbr until tomorrow.


Happy Reading.



The Winter Wonderland Tag 

Hey Guys,

 I was tagged by savannah from Savannah@thebookprophet I always recommend her because she is one of my favourite book bloggers and also a good friend of mine so please do check out her blog.
I have to agree with savannah it’s werid that I’ve never read Christmas books in the month of November or December but that will soon change I am planning to read  my true love gave to me as well I brought last year around about August but didn’t really get around to reading it anyway enough about that I better do the tag and stop talking about books.
1. Do you like the cold? 

I love the cold winter is one of my favourite seasons I think I take it after my dad my mum loves summer she says how can I ever love winter it’s freezing and sometimes snows I reply because of snow and I hate summer where it’s so hot you sweat.
2. Favorite part about winter?

Snow I love to go out in the snow then go home get covered up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate reading one of my favourite books.
3. Does it snow where you live?

Hardly ever but I hope that it will change.
4.Favorite clothing item in winter?

Ummm probably my gloves when it’s snowy my hands don’t get cold.
5. Your favorite winter memory?

I was around about 11 and it was snowing before school I played in the snow then I went to school only to find out it was closed so I went to the cafe and got food and once me and my parents got home we sat in the front room drinking hot chocolate watching the holiday it once of my best Christmas.
6. Favorite hot drink?

Hot chocolate that’s a Christmas drink in my books.

7.Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?

I don’t really read any but two books that have snow that I love to read at Christmas time is:

Kate Hannigans girl (Kate Hannigan  #2) Catherine Cookson 

Twilight (twilight #1) by Stephanie Meyer 

8. Best winter movie to watch?

I don’t have one favourite movies I have a few which are:

Santa Clause Movies

Meet The Santas 

The Holiday 

Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special 

9. Do you do any winter sports? (Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating)

Not really one time I went ice skating it was fun.
10. Favorite Christmas/Holiday/New Year tradition?

Probably every year me and my parents watch Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special 

I tag 



Onebookishgirl (sorry I don’t know your name 
I also tag whoever else wants to do the tag I definitely recommend it was really fun and hopefully gets you in the Christmas sprit let me know below what you thought of my questions or what you’re questions would be I’m very curious.

​Sunshine blogger awards tag 

Hey guys I just want to thank Twin Tales for nominating me to do this challenge it is one of my favourite blogs I check out every post they do so please follow them because they have amazing tags, reviews and also other amazing bookish things.


Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. 

Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you

Nominate eleven new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions

List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog

What’s your favourite book of all time?

Lady Midnight ( The Dark Artifices #1 ) by Cassandra Claire 

This was a very difficult question for me because I have a few that are my favourite but I have to answer so I had to chose lady midnight I love all cassandra claire books but this one had all my favourite characters and I think the recent books cassandra writes improves alot.
How often do you spend reading each week?

It depends on if you mean while going college or general a college week around about three or four a general week would be seven I can read books in a day but being in college it’s hard to and also getting lots of homework especially in my course.
What is your favourite movie adaption from a book?

Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs 

Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children I was very surprised on somethings that were different I don’t want to spoil those how haven’t watched but I love it I think I like it more than the book a bit.
What is your favourite book cover of all time?

City of heavenly fire ( the mortal instruments #6 ) by Cassandra Claire 

Mine would have to be city of heavenly fire (the mortal instruments #6) I love the way Clary has her back to us with a sword in her hand dress in white her hair red has fire and Sebastian  (Jhonathan Christopher Morgensterin) kind of looks like stone with blonde hair and wings with a sword strapped to his back and fire making it like the city Is burning around them it’s really beautiful.
Why did you call your blog what you did?
I was making a instergram page for book blogging and I was going to chose bookfandom101 but that was taking so I thought long and hard writing lots of other user names but I decided bookfandom1001 because it just sounds perfect I am a book fan and I love it so I decided to go with it for my blog goodreads everything.

What Author would you want to meet the most?

Oh my you do know how to pick hard questions hahahaha ummm I would probably chose Sarah J. Maas I want to get all my books signed by her she is one of my favourite authors I absolutely love the throne of glass series.
What is your favourite book related social media site?

A court of thrones and roses  (A court of thrones and roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas 

If you mean my favourite book that is popular in social media site it would be A court of thrones and roses it is a beauty and the beast retelling I love beauty and the beast it was my favourite Disney film of all time I use to always watch it has a child and wish I could be Belle 
What are some names of book characters that you love?

Isla and the happily ever after  (Anna and the french kiss #3) by Stephanie Perkins 

They are in the book called isla and the happily ever after and the names are Lola, Ettienne, Anna, Josh and Isla they are really beautiful names.
Are you a member of a book club, if not would you want to be?

If you mean in goodreads then yes but if not then no I’m planning to do a book club for my blog if you want me to do that please let me know below.

Why is your most anticipated 2017 novel?

Lord of shadows  (The Dark Artifices #2) by Cassandra Claire 

Lord of shadows because I have to know what happens next I’m In a book hangover I need this book I need it now.
Who is your book crush?

Out of the Shadows by Bethany Shaw 

Devon from out of the shadows he has this way of making you get annoyed but love him at the same time he is my current book crush I literally read this book a lot because of it.
My questions:

How’s your favourite youtuber and why?
Do you prefer hardback or paperback?
How old was you when you started reading?
What character in a book do you hate and why?
What do you prefer audio or a book and why?
What is your annoying book habit?
What’s your favourite series?
What genre do you love and why?
How many books have you read?

What book did you like better than the movie and why?

If you could be friends with one author who would it be and why?

I tag:



If you don’t want to do this tag I understand but I am curious to see what you’re answers are let me know below what you thought of my questions or if you agree and if I haven’t tag you then please do it and put the link below so I can see you’re answers

Is it ok to reread books

Hi guys,

I was browsing through all the people I follow on book blogs when I saw that

Poppy’s Best of Books made a blog about rereading I definitely recommend checking it out I just want to say that I think rereading books are definitely ok because I always do it.

She’s right not one person can say they haven’t reread a book forever that would no only be impossible but ridiculous one book I’ve read a thousand times would be the lux series I absolutely love it and couldn’t imagine not reading this book series.

Also you can spot what you haven’t noticed before for example I didn’t notice that Stephanie Meyer mentioned that charlie still had a wedding photo frame by the window sill because he’s never fully moved on.

Please do check out her blog she has some good things let me know what you think of rereading book if you have how many and what have you spotted when reading more than once. 

Bloggers I recommend 

​These are my top five bloggers that I recommend you try out and five I mostly read so please check them out.

1 ) Savannah Aleksic

Savannah blog is about books, book challenges,  films and tv shows she is not only my friend but also inspired me to create a blog and also to watch a TV show that I can’t stop watchingthe glimore girls.

2 )  Aprilius Maximus

This blog is about books she gives the most amazing review, bookish list and other bookish things.

3 ) Zoella

This is the only life blog i have seen and I loved it.

4) My Green Cow

I started watching her youtube channel which has inspired me to following her steps in journaling and I always check out her journaling blog I highly recommend this blog.

5) Little Book Owl

This is a great book blog I mostly watch her videos but she has some great blogs.