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Hey Guys,


You are probably wondering what my title means well tootingoozingfooding she is a food blogger who I follow on all her social media she not only writes about food but on her Instagram but also health tips and places to check out in tooting I have been to a couple and really enjoyed them so if you are looking for the popular places to go then do check out Tootingoozingfooding for the hottest places she also gives the places Q and A’s so you don’t only get to know what the places are like to eat and drink but find out more about the restaurant also she does giveaways and so much more.

Background info

She a mother of two and in her spare time goes to food places and takes pics of food she trys for her Instagram and gives her honest opinion on them she sometimes does live chats on rather looking at locations her cooking or just to talk about food if I could chose again what I would blog about it would be food blog she is the second person who has inspires me to cook and I sometimes try to follow her guides on cooking.

Here are a some pictures to show you the types of things she does she is really popular on Twitter, Instagram and facebook and gives really good tips and advice for example her mothers day post she writes about the great places to go and gifts to buy for mothers day so let me know if you are going to follow her and what you think of her blog if you have also if you mention her on you blog please do link it to my blog so I can read it because I am curious to see other peoples opinion about her also if you do write about her on your blog don’t forget to write the hashtag #tootingoozingfooding.

I hoped you liked this post and I hope you follow her and I will be give lot more recommendations about other non-book blogging blogs also let me know in the comments below if you have her on social media and you favourite post she has done also which bloggers do you recommend.

Happy reading


TheBookProphet Q and A 

Hey Guys,

For those who have been asking me why have you waiting for a whole week before blogging it’s because I have a hard time finding free time between reading and work so I am sorry for not updating has much has I use to but I will try to

Today post has you can tell by the title is a Q and A for the one and only TheBookProphet if you don’t know who she is stop reading this post go on her blog then her youtube channel and subcribe then go and follow her one Instagram believe me she is one of my faves and also a awesome friend.

Has you guys know I do rave about how much I talk about her on my blog especially when I started out if it weren’t for Savannah I wouldn’t be blogging and nearly reaching my 300 followers so I highly recommend checking out her blog hope you enjoy this Q and A. 😉
1. What book do you wish could be a film?

1) Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. Or the night circus. I actually think Ari and Dante have a director and script and some company bought the rifts for the night circus so hopefully they’ll both happen one day!

2. What is your favourite Genre?

2) fantasy for sure! Though this year I’ve read a lot of contemporary.

3. What two books would you like schools to have for Gcse? (Gcse is basically grades.)

3) the hate u give and Starfish.

4. What two bloggers do you recommend? 

4) Flavia @ flaviathebibliophile and Lia @ Lost in a Story

(Unfortunately I haven’t go the link to there blog.)

5. You’re favourite post you have done this year? 

5) yikes… that’s difficult!! A recent favorite of mine is 2018 releases I’m excited for

6. You didn’t blog about books and films what would you have blogged about instead? 

6) probably cooking/baking. I really enjoy doing both of those things 

7. What made you want to be a youtuber?

7) it looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to work on my ‘public speaking’ skills

8. What book was your least favourite read? 

8) Allegiant. Couldn’t even make it past the halfway mark. So boring!!

9. If you could meet one book fictional character who would it be and why? 

9) ahhh this is hard!! I’d have to say… hermione from Harry Potter. I think we’d have a long fun conversation 

10. What book have you read that was out of your comfort zone? 

10) uh… The Two-Family House. I got an ARC of it (one of my first ever ARCs) and it’s historical fiction and adult so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I ended up really enjoying it.

After doing the Q and A I did ask her what was starfish about and it does sound like a great book which I’m planning to read please do let me know if you follow Savannah also what’s your favourite post by her.

 so the next Q and A will be with a good friend of mine and also BooksandRaven the amazing Tyr and her blog Theperksofbeinganerdblog.

Happy Reading 

BooksLovesJenny Q and A 

Hey Guys,

Jenny has been very busy these past few days but I have managed to finally get her to find time to do this Q and A.

I’m planningto ask a few bloggers questions and do what I am doing with Jenny the difference is she was present while I was typing I be texting the others I ask.

1. Do you know any youtubers I mean has in talk to?

Yes Windy, Avia, Scott etc.

2. Have you ever wanted to be a youtuber?

(Jen) No way you should though lola.

(Lola) I might be soon not sure.

(Jen) I’d probably be in yours so the answer is yes. (laughs)

(Lola) (Laughs)

3. What’s one thing I do that you hate?

(Jen) do you mean a book thing or a thing you do.

(Lola) both

(Jen) I hate when you keep letting me know not to ruin your books and fold your pages instead of a bookmark also when you bite your nails.

(Lola) oh ok not what I expected I thought they would be worse.

(Jen) you’re amazing friend apart from that.

4. Favorite drink and snack?

(Jen) tea and biscuits a normal British stereotype.

(Lola) lots have people have said that to me and omg you live where Dan and Phill live your lucky.

(Jen) laughs.

5. Favourite youtuber/(s?

(Jen) Dan and Phill 

(Lola) only because I showed you and I found out about them because of Savannah@thebookprophet.

(Jen) oh the person convince you to blog.

(Lola) yeah she a great blogger.

6. What you’re book pet peeve?

(Jen) someone who has already read it not naming anyone Lola.

(Lola) I do not 

(Jen) I was only joking or was I.
7. What month was the a terrible read month?
(Jen) I’m going with September I only read 2 books A court of mist and fury by Sarah J. Maas and The Maze Runner by James Dasher.

(Lola) two books I recommend to you.

(Jen) yep I have to say I’m team Thomas in the book and team newt in the film.

(Lola I’m team Minho in the book team Thomas in the movie I love love Dylan O’brien.

8. Favourite book?

(Jen) It’s between looking for Alaska and the fault in our stars by Jhon Green.

(Lola) had a feeling you’d say that.

(Jen) at least I don’t talk about Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 24/7

(Lola) I do not.

(Jen) sure you don’t.

9. Classics or Ya?

(Jen) can I say both I enjoy Classics coz they are like set In the olden days and Ya is for young adult.

(Lola) (Laughs) I think everyone knows what they are about Jeanie.

(Jen) (eye roll) ok so it’s hard to explain.

10. What do wish was a popular read?

(Jen) Can I say Sherlock Homes books by Arthur Conan Doyle.

(Lola) sure I love Sherlock the tv show I’m currently reading the first book it’s amazing you should also read the three musketeers it’s one of my faves.

(Jen) let me guess it to do with the french revelation it’s like you’re favourite subject in history.

(Lola) no comment.

(Jen) laughs 
Hey Friends,
Before Lola signs off I just want to thank all of you for following my friend Lola and reading her blog if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t of listened to Lola nagging and started blogging in the first place.
I hope you enjoy this Q and A me and Jen my friend did also comments below what kind of post you want me and her to do on this blog also I also do write on her blog from time to time so do check her out.
Happy Reading 

Hate Comments !!!!

Hey Guys,

Who else loves this quote everytime I read it I just think of Edward Cullen saying those words I literally know them of by heart anyho onto the post.

So recently they bought out a new book from E.L James which is a Na (New Adult) writer Ya readers can read this post I’m not going into detail anyway the reason why I mentioned it is because of the hate comments which is understandable due to its content.

But all I’m saying is the hate comments that people write are goes to far for example people have written the author needs to burn every copy she has written and that to me is mean and I’m not talking about this particular book.

I am talking about every book you need to take the authors feelings into consideration I’m not saying I haven’t in the beginning of my blogging I did but I realise that this author is really happy to have published a book or series that has taken almost a year to write and after that whole year of hard work you write a hate comment that makes the author upset and that’s not ok I do write if I dislike a book in a nice way for example I wasn’t a big fan of looking for Alaska due to the way the guy main character acted you wrote why but in a nice way.

So please do consider the authors feelings when right a review I’m not saying to be truthful but in a nice way I hope my post has made you realise what you are doing when you write your hate comments and turn over a new leaf I saw someone who done a similar post in January I think that made me think about my actions and I knew I had to change and I hope I have convinced you the same.

Let me know in the comments below what you’re opinion on hate comments are if you agree or if you disagree.

Happy Reading 

200 Follows

Hey Guys,

I want to thank all 200 of you guys for following me and liking my posts I hope that I can’t do more has BooksLovesJenny says amazing posts.

Also I want to thank those who have followed Jenny she’s new to blogging and basically post not that great but she is a lot better than I was back when I started so far she has gotten 8 followers and 28 views and she is only on day 2 of blogging.

Currently on page 427 and loving it Levi and Cath are one of my favourite book Characters I don’t really rave about it because I don’t want to bore people but I am planning to review it here when we finish a few pages and do my discussion with Jenny on Saturday on her blog.

Let me know below if you have read any Rainbow Rowell your favourite characters and also who us your favourite authors I am curious.

Happy Reading 

Book update and a strange message

hey guys,


I had a message on my twitter private message a mother hows daughter and her read my blog ask me if I could do a post about Twilight which was the mother favourite and is her daughter didn’t want to read it because she heard its about a ‘creepy vampire’ I really shocked to hear someone say that about Edward Cullen but I continued reading the reason why she wanted me to do a dissuasion about twilight is because she wanted her daughter to realise how stupid that was and also to try to convince her to read it and I replied.

Dear Caroline

I will start reading all of the series right away so I can fully talk about it because just as you I love twilight series they were the first book I have ever read even though I haven’t read it since a year ago due to lowing my TBR after reading you message I went on to a few blog reviews and also goodreads to find out that there are a lot of hate comments and discussions about how ‘creepy, stalker, abusive and bossy’ Edward Cullen is I am very disappointed that people would say that I mean he is bossy but only to protect Bella but I do agree that a discussion is needed to straighten out what people are saying i am also planning to review the books aswell if you are interested thank you for letting me know and I hope to convince Annabel that she should give the series a chance let me know if there any posts you wish for me to do in the future.

Happy reading


Anyway she commend back thanking me for taking the time to read her message letting me know she is excited to read those posts and hopes I can convice her daughter also and she didn’t expect me to answer her which really surprised me since I read everyones message and reply as soon as I can if you guys have any ideas on what posts I can do next do let me know.

So has you know by that conversation I am planning to read the twilight series I may not be able to read any other books for a reason which I’ll be talking about in my other blog lola’s crazy life blog.

I am currently reading Edwards verison of the book which is called midnight sun but i have to say that I do prefer reading Edwards than Bella’s let me know what you think of twilight and what Team are you and what character do you dislike.


Happy reading


1 Year Anniversary of Book BLogging

Hey Guys,


So I was currently writing my post for the BookTuberAThon wrap up when WordPress sent me this:

Screenshot_2017-07-30-23-55-04-1I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have been blogging but I am really proud of how many followers I have gotten since my first post I remember posting my first August TBR  2016  looking back at it I am so shock by how much I have improved since then I am titling in bold and adding pictures back then I just wrote it without thinking about it looking good believe it or not after my first post I got three followers.

At that time when I was blogging it was just to express my love of reading and fangirling  back then I didn’t have many book readers and those I did I rarely saw due to being in college and not really talking because they were always busy so I didn’t expect to have as many followers as I do now so thank you for following me and being patient with how long it takes me to post.




I want to apologies to those fellow bloggers and friends for not answering and doing you books tags you have tagged me in the reason for it is because it didn’t pop up on my notifications which I know isn’t an excuse but I hope you forgive me and continue to tag me in any future book tags and also thank you for those who have if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have my 182 followers.

also I did a post on bully bookworms which I feel very strong about please do click Discussion on Bulling Bookworms and read it and follow the crusade as one of our fellow book bloggers wrote because it is a serious matter a friend of mine almost stop reading because of it also if you do follow the crusade then write a post about what you think about book bullying in generally day to day reading/blogging and link it below or tag me in the post.

Tags I have created:


I made my first ever tag which was  I dare you Book Tag   because I made a tag for my friend Jenny to do for fun and she suggested I put it on my blog which I thought would be fun I even answered the questions once I did them lots of bloggers did my tag and friends then 4 months ago piera forde did my I dare you | book tag which I remember being completely shocked that this tag had been on youtube but then others decided to do my tag and the only problem was no one knew how did it until one of my favourite youtubers Rianna reads did the same named tag which I discussed I Dare you |Book Tag discussion  and just reading it now I can see I wasn’t to happy about it even though I did say I was but now I am completely over it and am happy my first book tag was a success.


I link my other tags here:

​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag

​Blogging advice // Tag //

also let me know if you want me to reanswer them because I would also feel free to answer them and tag me I’d love to see your answers.


Also I just want to say thank you to Savannah@TheBookProphet for convicing me to do my blog and for being a good friend and being my first follower I hope you check out her blog her youtube account The Book Prophet youtube channel because she is a great book blogger and tuber she deserves a lot more followers/subscribers than she has and I cant wait to see what future posts/videos she does next.

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know below why you first started blogging if you have ever experienced bookworm bullying because I have also what was your favourite post of mine I’ll be posting my BookTuberAThon and July wrap up tomorrow plus my August tbr until tomorrow.


Happy Reading.



​The Sunshine Blogger Award  (2) 

Hey guys,

I saw @Debbielibrary do this tag I decided to answer the questions she chose people to do for this tag so thanks Debbie I highly recommend you follow her she’s amazing.
The rules:

Answer the 11 questions from the nominator

Nominate 11 blogs

Ask them 11 questions 
What has been on your ‘I’ll be working on this for 2014/2015/2016?’ List for years?

Sorry to say this I loved the first book but I am not really ready to continue to read this I’m hoping I can in December harry potter and the chamber of secrets by j.k Rowling.
What is your favorite book of all time?

Has to be the host by Stephanie Meyer I really want Stephanie to make another book of the host maybe more.
What is one of your unpopular opinions?

I tell my friends I am not a big fan of looking for Alaska and they are literally take offense and try to convince me how amazing the book is.
What is your favorite quote?

‘”One must be careful of books,” said Tessa “and what is inside them, for words have power to change us.”

-Cassandra Claire, Clockwise Angel, tessa Gray

What is your favorite blog post to write?

Has to be the reviews love writing what I think of books and to see if others think the same.
Facebook, twitter or Instagram?

What would be your reading goal for 2017?

Instergram I think my reading goal is to read 60 books 
Which book is your most anticipated release for this winter?

Leave me by Gayle Forman which is released steptember 1 2016
With which star would you like to trade places with for one day?
I’m not sure
What book needs to get a sequel?

The witches kiss that could dead the way it did and get no more books there has to be.
What was the best movie you have seen in 2016?

Has to be between the suicide squad and Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children they were both amazing.
My 11 questions 
How many books do you have on your TBR?
What old school book you had to read for class you hated?
What book did you hate that you now love?
What’s your favourite Jennifer L. Armentrout?
What book do you wish was popular?
What author do you recommend?
What’s your favourite book cover?
What book cover do you not like?
Do you prefer hardback or paperback?
Do you prefer audio books or acual  books?
What book should have stopped on 1,2,3 etc.?
I tag …
Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm Megan@bookishslayerReads Savannah@thebookprophet 




I also tag other people who wishes to do the tag 


OMG I have 51 followers I just want to say thank you for following and liking my post it makes me feel really happy to know what you guys think of my blog.

I didn’t expect people to like my blog and I am really shocked I started a blog to express my love of reading and also my favourite TV show I just hope that you guys enjoy what I post and hope you let me know what you think of books and tv shows.

Have a great day 


Why I started blogging 

I just want to start by thanking all my 19 followers for liking and commenting on my blog I wasn’t expecting to even have one follower I just wanted to express my opinion on my favourite thing in the world which is reading and I did expect to have other people  (other than my friends agree with me) I remember being in secondary school reading in the cafeteria, library, outside classrooms and even once I finish my school work.

I was classed as a book addict at school loads of people would be like “oh she’s reading again surprise surprise” but I didn’t care especially in the end of my school year my friends were not hanging around with me that much I was happy to sit on my own reading.

And also to post chapters of my stories and see if people thought they were good now I know they do I’m planning write a story and publish it hopefully I’m currently working on four books what ever one I post the chapter of get liked more I’ll publish first.

I’m thing of making a blog on things in my life as well as this one I’m not 100% sure my nickname is lola/lena you can call me either instead of bookfandom1001 In posts or comments.

I’m planning to post a book update mire tags and a few more reviews during the month of September I’m planning to start reading empire of storms in October because that is when my birthday is and it would be a great book to read on my birthday especially since I love this series so much and I’m also planning to post a very late books I want to read that is due out in September.

Let me know what books you want me to review what tags and also what you want me to post on this blog.