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The Phantom Of The Opera (Celebration of the 25th Anniversary)

Hey guys,

So today I am doing the Theatre Edition and it’s filmed in the Royal Albert Hall which is England but now it has been moved to Her Majesty’s Theatre (Incase you want to go see it) but this dvd is to celebrate 25 years I haven’t seen it in Theatre I will be going to but this is with the old cast who I want to see play it but it will be interesting to compare the two and see if it was better with the old cast or the new I just thought I’d give you a quick run down of why this is different to the movie I review Yesterday anyway I hope you enjoy this review.

I don’t know why but I always love the bit with the chandelier but I love how it is in this Edition the character is the theatre are a lot more better then the ones in the movie the costumes are much more beautiful then the ones in the movie more authentic also I like how they are going fall out ballet then marking like they did I the movie.

Wendy Ferguson is a perfect fit for Carlotta when I imagine how she would act and sing Wendy literally exceeded those expectations I can’t wait to see what she does next you can tell she is really jealous of Christine and she shows how much of a diva she is meant to be also in the movie I disliked her but in the theatre version I like her a lot more.

The Phantom Is played by Ramin Karimloo

He does look a bit to old then I imagine he would be but that’s probably because he is wearing a mask it’s somehow making him look older I don’t know haha I like how he tried to act cool by brusing his hair back but overall he is a really good Phantom of the opera I Can’t wait to see what he does next can I just mention him screaming instead of shouting I don’t know why but the scene when he sacred she’s afraid of him makes me cry he’s like a kid wanting to be liked I like that Phantom gave a evil laugh each time Carlotta voice sounds like a toad he seems a lot darker then the movie which I didn’t expect everytime I see her chose Raoul it breaks my heart to see the phantom heart broken I don’t know why they change the mask up so it shows his skull but even with that mask its still in my eyes not that bad.

Christine Daae is played by Sierra Boggess

I like how when she first sings she shows how shy she is and becomes more confident then in the movie when Emmy just sung the song you can actually imagine how nervous Sierra was I wish I could just rate her from that piece of acting there that she was a better Christine I never knew she was ment to be scared of the Phantom you can feel the emotions she is feeling when your watching this you can see her being scared of him then in the movie but she trying to overcome it.

Phantom and Christine

They have great chemistry and you can tell his controlling her stopping her from running you can see her trying to fight her urge to run and stay to see what he’s about and listen but also you can see her trying to escape because she worried what is going to happen if you get what I mean it’s hard to type and watch because I’m so engrossed in there connection and passion Christine does love him but she’s scared of how he acts and if he goes to harm her but she has fallen inlove with him but she is scared to because of how he is but when they first kissed it was so cute that Phantom was confused what they were doing but I love the passion they have and still think they should have ended up together.

The Monkey Instrument

I’m really curious why it’s kept being in the movie is it because it the phantoms favourite instrument or toy let me know in the comments what you think.

Raoul is played by Hadley Fraser

Strangely I prefer this actor a lot more then the movie actor he actually shows he has interest in Christine I still not a big fan of Raoul but Hadley fits the role better than in the movie the think I HATE IS HE KNOWS SHE LOVES THE PHANTOM BUT TAKES THE ADVANGE OF HER BEING SCARED and he knows she wants to stop being scared and says he’ll make her no longer scared if she be with him that’s what I get if I’m wrong let me know in the comments below I can see they have a connection but it’s not as strong as Christine and the Phantom’s.

Overall I still think that this is a lot better than the Movie and I can’t wait to write my Love Never Dies review and has you saw in my unboxing today they were both delivered today let me know what you thought of my review also if you want any other movies review also how is excited to watch the sequel I will be posting a link to the trailer in my review for it if you are wondering if it worth watching.

Happy Watching


New Seasons of shows.

Hey Guys,

I am can’t believe I’m so close to 300 followers it’s crazy I just want to thank those who followed the followers I follow and enjoy reading there post it means alot a pt2 will be coming soon and also a Na (New Adult) recomendation plus a Ya Rec pt2. 

(I added this earlier when my phone was behaving.)

I am so excited about new seasons of my favourite shows and I just wanted to let you know which ones and if I have watched them mu opinions on then so far.

Lucifer season 3

Omg who else loves the fact Lucifer has his wings back I do I am really confused with the whole I am not going to date chloe thing so annoying just date her already but I’m kinda curious about sinnerman I love what they are doing with the blot favourite scene so far has to be 

Big bang theory season 11

(No pictures because I can’t seem to add them my phones playing up.)

OMG SHELDON AND AMY ENGAGED ENGAGED who would actually have thought it would happen I love how much he’s growing up in the show I am praying this is not the last season we have to see them get married have kids ok maybe I’m going to far but I have to say season 11 best season yet I loved the email Leonard sent his boss was funny I am really surprised that Penny and Leonard don’t have kids but I am happy they are still together can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes.


New season haven’t seen it yet but yayyyyy can’t wait….

The Flash 

I’m curious how Barry left the speed force in this season but I hope we get to see Iris and Barry Married but I am really excited to see Barry and Supergirl team up.

Let me know in the comments below what films/shows are you currently watching or excited about and also what books are you currently reading? 

Happy Reading 

Book to Film Adaptations Rating 

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not updating lately I but last week was my first week of me starting my new job and I don’t have set days on when I work so I may not be blogging every day like I did before.

I have recently watched:

I absolutely adore it the actor who plays Emma is a favourite of mine you may know Gwyneth Paltrow from (IronMan, Glee, Shallow Hal.) She was the best Emma out of all the movie adapations of this book by Jane Austen and Mr knightly Aww he’s honest even if it hurts your feelings a great friend and fictional boyfriend material over all this was a 6.5/5 stars and I can’t wait to read the book.

My mum already had this movie and let me borrow it there are two versions but Billie Piper was not only amazing has Rose Tyler in Doctor who but was wonderful has Fanny Price I felt so sad for Fanny but I loved the ending alot Edmund was a great character but he wasn’t not Mr Darcy or Mr knightly it was interesting to have a film about a religious guy character I did think he’s sudden interested in Fanny did seem like insta love which I normally dislike but I did love when he was running down the hall wit her and grabbing her arm when she went to walk off overall I rated this a 5.5/5 stars.

I am planning to rate the second book adaptation of Mansfield Park also I may do a movies review for the movies I just Rated I can’t remember what really happened I am hoping to post my September Wrap up and October TBR which is the month of my birthday if you have any book recomendations then please do let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading 

Book update 

Hey Guys, 

Finally it’s raining in London yesterday it was so hot I hate summer worst weather ever also I know my birthday coming up when the it’s rains one day I wish it could snow on October for my birthday can’t believe I’m 19 this year.                                   I know I need to do my September Tbr but I just want to do what I am currently reading because I need to talk about them has you guys know I did my August Wrap up early because I want to start on my colour cover read-a-thon Jen is coming to London today so we can buddy read in the same country also I have but Classics into this read-a-thon because I want to read more of them.

So the books I am currently reading is.

I am currently listening to the audiobook on youtube for this amazing book just got to chapter 3/4 and already know I will be rating this 6.5/5 stars.

I watch the movie before reading the because I did that with the last song by Nicholas Sparks and I have a feeling I will love his works.
 Pretty much all the books I have put on this list I have already watch the films and show for Love Rosie has to be my absolutely favourite Movie unfortunately the book is not turning out to be better there’s too much emails on the first three chapters I have read I really hope it has a actually conversation and calls etc. than emails it’s was ok for the first two chapters it was quite funny somethings that have happened.

 Yesterday I watch the movie was really surprised that my favourite actors where the main characters in the movie I hope they do more movies together anyway I decided has green on the cover I am going to pick it up.
What I am planning to read next.

Has you guys know I absolutely love the tv show and movie of the three musketeers so when I saw there was a book I knew I had to pick it up.

My only excuse is Jenny blame her for the reason I stopped on page 110 she told me to stop reading and wait for her to finish the second book which thank goodness she has because I would have read it without her this month and she knows I would.

So that’s what my reading is going to be so far I would have done my TBR but unfortunately I don’t have my notebook which has the books I am reading this month written in it.

Let me know below what you thoughts of these books are, what you are planning on reading this month also what did you think about these movie/ tv show adaption I am curious.

Happy Reading 

Films that are Books Adaptions

Hey Guys,


I’m currently watch daredevil on netfilx the first episode i just love how marvel keeps coming but with such creative ideas it amazing how he  can fight with out seeing anything also being able to hear a persons heartbeat to tell if they are lying or not also I am planning to do tags asap but i am currently reading a book that i have loved since I was 15 years old which i am going to talk about on my next post.

So recently I have seen films that are book adaptions I know I was meant to read the book first its a rule I always do but I was ask to watch the films first if I value there opinion so I decided to listen to be honest its really two films but I adore them and I can’wait to share my opinion with you.


This is NA (New Adult) called Love Rosie


It’s about a girl and a boy are best friends since they were ‘seven’ I think anyway as you can guess they love it other but they both don’t know it instead they date other people to forget there feeling for each other which makes there live pretty much suck Rosie ends up with a child at 18 and is unable to go to the university of Boston but doesn’t tell her best friend Alex because he would give up so instead they e-mail sent messages and talk on the phone and also video chat.

I rate this movie 5.5/5 stars it was frustrating how they are so close to being with each other but something happens to keep them apart my its a really funny film also sad and makes you angry but when you reach the end its so totally worth it I love how Rosie’s daughter makes them realise how much of a fool they were anyway i highly recommend it don’t let my stupid explaining get in your way i am still learning to review movies without making them sound horrible.


I know what you are thinking really 18 and haven’t read the notebook come on your a women.

The Notebook

Before I continue its I am going to say NA (New Adult) so please don’t watch this if you are not old enough to I am not going to say what this is about because that would be spoiling this film but i am going to say this film is about a rich women and poor man and her parents fight to keep them apart.

I rated this film 6.5/5 stars which you guys know is my highest rating possible so you guys know how good this film is if i am rating it that high if i could be in any film it would be this one I absolutely Noah’s and Ally’s relationship it is what every girls dream for a guy to love them like Noah loves Ally the whole time i was rather envious or crying by how sad Noah was and believe me that happens a lot if you are looking for a NA contemporary with a guy who adores a women then this is the film.

I have only reviewed this film on this blog and not my other one due to the fact they were books before movies which i will be doing on this blog as well.

I am planning to read the books and I hope i love them just as much as the film let me know in the comments below if you have ever watch a film before reading the book and also what you have though of rather the books or film of these two books.


Happy watching and reading