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Reviewing Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins, #2) By Alexa Riley

Hey Guys,

wp-image-293073171 Ok I admit when ever I plan to read books I end up ignoring what I say I just can’t help it my friend Jenny was convincing me to read all her favourite books and review them and I am actually getting into the NA genre which is surprising since I wasn’t planning on reading this genre anyway onto the review.

I rated this book 6.5/5 stars I love these books this is the second book from Branding the Virgin this is Blake’s version after Ty has married MJ I absolutely love this book more than the first one don’t get me wrong Ty and MJ are an adorable couple and he’s is more layed back and out going whereas before MJ he was bad tempered and grumpy but like Blake said it’s like Blake and Ty have switched places as soon as Luciana came into town.

I love how Blake was like from the moment I saw her I knew there was no other women I would want I wish that these book were longer but I love how they end with a year later I was surprise to find out that Blake never had a girlfriend or any type relationship but I do think that Luciana is a perfected match for him even though she did get him into a fight but I did think Blake was going to hurt Brandon but he’s and Dolly’s relationship confuses me but I suppose when I have read the fourth book they will get together I just hate him for flirting with other women when she loves him.

When reading this we got to know more about Trace and Dolly to be honest I wish my next version to read to have been Dolly’s but I am curious to why Trace is being very strange it’s probably a women all the books come to that i suppose can’t wait to read the next book.

Let me know below if you like these book if you are planning on reading them also who is your favouite characters.

Happy Reading


Book Review: Stay with me (wait for me \4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Err I don’t know where to honestly start this review series is just amazing when people say I like the series I don’t agree I love this series and I didn’t think that Jennifer could possibly top the first two books and coming into this book I had really really high expectations and she literally topped my expectations I was really excited that the old characters where in this book and we got to know more about Calla and her life (for those who don’t know Calla in previous book she was in Be With Me which was Tereasa and Jase book she had music with Tess) I didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing about her mother taking drugs and stealing them thing I was shocked that it put in only because it’s not something that’s really mentioned in books but when you get to the end you kind of think I can’t believe Calla had to deal with the whole situation as an 11 year old girl but I am glad that we got to see Jax help her with it and it just shows how hard some people’s lives really are.


I just must talk about Jax because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wait till the end but he is one of my favourite characters I didn’t like how horrible he was being but it was kind of strange that he knew she was monas daughter in the being but yet he was flirting with her and then started to tell her to go back to college I know why he did but he didn’t have to be so rude about it (I’ve heard a lot of hate comments about him being bossy and a stalker and I am going to say something in my review just not now) I wasn’t really surprised that he owned the bar because he was mostly running the place by himself I just though at the end of the book Mona would have put it in his name anyway but apparently she did it earlier than I thought also I love the way Jax was patient with Calla and tried to make her feel safe it was just what every girl wants in a guy and I love the way he was like how cares you have scares they are a part of you I may have cried at some of the scene’s he was just a great guy for her I have to totally agree with Clyde Jax was just the perfect guy to help Calla just realise how much of a great person she is.


As I said in the brackets there was a lot of hate comments in the reviews of goodreads and also blogs but I just want to say I respect you opinion and understand why you would say that in a way it kind of is but the reason why he was being bossy (and the right word is Caveman) is because he was trying to get Calla to give him a chance and show her she worthy of being loved (worthy probably not the right word but I can’t find the word I am looking for) and also to ensure her safety would you rather he let her hide away from romance and let her hate herself for being a little rebellious which is silly for me to say because she twenty one but she’s still young that’s why I am saying that I don’t know why on earth you would call him a stalker he was helping her mother Mona go and have the chance to apologies to Calla for all she has done but her mum never had the courage to the very end I love when Jax, Roxy and Katie tease her about her firsts on things she hasn’t done like go to the beach, eating grits, getting wasted and other things also I wasn’t planning on reading this novel but I am glad I did but I am going to cut the Jax and Calla talk because it might make the review too long.


But I am going to say I love the way he got the old gang to like him and the end with Jase and Cam also the bub scene I almost died of laughter also I love how Tessa and Avery opened up about the problems they had so that they could get Calla to talk and I hope that when I read the fourth book with Roxy and Reese we get to her about them still because we are differently going to be having Jax and Calla and also Katie which will be interesting but I do like how Jennifer was giving us hints about hows story is next you and I know somethings differently going on between them and I am really curious why they don’t want to be even near each other and somehow they are going to be with each other can’t wait I haven’t read the blurb for the fourth book I just asked my friend how story it was and guessed right.

Overall I rated this a 6.5/5 stars and if you are looking for a good Na recommendation then this is a series for you also I have rated all the books I have read so far and I am planning on rating the last two/three books left I am just sad this series I’d going to read soon let me know below what is your favourite book and why also hows your favourite character/couple.

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1 Year Anniversary of Book BLogging

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So I was currently writing my post for the BookTuberAThon wrap up when WordPress sent me this:

Screenshot_2017-07-30-23-55-04-1I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have been blogging but I am really proud of how many followers I have gotten since my first post I remember posting my first August TBR  2016  looking back at it I am so shock by how much I have improved since then I am titling in bold and adding pictures back then I just wrote it without thinking about it looking good believe it or not after my first post I got three followers.

At that time when I was blogging it was just to express my love of reading and fangirling  back then I didn’t have many book readers and those I did I rarely saw due to being in college and not really talking because they were always busy so I didn’t expect to have as many followers as I do now so thank you for following me and being patient with how long it takes me to post.




I want to apologies to those fellow bloggers and friends for not answering and doing you books tags you have tagged me in the reason for it is because it didn’t pop up on my notifications which I know isn’t an excuse but I hope you forgive me and continue to tag me in any future book tags and also thank you for those who have if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have my 182 followers.

also I did a post on bully bookworms which I feel very strong about please do click Discussion on Bulling Bookworms and read it and follow the crusade as one of our fellow book bloggers wrote because it is a serious matter a friend of mine almost stop reading because of it also if you do follow the crusade then write a post about what you think about book bullying in generally day to day reading/blogging and link it below or tag me in the post.

Tags I have created:


I made my first ever tag which was  I dare you Book Tag   because I made a tag for my friend Jenny to do for fun and she suggested I put it on my blog which I thought would be fun I even answered the questions once I did them lots of bloggers did my tag and friends then 4 months ago piera forde did my I dare you | book tag which I remember being completely shocked that this tag had been on youtube but then others decided to do my tag and the only problem was no one knew how did it until one of my favourite youtubers Rianna reads did the same named tag which I discussed I Dare you |Book Tag discussion  and just reading it now I can see I wasn’t to happy about it even though I did say I was but now I am completely over it and am happy my first book tag was a success.


I link my other tags here:

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also let me know if you want me to reanswer them because I would also feel free to answer them and tag me I’d love to see your answers.


Also I just want to say thank you to Savannah@TheBookProphet for convicing me to do my blog and for being a good friend and being my first follower I hope you check out her blog her youtube account The Book Prophet youtube channel because she is a great book blogger and tuber she deserves a lot more followers/subscribers than she has and I cant wait to see what future posts/videos she does next.

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know below why you first started blogging if you have ever experienced bookworm bullying because I have also what was your favourite post of mine I’ll be posting my BookTuberAThon and July wrap up tomorrow plus my August tbr until tomorrow.


Happy Reading.



Heir Of Fire (The Throne Of Glass #3) by sarah j. Maas Review:

Hey guys,

I made this review when I first read this book and has not reallygood at blogging in the beginning this is a very old review but I wanted to make a before review and after so you can see how far I have come in blogging since a year a ago I hope you enjoy this very short review.

At first I thought rowan was an ass. But then I saw the sad side to rowan and the fun side. I like how celeana builds characters how here and rowan both celeana both make each other strong now I don’t know if I’m team chaol or team rowan.
I was finally glad, chaol finally picked celeana side but I think chaol shouldn’t trust celeana cousin he just a bit weird. I hope dorian okay I worried the king will use him to kill people he loves so glad sorsa died she was a completely useless character in the book.
I know it sounds mean but the only thing she done was make Dorian happy for a few days and make him move on from celeana but she also made a stupid plan with him got him caught and died.
Rowan omg what can I say you are freaking awesome I mean a lot I need a Rowan but I not sure about her and him I don’t really think they are suitable she not gotten over my baby chaol I hope that in the next book they act more like friends.
And I can’t wait to see how chaol acts when he sees celeana I know he will totally be happy and they stop this silly fight and stay to together I also hope that celeana and Dorian team up to kick the kings but and Celeana meets her cousin and he’s friends.
That’s all I have to say I really really can’t wait for book four super excited 😆😆 come out already.

I hope you enjoyed this review let me know below if you have read this amazing series and what you thought of it.

Ben phillips Sorry Bro! Review 2017 

I was given this book as a Christmas gift I was really surprised and happy to have gotten it I love ben phillips pranks I watch them as soon as they are uploaded on youtube although I would never do that to my brothers and sister.
I thought I was going to read a biography but they made up some of the bits to make it funny it was funny anyway without the make up bits but I still did enjoy the book my favourite prank in the book would be the dog food in the rucksack I love the parts about bend friends and family members knowing a lot more about them.

I also love the way it’s set out in pictures letter formats and speech bubbles and social media screen shotish I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 18 this book has rude words and also has pictures that are inappropriate for anyone under that age for people who are 18 and over I do recommend this amazing book 

One thousand and one nights volume 2 review:By Han SeungaHee . Jeon Jinseok 

I got this from my college library wanted to read more manga books I am hoping to read lots more.
I  haven’t read volume 1 yet but I’m planning to some point this story is about a young king called Sultan behead everyone of his wife’s and ends up being put in Gail by Ali a guy who loved one of the wife’s while Sultan is in Gail a boy called Sharazad tells a story about the son of the sea god and a girl called KA – YA.

I rated this 5 / 5 stars I really enjoyed this manga book I really felt sad for Ali must of been terrible losing the one you love by King Sultan who marries her the day he plans to propose to her and the next day he finds out she’s died I could understand his need for revenge I also think that Sharazad loves Sultan because of the way he acts when the Rebels talk bad about Sultan he was agreeing but not really.
I think that Dunya was right when she didn’t believe that something was going on with them I’m not sure if Sultan likes Sharazad but I know has soon Sultan escapes he will be looking for Dunya I don’t really think that Sharazad loves his sister it may make he sound mean but he doesn’t show it.
I love the story of The son of the sea god he was another favourite character I was very disappointed with KA – YA she should have pushed the prince away and ran but instead she kissed him I don’t think she really loved Cho – Yong (the son of the sea god) I think she only married him to go to the sea Kingdom I felt so sad for Cho – Yong losing KA – YA (she is a cheater) the only person he had in the whole world I can’t wait to see volume 3 to see what happened next.

Kindred Spirits Review:  By Rainbow Rowell 

I love Gabe he was one of my favourite characters in this short story I though that the second page to the end was so funny i love the way they both feel asleep after waiting all that time to watch starwars and when she had to wee in a coffee cup.
I thought that Gabe was a jerk in the beginning until he helped Elena to know how to literally survive in the cinema line I knew he would end up asking her out I really wished that this was a whole book reread this make me change the rating to 6.5 / 5 stars and also the review.

Never Too Far (Rosemary beach series #2) by Abbi Glines 

I was so unhappy about what happened in the first book I wasn’t planning on reading this but I was on a book hangover and wanted to know what happened badly and i’m glad I did him depressed over Blaine broke my heart and I loved when he beat the shit out of Cain I was glad he diserived it.
I KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT DIDN’T I TELL YOU I hate how blaine was like im pregnant and ill pretended to be with him so he thinks I agree then will leave him I became absolutely mad also I was mad at the fact she hid that she was pregnant and wasn’t planning him  Rush had the right to know sge was carrying his child even if he has a terrible family i love when he finds out he is happy I was disappointed in Rush for keep putting Nana first she is to much to deal with I cried when Rush proposed to Blaine so romantic  and I also cried when he’s pov says:
‘I reached out and grabbed Blaire’s hand, unable to take my eyes off the screen. That was our son. Fuck… I was also going to cry.’ 
I couldn’t stop laughing when Grant wanted to prove he had bigger muscles and also when Rush took Blair to the funiture store it made me roll my eyes he such a gentlemen to Blair it’s so sweet but I hate how Blair always asumes he’s cheating on her it really annoys me I mean of course he had a player side but he’s changed and she should trust him. 
I defiantly recommend reading this amazing series Rush is my babe I am excited that they are having baby cant wait for the next book i hope they get married.

Fallen Too Far(Rosemary beach series #1) By Abbi Glines 

When I first read this I like it , and addicted to this series. and now I am still addicted. When Blanie meets Grant after pulling out a gun on him you laugh until you meet Rush at first you think he’s disrespectful but then he becomes flirty and starts to become nice.
Then he starts being her friend until he can’t handle it any longer I am very sad for Rush when Blaire broke his heart I ended up crying he begged Blaire not to leave him Rush is so hot and amazing why leave him I wouldn’t I do agree he should have told her about what happened but I hate how her father is telling her how terrible her mother is (I know he’s lieing you can just tell).
I love the way he cares about his sister (even though she is a pain in the behind) but I think nana needs to be nice to her so what Blair spend more time with there dad (because nana and Blaire are half sisters) I like woods even though he can be really flirty he really great and I hope to read his story.
I hope Blaine and Rush get together because they are so amazing together does anyone else get the feeling she going to be pregnant in the next one imagine if she is Rush would be a great dad I just know it.
thank you gwendoyn reading methods for recommending this to me on goodreads.

Fill – in – boyfriend by Kasie West

I love this cover it is really beautiful Kasie West always makes the covers so amazing you just can’t help but want to pick them up and read them she is one of my favourite authors I have written reviews for On the fence and also In between us by her.
I really wanted to love this book but it was very disappointing I was very surprised that I didn’t enjoy this book Kasie West is a great author and I am really sad that it wasn’t up to my expectations maybe I’m in a reading slump or this genre isn’t what I’m looking for at the moment.

I’m planning to try and reread even though on goodreads I put it on never read again list I think maybe I didn’t like how she was able to grab a guy from a car park and told him to go prom with her even though she hardly knows him I doubt anyone would ever do but maybe they would how knows.
I’m hoping when I pick up another book of hers I like it because I really wanted to love this book but I just couldn’t and I have to give a honest review how knows maybe next time a read it I might have a good review for it.
Let me know below what you thought of this book and what one is your favourite of Kasie West