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Coffee Book Tag

Hey Guys,


I was tagged by someone but I can’t remember who it was so let me know if you did and I will add your link here and I’m sorry that I forgot it was you who else is currently watching the defender I am loving it so far currently on episode 6.

Lets get on with the tag

BLACK                                                                                                                                             Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans?


The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins the reason why I chose this book is because it’s really slow paced and it takes half the book to get into the series but I do understand the hype it’s amazing and the last book is absolutely heartbreaking.

PEPPERMINT MOCHA                                                                                                                       Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year? 


I have to go with My True Love Gave To Me By Stephanie Perkins last year I read one of the stories this year I hope to read all of them also this is the only Christmas that I know of.
HOT CHOCOLATE                                                                                                                             What is your favourite children’s book?

0141311282.02.lzzzzzzz-1.jpg wp-image--1177521395

Actual child book is Fantastic Mr Fox I use to love who cleaver the fox was and how he always escaped the farmers plans I read it to my little sister like my mum use to read it to me and also Princess Bride which I still love to this day I love Wesley and how he saves Buttercup and ended up with her my favourite line of his is ‘has you wish’ I have a necklaces that says ‘Has you wish”.
DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO                                                                                                             Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish?


So many what to chose from but I am going to chose  Runes (Runes #1) By Ednah Waters this book is about Grimmers (grim reepers) I love love it I haven’t read this type of story before this and it was a good change my favourite character in this book has to be Torin ST James the fighting scenes have to be my favourite plus this book was free on kindle I can’t wait to read the last book and go to Erik story.

STARBUCKS                                                                                                                                        Name a book you see everywhere?


I believe in a thing called love by Maurene Goo I see it everywhere in the booktuber community and also book blogging as well I was introduce into Kpop by TheBookProphet my favourite KPOP band has to be BlackPink so when I saw and read this book I knew I wanted to read 

OOPS! I ACCIDENTALLY GOT DECAF Name a book you were expecting more from?


I am going to go with Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures #4) By Kami Garcia the reason why I chose this book is because I love the first three books in the series and then this became slow paced it I did really understand what was going on and I suppose it might have been my high expectations but I rated it a 1/5 stars and also Dnfed it.

THE PERFECT BLEND                             Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying?

I am going to go with Divergent series by Veronica Roth a series I haven’t metioned for a long time this book series is amazing I love the way it has a mixture of happy moments that you can read for hours and then suddenly you get the sad moments that make you want to rather cry or get mad.

GREEN TEA                                                Name a book or series that is quietly beautiful

Ruby red series by Kristen Geir I love the story and the covers and it’s about time travel that what made me what to read this series but I am glad I did such a shame they did make more or a spin-off.

CHAI TEA                                                    Name a book or series that makes you dream of far off places?

I would say Dauntless but I’ve said that before so I would go with I would love to go to Pemberley and see Mr Darcy estate from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen not only that I would love to have seen what it would have been like to have experience what they have in that time.

I tag:

If youdon’t want to do this tag I completely understand also if you don’t want to be tagged at all let me know also if those I have or haven’t tagged would like me to tag them or are ok with let me know below because I have been asked not to tag someone before.

MarillcollinsTyr CarterMistysbookspaceSydneysselvesdelphinethebabblerMy1stchapterJasmine And Marie

Happy Reading 


Wonder Woman Book Tag

Hey Guys,


I was tagged by the amazing Marillcollins I highly recommend checking her out not is she a great blogger but she is a great friend she is a Ya and contemporary reader she also does film reviews I highly recommend checking her out. I am a huge Marvel fan my favourites character has to be Iron Fist and Daredevil I am currently watching Daredevil and loving it so I thought I watched wonder women the day it came out on cinema and I can’t wait to watch the new Avengers I just need to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anyway time for the tag.


Wonder Woman: Your favourite badass female book character?


cdb1e6e099795bdc93db9f51c6e4bde7.jpgFor me it has to be Feyer I know some people don’t agree but she has had to hunt to help her family survive and risk killing a shape shifter also had to deal with Tamlin nearly killing her and then at the end of the book sacrificing her life for her Mate Rhysand and friends life going back to Tamlin so yeah she a my favourite.


Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to?

divergent.jpg I would love to go to Dauntless because of the action that goes on there like throwing themselves off trains and knife throwing oh um the slip line sounds really fun maybe its the daredevil in me (laughs) I could totally be Dauntless.


London: A hyped book that let you down

(laughs) I love how chose London for this question.


The reason why I chose this is because it’s still a hyped book not like it’s a great book that’s just come out hype but it’s still popular I agree with the first three books getting the hype but they shouldn’t have made a fourth book it’s really slow paced and maybe it’s due to my high expectations.

Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (I.E. great personality)?
Steve was one of my favourite characters.

 You can say the covers for every series isn’t beautiful I am tempted to buy them in paperback I love the soul guardians it’s got forbidden love, demon fighting and talking chimps what more could you ask for.

Lasso of Truth: A Book you hated?
Don’t hate me for saying this but.

I absolutely love the first book me and my friend love Minho but I could get into this second book no matter how hard I try and I may have Dnf it but I am planning to try the series again maybe it was just what I have read before this maybe.
Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad you need a shield?

 I acually  have an ironic story for this question my family member was in hospital so to cheer me up they went to the book shop and bought me the second and third book to cheer me up which did work till I read the end if this book and was crying due to what happened in the end and they thought I was crying about them which now saying isn’t sound ironic anyho. 

No Man’s Land: A book you want to send through No Man’s Land (i.e. shoot it to death)?
Wow did expet that umm probably.

 If you have read this last book you know why I think it shouldn’t have been written I throw the book in the bin after reading it because he finally made it how it should have been and then just ruined it by writing this should have finished at nevermore.
Ares: A Villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate?

I am going to answer Jack from the witches kiss by Katherine Corr and Elizabeth corr because technically he was a villan even though he was cursed but it was kinda scared me what he does when he is cursed but then you see his kind side and you know you should hate him for what his done but in your heart you know you love him to bits.

Dr. Poison: A Villain that has no reason to exist?

I am just going to say it I thought that Emma in the Divisa series I know she a hunter that hunts Divisa’s but she was just annoying I liked it better when she was on there side but I understand why J.L’s did it.

The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation?

Non that I know off but I will put it in here if I do.

Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag?

I tag:

You do not have to do this tag also if you wish to do the tag those I haven’t tag feel free to.

Savannah@thebookprophetSydney@fireandrainbooksSarah@betweenthepagesAbookblog, MaddieA@OfreadingrandomthingsTwintales@twintalesbookreviewKayla@Kdrewthebookworm and Shopiethestark@blameitonchocolate 

Happy Reading 

Booktuberathon wrap up 

So I have finally done by first book challenge and read all the books and complete it I was going to do a part two but that would be my book update and since I have read them there’s no point.

I hope you check out these amazing books you won’t regret it.

 I am so happy I was able to complete my first book challenge they were a great read and I can wait to see what other challenges there are next for me to do. 

Let me know below if you completed your booktuberathon what books you have read what other tags or challenges you are going to do in 2017. 
Happy Reading 

1 Year Anniversary of Book BLogging

Hey Guys,


So I was currently writing my post for the BookTuberAThon wrap up when WordPress sent me this:

Screenshot_2017-07-30-23-55-04-1I can’t believe it’s been a year since I have been blogging but I am really proud of how many followers I have gotten since my first post I remember posting my first August TBR  2016  looking back at it I am so shock by how much I have improved since then I am titling in bold and adding pictures back then I just wrote it without thinking about it looking good believe it or not after my first post I got three followers.

At that time when I was blogging it was just to express my love of reading and fangirling  back then I didn’t have many book readers and those I did I rarely saw due to being in college and not really talking because they were always busy so I didn’t expect to have as many followers as I do now so thank you for following me and being patient with how long it takes me to post.




I want to apologies to those fellow bloggers and friends for not answering and doing you books tags you have tagged me in the reason for it is because it didn’t pop up on my notifications which I know isn’t an excuse but I hope you forgive me and continue to tag me in any future book tags and also thank you for those who have if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have my 182 followers.

also I did a post on bully bookworms which I feel very strong about please do click Discussion on Bulling Bookworms and read it and follow the crusade as one of our fellow book bloggers wrote because it is a serious matter a friend of mine almost stop reading because of it also if you do follow the crusade then write a post about what you think about book bullying in generally day to day reading/blogging and link it below or tag me in the post.

Tags I have created:


I made my first ever tag which was  I dare you Book Tag   because I made a tag for my friend Jenny to do for fun and she suggested I put it on my blog which I thought would be fun I even answered the questions once I did them lots of bloggers did my tag and friends then 4 months ago piera forde did my I dare you | book tag which I remember being completely shocked that this tag had been on youtube but then others decided to do my tag and the only problem was no one knew how did it until one of my favourite youtubers Rianna reads did the same named tag which I discussed I Dare you |Book Tag discussion  and just reading it now I can see I wasn’t to happy about it even though I did say I was but now I am completely over it and am happy my first book tag was a success.


I link my other tags here:

​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag

​Blogging advice // Tag //

also let me know if you want me to reanswer them because I would also feel free to answer them and tag me I’d love to see your answers.


Also I just want to say thank you to Savannah@TheBookProphet for convicing me to do my blog and for being a good friend and being my first follower I hope you check out her blog her youtube account The Book Prophet youtube channel because she is a great book blogger and tuber she deserves a lot more followers/subscribers than she has and I cant wait to see what future posts/videos she does next.

Hope you enjoyed my post let me know below why you first started blogging if you have ever experienced bookworm bullying because I have also what was your favourite post of mine I’ll be posting my BookTuberAThon and July wrap up tomorrow plus my August tbr until tomorrow.


Happy Reading.



Booktuberathon pt3

Hey guys,

Sorry for not updating for the last two days when this is posted it will be three days the reason was because I was video talking to my friend how is in a different country she is making a book blog and I was advicing her and today I’ve been reading two books today to make up for it.

3. Read a book in one day 

I really enjoyed reading this book I started reading this at 6:00 this morning and finished it at 10:00 as you guys know my go to book is Out of the Shadows which is the first book which I rated 6.5 / 5 stars this book was just as amazing this is the story of Natalie and Gene which I loved it they are such a great couple i hated the cliff hanger but it was due to Daniels story which annoys me because they have stopped vincents story for bit i know i need to give him the benifit of the doubt even though what werewolf wars acually means makes me feel so sad but with what goes on I recommend waiting till you are 19+ plus to read.

5. Read a book completely outdoors? 

 Has you guys know I have done a review for this book click here for review I absolutely love quinn loftis books I read 28% of the book I’m just go outside to read I’ll have to tommrow because it’s really late 2:00 in the morning late.
6. Read a book you bought because of the cover?

I love j.l Weil Davis series and the covers are so beautiful and I love how she create the Divisa’s half human half demon I highly recommend checking this book I can’t wait to reread it.

7. Read seven books 

Well has you guys know this is the seventh boom I can’t wait to read.
Let me know below what you are currently reading also my next post will have good news about my friend how is creating a blog.
Happy Reading 

I Dare you |Book Tag discussion 

So has most of you guys know I created a 19 questions book tag the link is right here I dare you | book tag

Good news is its very popular on youtube you type on the search and you see how’s done it which I was very surprised my first tag was popular.

Unfortunately a very amazing and one of my favourite youtubers also created a I dare you book tag and clashed with mine since no one knew how created my 19 questions book tag they thought it was rianna reads how I highly recommend checking out that she may have made to we just assumed that we created it first  but I just wanted to clarify that because it’s ironic that we had the same idea.

But I suppose because I’m not a booktubers they just asumed that a booktuber created it but I am just going to ignore it because its not a big issue and I am pleased that it’s popular not matter who they thought created it.

I just wanted to clarify and let people who know it was my tag how I feel about it.
Happy reading 


hey guys,

I found this tag and really wanted to do it before I do u just wanted to thank you guys for saying such nice things about the chapter I posted for the curse of the heartless soul I will be posting the next chapter once I’ve have written it I am also considering writing it and sending it to the publishers but I want your opinion on it because you are my friends and I know you guys give good advice.
Anyway on to the tag.
1. What book is on your nightstand right now? 

The witches tears by Katherine and Elizabeth corra the first book the witches kiss was one of my favourite books and once I heard there was a sequel I knew I had to buy and read it.
2. What is the last truly great book you’ve read? 

The Host By Stephanie Meyer it is my favourite sifi book and I an team Ian no one can say this book is terrible because it is absolutely amazing.
3. If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would it be? And what would you want to know? 

Wow this is a hard question probably cassandra claire I would ask her how she got the amazing idea of shadowhunters. 

4. What books might we be surprised to find on your shelf? 

Jacqueline Wilson books maybe I love Hetty Feather books and her works I can’t wait to rave about her to my sister when she is older. 
5. How do you organize your personal library?

Authors is how it use to be but now I’m planning to do favourite to least favourite.
6. What book have you always meant to read but haven’t gotten around to yet? 

There are lots but one has to be the lunar chronicles I hear lots of great reviews but I literally can’t get into cinder it’s slow base and the girl robot I’m not a big fan of her I’m going to try with a audiobook fingers crossed I like it.
7. Disappointing, overrated, just not good: what book did you feel you were supposed to like but didn’t?

 My answer has to be looking for Alaska by Jhon Green I rated this 1 / 5 stars I know it sounds very harsh but its my opinion but on the bright side I love read the fault in our stars by Jhon Green.

8. What stories are you drawn to? Any you steer clear of?

Instant love I hate when the two characters declare there love in chapter ten and are pretty much done and they rush it on its not something I love reading.
9. If you could require the Prime Minister to read one book, what would it be?

Errrr I really don’t know let me know below how you would answer this.
10. What do you plan to read next?

Beauty and the beast book of the film adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick I saw this and knew I had to buy it how else is excited for the movie.
I tag 






I will be tagging different people because it’s not fair for me to tag the same people over and over I also tag anyone else who wants to do this tag.

​Blogging advice // Tag //

My Friend Jenny had ask me questions about blogging and wanted to know a few things before blogging I decided to make a tag out of the questions so other bloggers can answer these questions to new bloggers hopefully help them.

How do you make time to blog?
Depends sometimes I will make a plan on what day to do it or sometimes I’ll just do when I suddenly have time.

Do you regret blogging? 

No never I love blogging

What are the best things about blogging?

Talking about books and reviewing them and also talking to followers about certain bits of the books. 

What are the worst things about blogging?
I would have to say when I dislike a book I hate to think of not liking a book but everyone has a book they are no a big fan of and you have to write why you don’t like but in a nice way because other bloggers can be a big fan of the book you dislike.

What social media do you recommend creating before blogging? 

I recommend Goodreads it’s a way to keep log of what books you read how many you have read each year and also you can write your thoughts and others also helps to recommend books in your favourite genre.

It helped me alot without it I would probably haven’t have had the reviews to start blogging with how many books I have read how many to read and what books to read next.

What do you do if you need help with your post or any future posts?

I post pictures of help on instergram and tell them any issues I need help with or what they would like me to post next to better my blog if you have any advice please do comment below. 👇👇

What is your best post?

I Dare You Book Tag I created 

 Beauty And The Beast /Book Tag/ another I created 

Discussion on Bulling Bookworm’s 

What is your worst post?

Non that I can think of if I do I’ll post it here.
How long have you been blogging for?
About 4/5 months I’m doing a pretty good job I have 100 followers and I am really happy that that many people enjoy my posts thank you guys.

How long will you blog for?
For has long as I can.

Thank you for reading my posts I hope this answers all questions to new bloggers out there let me know below if you have any other advice for me or new bloggers also you can answers these questions on your blog.
If you do not want to do this tag you do not have to but if you do link it in the comments below. 👇👇 even if I haven’t tag you so I can tell new bloggers who to go for advice.
I tag:




​Beauty And The Beast / Book Tag 

I just wanted to make this tag because I am a huge beauty and the beast tag it’s completely different to other tags that have been created for this I just wanted to know what answers other people would give see if they would be the same as mine.
Hope you enjoy here are the rules:

Rules : 

1)Tag at least four people 
2)Thank the creator                                   3)Make sure you answer honestly 

Belle: someone who is willing to sarifice themselves for someone they love? 

I have read lots of characters that have done that but the one I have to chose would be Tris I love the way she is willing to sarifice her life to keep her brother safe eventhough he was a jerk to her.
Beast: A good character development? 

 It would probably be Juliette from the Shatter Me Series she was really afraid of her gift and was defenceless wereas the thrid book she is not afraid and beats up anybody who wants to attack her.

Lumiere: A character that gives good relationship advice?

This one’s kind of hard I know so many I would probably chose levi from Saving Angel she knows if you like someone and how to deal with any boy situation.

Cogsworth: A loyal character (a person you can trust?

Kenji Kishimoto you can trust him even if he is friend with your enemy he still wouldn’t tell a thing you say unless you want him to.

Mrs. Potts: A mothering character (a character that you would want as a mum)?

Mine would be kats mum from the lux series because she is a lot like my mum she is my bff and we talk about anything.
Gaston: A character you hate that everybody else loves? 

Gale from the hunger games to me he was a character that was not needed he just really annoyed me I didn’t really understand why he was in the book I really want to skip that parts he was in.
The Enchantress: A person who put a curse on someone?

Qwendoyln from the witches kiss by Katherine and Elizabeth corra he cursed Jack to be the prince of hearts who ever he love or who loves him he would cut there heart our. 

I tag:

Savannah@thebookprophet  Kayla@Kdrewthebookworm    @marrillcollins  Twintales@twintalesbookreview 

I also tag whoever else wants to do this tag can’t link to the comments so I can see the answers let me know if you disagree or agree thanks for reading my tag.