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Book update & book discussion

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I just noticed that my favourite book blogger that I follow her blog is A Dreamer’s library Emma did an interesting post about BBC Pride and Prejudice Adaptations which I highly recommend checking out if you are a pride and prejudice fan or you are interested in finding out about the films.

So the reason I put book discussion is because I am very annoyed I can’t find the cover of a book I actually want and need to talk about it before I go into depth there’s an author that I like but I don’t talk about her works that I read because people assume old people read her works and aren’t happy with the stuff she writes about which is understandable but not all her are like that the authors name is Catherine Cookson I absolutely adore and I know I say that a lot but I actually mean that about her book and it is.


Screenshot_2017-08-04-14-50-48-1I am currently rereading this book and I am on page 141 this was my mothers book pretty much this and Rosie of the River and this are hers but she doesn’t read books anymore and gave me them I am planning to do a review I don’t recommend reading her books if you are a YA reader this is and all her books are NA (New Adult) which is 18+ this is the second book to the book my discussion/rant is about but all I have to say is I rated this a 6.5/5 stars when I was first read this and I still stick with that rating.

As you can see with the cover above is the cover I own so I was looking for this cover for the first book Kate Hannigan but instead all I keep seeing today was.

Screenshot_2017-08-04-15-11-12-1Which was really annoying me because I  didn’t look like this cover and I wanted same type of cover  I own and I suppose it a pet peeve of mine I like to have my covers matching and I pretty much went on every book site until I saw the exact cover I wanted on ebay but unfortunately they couldn’t guaranty there was no food stain or drink on the pages so I couldn’t buy it so I stop looking and gave it a break because I wasn’t going to find it and felt like I would have to get this cover.

When I went back online after watching a few episodes of the 4 season of the originals which has recently been put on Netflix and I went back on amazon and typed The Maltese Angel by Catherine Cookson because I was looking for another book to buy of hers then I saw the cover.

Screenshot_2017-08-04-13-03-52-1It wasn’t the exact cover but it was a cover that I liked and it has two books in one which I can’t wait to read so I spent about three/four hours looking for a cover when all that time I could have gotten this cover anyway you can tell how has my friend says ‘book cover freak’ I don’t know if anyone has the same problem how knows but I just need to talk about how annoying it was.


I am planning to do a post of authors books I am planning to buy and hopefully a review for Kate Hannigan’s girl and The Rosie of the river and hopefully stick with my TBR  I have read Out of the shadows by Bethany Shaw already let me know in the comments below if you have read any of Catherine Cookson, any classics you recommend and also what you think of Pride and Prejudice the movies/book.


Happy Reading


Films that are Books Adaptions

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I’m currently watch daredevil on netfilx the first episode i just love how marvel keeps coming but with such creative ideas it amazing how he  can fight with out seeing anything also being able to hear a persons heartbeat to tell if they are lying or not also I am planning to do tags asap but i am currently reading a book that i have loved since I was 15 years old which i am going to talk about on my next post.

So recently I have seen films that are book adaptions I know I was meant to read the book first its a rule I always do but I was ask to watch the films first if I value there opinion so I decided to listen to be honest its really two films but I adore them and I can’wait to share my opinion with you.


This is NA (New Adult) called Love Rosie


It’s about a girl and a boy are best friends since they were ‘seven’ I think anyway as you can guess they love it other but they both don’t know it instead they date other people to forget there feeling for each other which makes there live pretty much suck Rosie ends up with a child at 18 and is unable to go to the university of Boston but doesn’t tell her best friend Alex because he would give up so instead they e-mail sent messages and talk on the phone and also video chat.

I rate this movie 5.5/5 stars it was frustrating how they are so close to being with each other but something happens to keep them apart my its a really funny film also sad and makes you angry but when you reach the end its so totally worth it I love how Rosie’s daughter makes them realise how much of a fool they were anyway i highly recommend it don’t let my stupid explaining get in your way i am still learning to review movies without making them sound horrible.


I know what you are thinking really 18 and haven’t read the notebook come on your a women.

The Notebook

Before I continue its I am going to say NA (New Adult) so please don’t watch this if you are not old enough to I am not going to say what this is about because that would be spoiling this film but i am going to say this film is about a rich women and poor man and her parents fight to keep them apart.

I rated this film 6.5/5 stars which you guys know is my highest rating possible so you guys know how good this film is if i am rating it that high if i could be in any film it would be this one I absolutely Noah’s and Ally’s relationship it is what every girls dream for a guy to love them like Noah loves Ally the whole time i was rather envious or crying by how sad Noah was and believe me that happens a lot if you are looking for a NA contemporary with a guy who adores a women then this is the film.

I have only reviewed this film on this blog and not my other one due to the fact they were books before movies which i will be doing on this blog as well.

I am planning to read the books and I hope i love them just as much as the film let me know in the comments below if you have ever watch a film before reading the book and also what you have though of rather the books or film of these two books.


Happy watching and reading