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Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always Review.

Hey Guys,
Sorry about this really really late review but I have been trying to make time to do this but with work and trying to get reading done it’s been really difficult.

I rated this book a 4.5/5 stars I did love it but the book was too short and it felt like she was trying to wrap it up too quickly I absolutely love this series and it really upset me that it was too short.
I thought that what he wrote in his diary for Lila was so sweet and I wasn’t surprised that Lila wanted to settle down with Ethan I had a feeling that this would happen especially after she went to the travelling with him.
I did kinda want Ella and Micha mentioned in this book with them but I do get they have there own life but you know they still talk to Lila and Ethan but hopefully we get to see them in the next book.
I just wish she would have just made this longer but I did love the scene when she complain about travelling with Ethan overall I do recommend reading this I only rated it 4.5/5 stars only because of the lack of pages otherwise it would have been a 6.5/5 stars.
That’s all I’m saying I don’t want to go into depth but I hope you do check out this series it’s one of my favourites and let me know below what you thought of my favourite series also if you are planning to read this.


Na (New Adult) recomendation 

Hey Guys, 
I  know that some may have been expecting my Q and As I ask you but I am planning on doing other posts aswell my next post will be the first person I asked Q and A.

Last week I did a Ya so today I thought I’d share some of the New Adult that I have read out of my 84 books I have read of this Genre. 
The Secret Series  by Jessica Sorensen 

If you don’t know what it’sabout then you should be reading this book series its based on Ella and Micha two best friend since they were 4 they have always liked each other since forever but never let each other know I highly recommend checking out the novella first.

Stage Dive Series Kylie Scott 

It’s based on 4 band members who’s bands called (Stage Dive) and them meeting women that they end up falling inlove with it sounds cheesy I know but when you start reading it you’ll end up loving it.

Wait for you Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout 

It’s a really great series I literally reviewed the whole series I am planning to reread this series ifyou haven’t checked out this series then stop reading and quickly pick up this the first book.
Rosemary beach series By Abbi Glines 

If you haven’t read this book then seriously pick it up lots have people have described it has an addictive series.
And last but not least 

Easy By Tamara Webber 

(Unfortunately no picture phones playing up.)
I have never in my life so far seen a bad review for this and the sequel only how great this novel and sequel are it was my first Na reads and I am very excited to see what happens in the thrid book.
I hope it’s helped you to decide what Na books to read next if you are under 18 then I highly don’t recommend it and believe from someone who witnessed another person doing it and is now sacred about read another Na book.
Happy Reading

Book Update For NA ( New Adult ) 

Hey Guys,

I have been reading books non stop for 4 days why because two series I was so focused on reading I forgot to blog it wasn’t until I went on my goodreads today I noticed my I didn’t blog haha.

Books I have read?

(I highly recommend reading this before the first book.)

Sorry the sizes are different my laptop broke.

What I am currently rereeading:

haha I know seriously I am loving this series I will be reading it in the month of October which is my birthday also.

So thats the Na ( New Adult ) books I have read so far let me knowin the comments below if you have read any of these books also what Na books are you currently reading?

Happy Reading 

The Secret Series 1-2 books By Jessica Soresen

Hey Guys,

I am currently since Monday been doing a Gilmore Girls Marathon and drinking lots of coffee I am currently on season 2 episode 7 and on my sixth cup of coffee I know too much caffeine which is bad for my migraines but that won’t stop me this post is my book update, book reviews and book recommendations wow I know.

I have only read two books which I have reread this month I absolutely love Ella and Micha romance they adore each other it’s a kind of romance every women dreams of I rated them 6.5/5 stars if you haven’t read this NA (New Adult book) then I highly recommend it but I don’t if you are younger than 18+ plus I don’t want to get blamed for it.

This is is about Ella and Micha they have been friends since they were 8 and started it like each other when they were 14/15 years old and made an oath that they would never leave Star Grove and create a life for themselves until they hit 16/17 and Ella ran away after standing on a bridge nearly about to jump until Micha stops her and they kiss and Ella leaves Star Grove and goes to Vegas and leaves her Rule breaker and Fiery attitude behind her and becomes someone who follows the rules until but then it hits the summer holiday and has no where to go but home.                                                                       Ella has fears that as soon as she goes home that everything she has worked to bury will surface when especially with Micha right next door making her remember the best parts of her past,

thats all I am going to say The blurb for the first book is better but I am going into more detail so you can see why I love this book The Secret of Ella And Micha blurb here and The Forever Ella and Micha blurb here I have also done a review for the second book I am planning to review the book at some point Review: The forever or Ella and Micha book 2: By Jessica Sorensen 

I am planning to read next:

I decided to pause the other books I have been reading because this is going to surprise you Jeanie (which is Jen) has given me a reading slump so I went to my go to book that gets me out of my reading slump which is this book series before you ask I will be continue reading the other books as soon as I have finish the series which in my case will be soon.


So this is the order of what book I am going to read them I know it looks like lots of books and surprising on how many books based on four characters but if it like the first two books then I am excited.

Let me know below if you want me to make more of these posts and also what do you think of Jessica Sorensen books and what are you currently reading I am curious.

Happy Reading


Review: Because of Lila book 2 by abbi Glines Genre Na 

Hey guys,
I finished three musketeers loved loved loved it just has great has the movie and tv show.

This is a spin-off series for both The Rosemary beach series and Sea Breeze series this series is called Sea Breeze Meets Rosemary Beach Series is the second book in this new series.

This is based series on the main character’s in the rosemary beach series children’s and other characters in the Sea Breeze unfortunately I didn’t read that series so I don’t know much about Sea Breeze apart from the first book on the spinoff series.
I rated this 6.5 / 5 stars there’s a lot of dislikes about this book due to who Lila had ended up with my opinion is the rosemary beach side maybe because I have only read that series but in rosemary beach the guy character is always a player who meets or knows for a long time a girl and they try to not get involved because they don’t want to have a relationship or already have one and ended up in the end with the that girl and are very possessive over them the word they use is (caveman) they also regret ever being with girls they have ever been with before and that is no different with Cruz so yh I ship Lila and Cruz 100% 
If you don’t know who’s kids they are Lila is Grants and Hallow and Cruz is Woods and Calla kid it was funny to see how strict Calla was especially when she grabbed Cruz’s ear haha I didn’t like the player side to Cruz and he was a real Jerk but over the whole book his personality kinda starts to change kinda I don’t know why but he’s kind of a mixture of Woods and Trip.
I know people wanted her to end up with Eli especially since Abi kinda hinted it but he wasn’t right for Lila in my personal opinion but I hope he does find someone poor guy second girl who chose another guy over him.
Like I think I said in Fallen too Far I don’t like reading about the player side it by Jen likes to see how much they change Kelsey’s a freaky person I can’t believe Cruz was that stupid I was so mad and I was totally agreeing with what wood said when Calla winced I hope Cruz does change his act.
I also loved when Lila started to change her personality and acted different being more herself I also love when Eli describes Cruz as a psycho but that’s how they all act that’s what I thought in every book I read.
Let me know if you have read any of abbi glines books and what you thought of them also what’s your favourite Na book.
Happy Reading 

NA Book Update

Hey Guys,

If you have read my life blog you know that I had a interview today i will talk about it on my Ya update which I will post tomorrow because some of my friends how are YA readers also my friend Jenny is planning on using my blog tomorrow for one post so she can see how many likes she can get which might made her make a blog I hope.


wp-image--485503685 After reviewing the second book I picked up the third book which is this every time I read Alexa Riley’s books in the series the better they get I am planning to Write a Review for this tomorrow has well if you haven’t check out this series i highly recommend it if you love insta love and Cowboys.


wp-image--1037985850This book is different from the others because this is based on there little sister Dolly Jennings and believe me they left her story last for a reason since she was sixteen she has wanted no one but Brandon Knight when she has grown up now and I have a feeling she is going to cause him nothing but trouble.


wp-image--485503685This is the fourth book in the wait for me series which I can’t wait to read after the two books above this book is based on Roxy and officer Reece when Roxy gets threatening calls she has to go to the one person she least she wants to talk to Reece doesn’t think it’s really a threat but helps her anyway to ensure she is safe.


wp-image-1258997565  I am planning to read this I don’t know what its about I like guessing who the characters are going to be and Jen tells me if I am right.


That’s what I have planed to read so far the next person to be posting will be Jenny she will have a different into and will talk about herself a little then will be interviewing me while typing she will be posting it on her blog if she makes one I don’t know what her questions are which are mean’t to be book related but knowing her it’s not (laughs).

If you have any NA recommendations let me know below I am still trying to read more of these books also what are you favourite Na reads and what you think of these books.

Happy Reading


Reviewing Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins, #2) By Alexa Riley

Hey Guys,

wp-image-293073171 Ok I admit when ever I plan to read books I end up ignoring what I say I just can’t help it my friend Jenny was convincing me to read all her favourite books and review them and I am actually getting into the NA genre which is surprising since I wasn’t planning on reading this genre anyway onto the review.

I rated this book 6.5/5 stars I love these books this is the second book from Branding the Virgin this is Blake’s version after Ty has married MJ I absolutely love this book more than the first one don’t get me wrong Ty and MJ are an adorable couple and he’s is more layed back and out going whereas before MJ he was bad tempered and grumpy but like Blake said it’s like Blake and Ty have switched places as soon as Luciana came into town.

I love how Blake was like from the moment I saw her I knew there was no other women I would want I wish that these book were longer but I love how they end with a year later I was surprise to find out that Blake never had a girlfriend or any type relationship but I do think that Luciana is a perfected match for him even though she did get him into a fight but I did think Blake was going to hurt Brandon but he’s and Dolly’s relationship confuses me but I suppose when I have read the fourth book they will get together I just hate him for flirting with other women when she loves him.

When reading this we got to know more about Trace and Dolly to be honest I wish my next version to read to have been Dolly’s but I am curious to why Trace is being very strange it’s probably a women all the books come to that i suppose can’t wait to read the next book.

Let me know below if you like these book if you are planning on reading them also who is your favouite characters.

Happy Reading


Book Review: Stay with me (wait for me \4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Guys,


Err I don’t know where to honestly start this review series is just amazing when people say I like the series I don’t agree I love this series and I didn’t think that Jennifer could possibly top the first two books and coming into this book I had really really high expectations and she literally topped my expectations I was really excited that the old characters where in this book and we got to know more about Calla and her life (for those who don’t know Calla in previous book she was in Be With Me which was Tereasa and Jase book she had music with Tess) I didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing about her mother taking drugs and stealing them thing I was shocked that it put in only because it’s not something that’s really mentioned in books but when you get to the end you kind of think I can’t believe Calla had to deal with the whole situation as an 11 year old girl but I am glad that we got to see Jax help her with it and it just shows how hard some people’s lives really are.


I just must talk about Jax because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wait till the end but he is one of my favourite characters I didn’t like how horrible he was being but it was kind of strange that he knew she was monas daughter in the being but yet he was flirting with her and then started to tell her to go back to college I know why he did but he didn’t have to be so rude about it (I’ve heard a lot of hate comments about him being bossy and a stalker and I am going to say something in my review just not now) I wasn’t really surprised that he owned the bar because he was mostly running the place by himself I just though at the end of the book Mona would have put it in his name anyway but apparently she did it earlier than I thought also I love the way Jax was patient with Calla and tried to make her feel safe it was just what every girl wants in a guy and I love the way he was like how cares you have scares they are a part of you I may have cried at some of the scene’s he was just a great guy for her I have to totally agree with Clyde Jax was just the perfect guy to help Calla just realise how much of a great person she is.


As I said in the brackets there was a lot of hate comments in the reviews of goodreads and also blogs but I just want to say I respect you opinion and understand why you would say that in a way it kind of is but the reason why he was being bossy (and the right word is Caveman) is because he was trying to get Calla to give him a chance and show her she worthy of being loved (worthy probably not the right word but I can’t find the word I am looking for) and also to ensure her safety would you rather he let her hide away from romance and let her hate herself for being a little rebellious which is silly for me to say because she twenty one but she’s still young that’s why I am saying that I don’t know why on earth you would call him a stalker he was helping her mother Mona go and have the chance to apologies to Calla for all she has done but her mum never had the courage to the very end I love when Jax, Roxy and Katie tease her about her firsts on things she hasn’t done like go to the beach, eating grits, getting wasted and other things also I wasn’t planning on reading this novel but I am glad I did but I am going to cut the Jax and Calla talk because it might make the review too long.


But I am going to say I love the way he got the old gang to like him and the end with Jase and Cam also the bub scene I almost died of laughter also I love how Tessa and Avery opened up about the problems they had so that they could get Calla to talk and I hope that when I read the fourth book with Roxy and Reese we get to her about them still because we are differently going to be having Jax and Calla and also Katie which will be interesting but I do like how Jennifer was giving us hints about hows story is next you and I know somethings differently going on between them and I am really curious why they don’t want to be even near each other and somehow they are going to be with each other can’t wait I haven’t read the blurb for the fourth book I just asked my friend how story it was and guessed right.

Overall I rated this a 6.5/5 stars and if you are looking for a good Na recommendation then this is a series for you also I have rated all the books I have read so far and I am planning on rating the last two/three books left I am just sad this series I’d going to read soon let me know below what is your favourite book and why also hows your favourite character/couple.

Happy Birthday


Book Review: Kate Hannigans girl by Catherine Cookson (Non-Spoiler)

Hey Guys,

This is my first non spoiler review so bare with me also let me know on the comments below if there is anything else you’d like me to add on my next non spoiler review.

I rated this novel 6.5/5 stars I only recommend this author if you are 18+ maybe older due to the content in some of the novels which I let those who are of age be aware of below so those who are below 18 stop reading NOW it is Na (New Adult.) It’s also a chic flick and a sequel.

It is the second book after Kate Hannigan has you can tell by the novel it is based on Kate Hannigan ‘ s Daughter the year that the book is based on is the early 1920s after Dr Rodney prince and Kate have been married and I asume had a child or they spring it on you in this novel since Annie is the eldest (she isn’t Rodney ‘s child but he treats as though she is.)
A bit of background history on Kate and Annie is that they suffered in the Fifteen Streets which is a poor area and lots of people say Spiteful Rumours about them because of they use to live in the Fifteen Streets.
The main character is Annie which I said earlier but its about her learning her strength and her maturity and dealing with her issues it’s also contains near assult which is why I don’t want anyone reading it if you are not the age that is what most of her books contain but not all (I highly recommend researching before reading her works) but luckily that someone helps Annie before it happens.
I love the romance between Terence and Annie which is what the book is based upon I love the way  Catherine discribes the scenery and writing format aswell has when they talks about being Church of England and a Catholic  (which I am) it’s nice to know about other faiths than your own.
Also an intresting that kate Hannigan was in fact Catherine Cookson first book to ever be published I am planning to do a spoiler review but this is for those who want to know about this book with being kind of spoiled.
Let me below if you want to talk about the book but it has to be non spoiling incase people want to read the comments also what books would you like me to non-spoiler review.
Happy reading