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Book update & book discussion

Hey Guys,


I just noticed that my favourite book blogger that I follow her blog is A Dreamer’s library Emma did an interesting post about BBC Pride and Prejudice Adaptations which I highly recommend checking out if you are a pride and prejudice fan or you are interested in finding out about the films.

So the reason I put book discussion is because I am very annoyed I can’t find the cover of a book I actually want and need to talk about it before I go into depth there’s an author that I like but I don’t talk about her works that I read because people assume old people read her works and aren’t happy with the stuff she writes about which is understandable but not all her are like that the authors name is Catherine Cookson I absolutely adore and I know I say that a lot but I actually mean that about her book and it is.


Screenshot_2017-08-04-14-50-48-1I am currently rereading this book and I am on page 141 this was my mothers book pretty much this and Rosie of the River and this are hers but she doesn’t read books anymore and gave me them I am planning to do a review I don’t recommend reading her books if you are a YA reader this is and all her books are NA (New Adult) which is 18+ this is the second book to the book my discussion/rant is about but all I have to say is I rated this a 6.5/5 stars when I was first read this and I still stick with that rating.

As you can see with the cover above is the cover I own so I was looking for this cover for the first book Kate Hannigan but instead all I keep seeing today was.

Screenshot_2017-08-04-15-11-12-1Which was really annoying me because I  didn’t look like this cover and I wanted same type of cover  I own and I suppose it a pet peeve of mine I like to have my covers matching and I pretty much went on every book site until I saw the exact cover I wanted on ebay but unfortunately they couldn’t guaranty there was no food stain or drink on the pages so I couldn’t buy it so I stop looking and gave it a break because I wasn’t going to find it and felt like I would have to get this cover.

When I went back online after watching a few episodes of the 4 season of the originals which has recently been put on Netflix and I went back on amazon and typed The Maltese Angel by Catherine Cookson because I was looking for another book to buy of hers then I saw the cover.

Screenshot_2017-08-04-13-03-52-1It wasn’t the exact cover but it was a cover that I liked and it has two books in one which I can’t wait to read so I spent about three/four hours looking for a cover when all that time I could have gotten this cover anyway you can tell how has my friend says ‘book cover freak’ I don’t know if anyone has the same problem how knows but I just need to talk about how annoying it was.


I am planning to do a post of authors books I am planning to buy and hopefully a review for Kate Hannigan’s girl and The Rosie of the river and hopefully stick with my TBR  I have read Out of the shadows by Bethany Shaw already let me know in the comments below if you have read any of Catherine Cookson, any classics you recommend and also what you think of Pride and Prejudice the movies/book.


Happy Reading


August (TBR 2017)

Hey guys,


I am meant to be waking up early to talk to my friend but I can’t sleep big mistake drinking coffee at midnight played call of duty for an hour to try and full asleep but I was to wired and nearly reaching level 50 I know eye roll then decided to do my TBR since I forgot to do it earlier also if you have any advice on how to fall asleep then please let me know in the comments below.

Also I want to thank you guys for liking my blog due to you guys liking my posts I recently received from WordPress:

Screenshot_2017-07-31-21-17-32-1So thank you 🙂

So I have 11 books on my currently reading pile and 225 books to read the reason why I am not reading the 11 books yet is because I have to read other books I rather promised to review and haven’t gotten round to reading yet or authors have ask me to read there books and I have been trying to get round to but just want to reread my favourites so I am going to try reading books I haven’t read and attempt to review them might not to be able but enough talking more doing my TBR.

YA Reads:



Screenshot_2017-08-01-01-19-58-1I was contacted by Elle Strauss on my goodreads if I anted a free e-book which was this one since I like the ruby red series unfortunately I already had this in my kindle so I offered to review this book on my goodreads and blog,

A great blogger and friend Marrill Collins  was reading both P.S I Like You and Raven boys and I was also recommended to read these by Marrill which I also promised to review I highly recommend check out her amazing blog if you like YA, Fantasy and contemporary.

I also chose to read Ignite because I saw the spin-off series frost and I knew I had to read this series because it sounds so interesting.

I have been meaning to read shadows since 10th July 2016 the reason why I know the exact date is because I put it on my Instagram the same day I knew I was planning to read it I tried reading it the next day but I stopped because there was other books I wanted to read.

Katherine and Elizabeth Corr they are absolute amazing and I am going to read this second book now because …. THERE IS A THRID BOOK WOW I know right exciting I can’t wait I am inlove with this series.


NA Reads:


I was asked if I could separate my YA and NA so that people knew what I am recommending plus some people can skip it if they dislike this genre which is understandable so I have just so you guys know some new adult are kind of like a court of wings and fury and they can be a lot more descriptive its about finding the right book to get you into the series.


Out of the shadows is a guilty pleasure and so is the second book which I maybe rereading also I may reread the Dive Stage Series because lots of people are talking about the series with me and I may be impatient to read it I also chose Thoughtless because its rock star book and thanks to Dive Stage Series as gotten me into rock star books.

I was recommended No regrets by a friend on my Instagram and the other book Husband Fur Hire I saw qwendowlyn reading methods an amazing booktuber was reading this because it had ironic title so I decided to join in on it because its a great idea


Anyway its 3:00 in the morning and i am still wide awake and now I am going to try playing games like Phil from Dan And Phil did fingers crossed I can go asleep so let me know below what books are you excited to read for August also if you have read any of these books let me know in the comments below what you think.


Happy Reading



Book update 

Today hasn’t been great I’ve had a bad day I forgot to do a book update so here my update.

I am currently reading two books one at home and one at school.


A Court Of Mist And Fury (A Court Of Thrones And Roses #1)  by Sarah J. Maas 

I  finally finished reading A Court of Thrones And Roses by sarah J. Maas which was the first book in the series which I rated 6.5/5 stars I hope that the next book will be has great.

Obsidian  (lux series #1) by Sarah J. Maas 

I am currently reading obsidian which is the first book in the lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
I just wanted to reread one of my favourite book series I think that this is the only scince fiction book I have ever read.
The books that I am planning to read next will be.

Onyx (lux series #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Has I said I want to read the whole series because I absolutely love this book series.

Saving Angel (Divisa series  #1) by J.L Weil

This book is kind of like the lux series and it is one of my favourite book instead of alien it is about half human half demons I can’t wait to reread this book.

October  (TBR 2016) 

If you guys haven’t read my previous post the reason why I haven’t been able to post regularly is because of college and coursework  (which I am meant to be doing right now) but the good news is I have a week holiday where I can get my work done do regular posts.

Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children by Ransom Riggs

I watch this last Saturday with my best friend I loved the movie it was amazing and on Sunday by very werid luck it was in the store so I bought it.

I’ll run to you by Nikki Vale 

I chose this book beautiful it is free on Kindle and the cover is absolutely beautiful.

This is one of my favourite books and I have to reread this did the hundredth time.

A court of thrones and roses ( A court of thrones and roses #1 ) by Sarah J. Maas 

I want to reread this book so I can find out what finally happened in the second book but I already know the best bits of the second book because I was spoiled.

I doubt I will read anymore than this because of the I have to find time to read because of college let me know below if you read it and if you liked this book or what you are reading/ read this month because I’m very curious.

Books I bought in the month of October.

This is the final book haul in the month of October it’s just because it’s the month of October and people bought me books for my birthday.
Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake 

Has everyone knows I was given this on my birthday by my mum which was werid because she didn’t know I really wanted it she liked the cover.
Inferno by Dan Brown 

I brought this with the money my antiy gave me I heard a lot about the author and I also liked the cover so I picked it up and I am about 3 chapters and love it.

I am now going to do something a bit unusual which is talk about two books together twice.

So I got fangirl and miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children together for £7.00 I know cheap right I have the movie edition of miss peregrine’s but I am planning to buy the original cover also I chose it because I watch the movie about it with my best friend and really wanted read it.

I chose fangirl because it was the very first book of Rainbow Rowell I have ever read and loved it I’m really lucky my edition has a drawing of the characters on the back of the front cover and on the front of the back cover is like a graphic of cath and Liv which I’m really loving.

I got both of these for  £7:00 also I had to buy these I absolutely love Sarah J. Maas books she is my favourite author and I can’t wait to reread the first and see what happened in the second.

Let me know if you like any of these books how do you ship in them and also what did you buy in the month of October because I’m curious.

August TBR  2016 

​The books I read this month so far are:

1) Clay Hope judgement of the Six series  by Melissa haag 6.5/5 stars 

2)The Lost Kingdom of Fallada  Book One: Daughter of the Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels 5.5/5 stars 

3)Out of the Shadows Werewolf Wars, Volume 1 Bethany Shaw 6.5/5 stars 

4)Clockwise Prince (infernal devices #2) cassandra claire 5.5/5 stars 

5) Just One Drop Book 3 of the Grey Wolves Series Quinn Loftis 6.5/5 stars 

6) Out of the Dark Book 4 in the Grey Wolves Series By quinn loftis 6.5/5 stars

7) Alpha Unleashed ( Alpha Girl #5) by Alieen Erin 4.5/5 stars

8) Into the fae (healers #1) by quin loftis 6.5 stars

9)Clockwise Princess (infernal devices #3) by cassandra claire 6.5/5 stars 

If I read anymore I will but it in my next post.