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Book Update 

I know that around this time everyone are experiencing horror or Halloween themed books but I just want to read classics and Ya books at the moment I don’t celebrate Halloween because of my parents don’t believe in it but I am planning to start but next year.

 My classical reads:

I have been told I’m very brave reading this book but has a Catholic it’s very interesting to see different points of view when it comes to religions but I do love these poetry about Heavenly and Hell, God and Lucifer.

I don’t know what it’s about but my mum told me to read this book so I’m listening to her when she recommend books they are always amazing.

I’veheard lots about this book and want to see if its has good as they say it is.

Can’t wait to read this just can’t wait.

This is about Miranda hart need I say more if I do her TV Show Miranda was a favourite of mine and wish there was more.

Ya reads:

This book is based after the wizard of Oz and is about a girl who has to relive Dorothys steps and hopefully save her.

Kinda reminds me of Once Upon a Time can’t wait to see what this book holds.

Time travel books – I decided to read more time travel books after reading The Ruby Red Series.

Elle Strauss has been recommended a lot also the author did ask me to read her book and I said I would review it once I’ve read it.

The cover made me want to read this.

Hopefully you enjoy my posts and thank you for understanding why I decided against Horror and Halloween let me know below if you have read any of these books I metioned also you’re opinion.

Happy Reading


Bloggers recommendations PT1 

Hey Guys,

So I have been ask to Recommend some bloggers blogs I follow but I follow so many bloggers I decided to do it in parts also I will give you a short reason why I follow them.

Ya Book Obsession I like how she writes about her life and connects it to a book it’s the post I link her blog to she’s very new to blogging and I do hope you check her out.

Tyr Carter I like how she blogs about more than one thing she blogs about books and great music also food that makes me want to start cooking and also a good friend of mine totally deserves a lot more followers than she has now.

Picnic in the stars some of you may have already check her out after reading my post where I gave her a shout out but I do highly recommend checking her out has I said before she is very new to blogging and in her comments you can see our very long comments talking about life I’m really happy she has 9 followers but I do hope you check her out.

Write Ally Write Ally’s blog is mostly poetry beautiful poetry I am always looking out to see if she post more because I love how she writes it she has actually gone though it or of she has I love how she can turn into such beautiful poetry so please do check out her blog.

Marrillcollins@booksandraven Marrill is not only a amazing blogger but an amazing friend for my birthday she did a collage of pictures of me it was shocking but I loved it I pyt it has my whatsapp pic (laughs) she a Ya reader and Recommends the best books I love her reviews whether it’s books or movies and she also talks about her life aswell.
That’s all I am recommend at the moment when I do these posts I will be recommending 5 because I don’t want to looking like an essay let me know what you think of these bloggers if you do or have check them out also what is your favourite post by them and if you have any Bloggers you recommend to me then do let me know in the comments below.

(Those I have recommended in this post of you want me to delete you from the recs then let me know.)

Happy Reading 

Glimore Girls Book Tag 

Hey Guys,
If you haven’t watch glimore girls then after this post go on to Netflix or buy it and watch it because you are seriously missing out on a really great show.

I was tagged by the fabulous Tyr Carter and believe me I only recommend the best book bloggers not only is she a great friend but a great blogger we are both big fans of Gilmore Girls and has soon as Tyr told me that there was a tag I just knew I had to do it hope you enjoy.

Lorelai Gilmore: A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor?

Jace Wayland he is very funny and has a lot of sarcasm he’s just like his great great great great how many greats grandfather Will.
Rory Gilmore: Your favorite classic?

I am going to have to go with Tyr Pride and prejudice By Jane Austen I absolutely love Mr Darcy and Elizabeth and I can’t wait to read Death comes to Pemberley to see what happens next  but I also choose Emma it’s a lot different from Pride and Prejudice but I love the relationship between Emma and Mr knightly kinda reminds me of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth also they are two of my favourite books from Jane Austen’s works.
Luke Danes: A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit?

I am going to go with Dangerous Creatures after Beautiful Redemption which I wasn’t a big fan of they did a spin off series with Link and Ridley which is this book which I actually love has you may know in a tag I have done Rlidley is one of my favourite Villains so when I heard they did a book for her I bought it the day it came out so can’t wait to read dangerous deception.
Lane Kim: A musical character or a book about music?

Stage Dive one of my absolutely favourite series I just couldn’t chose one book they are all amazing this is NA (New Adult) 

Dean Forrester: Your first book boyfriend or the first book you loved?

Edward Cullen he was so romantic and spoke like he was from a different time period and to top it off he was a gentlemen sorry Levi but its the truth.

Sookie St. James: A book you devoured?

Finding Audrey I read it in one sitting I can’t wait to read the book again for a fourth time.

Jess Mariano: A book you love, that gets the most hate?

Beautiful Chaos I loved loved it Jhon Breed I know he’s ment to be the villain but when he went to scarfice himself so he could stop Ethan from dying made me love him more and the picture of Drew Roy is there because he is what I imagine Jhon Breed to be.
Miss Patty: A book that has been recommended to you more than once?

Throne of Glass series sorry guess too late I’ve already read it and I love it but not has much as the A Court Of Thrones And Roses Series but if you do have any book recomendations do let me know I’m always looking for new books.

Emily Gilmore: your favorite fictional family?

May sound strange but mine is the Cullens It maybe because of it being the first book I ever read myself but I love how close they are and hearing how they turned vampires is heartbreakingly sad especially rose.

Paris Geller: An uptight character?

Peter from Divergent don’t you just want to punch him (but I can’t for the movie Peter because he pays Will in footloose and I love him to bits haha.) 
Anyway Tmi (too much information) I hope you enjoyed my tag I tag who ever wants to do this amazing Tag please do link it if you do the tag on this post I’d love to see your opinions (so don’t think I’m just saying it because I do read them.)

Happy Reading 

Murder mysterious discussion 

Hey Guys,

The reason why I am blogging at 10:30 at night is because I only had one/two hour sleep last night and I started work at 4 in the morning  so when I got in I went straight to sleep and just got up.

I was asked a question and I decided to do a post about it the question I was ask is what Genre haven’t you read before but are starting it now? 

The Genre for me is Crime or for another word Murder mystery when I was about 14 I started to watch murder mystery with my grandparents and I still watch them to this day.

 the touch of frost is one of mine and my nans favourite David Jason is a very good actor you may know him from only fools and horses and also midsummer’s murder I am currently on season 5 or 6 on NCIS anyho.

I decided that I wanted to get into Murder mysteries books I am currently reading Angeles and Demons by Dan Brown and so far I’m actually enjoying it I am planning to read the whole series I may try to read Alex Cross series and also Agatha Christie I have heard alot about her books and I am acually interested to see why her books are so popular.

If you have any murder mystery recommendations then please do let me know in the comments below also if you have read the books or authors books I have just mentioned also the crime shows I have mentioned aswell.

My next post will be the gilmore girls tag I am going to post it as soon as I have added the images until then.

Happy Reading 

The Raven Cycle Book Tag 

Hey Guys 

I was tagged by the one and only Bookmarkyourthoughts if you haven’t check her out then you are seriously missing out because you know I only recommend the best and so far I haven’t yet met a bad blogger.

The Rules

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And most importantly… HAVE FUN!
Blue Sargent: Your Favorite Quirky Character

“Blue was a fanciful, but sensible thing. Like a platypus, or one of those sandwiches that had been cut into circles for a fancy tea party.”

Kenji from the Shatter Me Series who else is excited for Restore Me which is going to be published in 8 March 2018.

Gansey: A Leader

“Gansey was just a guy with a lot of stuff and a hole inside him that chewed away more of his heart every year.”

Mmmm so many probably Jace Wayland from the mortal instruments city of bones he is a fearless leader and is willing to sarifice his life for the people he cares about even if he acts emotionless.
Ronan Lynch: Your Favorite Character of All Time

“I am being perfectly fucking civil.”

I’m going to say Ian O’eal from The Host we all love him just admit it he’s goes through a character development he was taught to hate the hosts until Wanda he learns that some are just like humans afraid trying to survive on earth. (Sorry been a while since I’ve tried to describe the host.)

Adam Parrish: A Character You Disliked at First but Love Now

“If you combined these two things – the unfathomable and the practical – you were most of the way to understanding Adam Parrish.”

 Alec from the mortal instruments city of bones when you first meet Alec he’s very grumpy and rude to Clary until you get to know him and find out he’s the eldest and Jace’s Parabatri and is inlove with him you being to like him.

Noah Czerny: The Most Lovable Character

“Depending on where you began the story, it was about Noah Czerny.”

Levi he’s just my dream guy and became my fictional boyfriend at age 15 I could spend my life reading him fanfiction.

The Women of 300 Fox Way: Your Favorite Female Role Model

“ You could ask anyone: 300 Fox Way, Henrietta, Virginia, was the place to go for the spiritual, the unseen, the mysterious, and the yet-to-occur. ”

I would say Cath from Fangirl but we both have the same personality so I’m going to go with Alley from the Notebook the reason why is because I want to find love like she did with Noah not like now bit some pointin the future.

The Search for Glendower: A Book Series You Wish Had Never or Will Never End

“He was everything Gansey wished he could be: wise and brave, sure of his path, touched by the supernatural, respected by all, survived by his legacy.”

Mine has to be Fallen by Lauren Kate I love love the Fallen series when I did first read it I’m sure I did a 1 star review but once I reread this book I realised it was a 5.5/5 stars rating but Cams version was a easy 6.5/5 stars who doesn’t love Cam.

I highly recommend checking out the Fallen series believe me you won’t regret it especially Cams version.

Mr. Gray: An Anti-Hero

“There aren’t terrible ideas. Just ideas done terribly.”

Ridley from the Beautiful creatures series I do like Ridley in this series and I know she not a hero she only helps when it benefits her that’s why I chose her has an anti Hero.

Psychics and Tarot Cards: Your Favorite Magic System

“It was impossible to forget that all of these women were plugged into the past and tapped into the future, connected to everything in the world and to one another.”

I actually don’t have one.

Kavinsky: Your Favorite Unlikable Character

“Reality’s what other people dream for you.” 

 Drew Roy is the guy I imagine Jhon Breed to be.

Mmmm so many but I’m going with jhon breed from beautiful Chaos which is the beautiful creatures series lots of people hate him and days he’s a pointless character but when he was going to scarfice himself I did actually cry.

Cabeswater: Your Favorite Book Setting

“Cabeswater was such a good listener.”

The night court in a court of mist and fury by Sarah J. Maas I’d love to visit that court.
I Tag:
Marrillcollins,Tyr Carter,  Savannah@thebookprophetAbookblogMistysbookspace 

If you want to do the tag do link me so I can see you’re answers also have you read any of these books if so please do write what you thought about them in the comments below hope you enjoy this tag gotta go sleep it’s 23:12 and I have to wake up at 4:00 for work. 

Happy Reading 

Review: First Light: Lightbearer Series Prequel Na (New Adult)

Hey Guys,

I had a great birthday started work at 4 in the morning went to my nans and ate cake with my family my parents bought because the cake I cook failed been a while but I did get a kindle fire in blue and that was the best gift my parents ever bought me.

Genre: Na (New Adult), werewolves 

Rating: 4/5 stars 

​You may be surprised by my rating because most of my ratings are between 5.5/5 stars and 6.5/5 stars but for this its a 4 star it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like this book it means that there are somethings that I didn’t really understand.
I did like that she did a two different types of werewolves and explained it in pretty much the first two chapters I did ship Sabine and James but I was expecting by the title that Xander and Sabine to be together also it was slow paced and then the romance between James and Sabine don’t get me wrong some books insta love is amazing but for me it was just too quick.
Am I going to read the next book?
Yes because I am curious to see what happens next I was told about this book by a booksagramer and was told it’s free on kindle please read it so I thought why not it’s free and I’m always looking for recommendations and I am glad I did.
Wasn’t sure about her being pregnant though I do wish there was more than one book it kinda reminds me alot of Fae Guard alot I don’t know if anyone else thinks so if you do let me know in the comments below and also you opinion on the book aswell.
The reason why this review is so short is because I want to squeeze in the tags I’ve recently been tag in but I need to post the old ones I have answered but not yet published.

Hate Comments !!!!

Hey Guys,

Who else loves this quote everytime I read it I just think of Edward Cullen saying those words I literally know them of by heart anyho onto the post.

So recently they bought out a new book from E.L James which is a Na (New Adult) writer Ya readers can read this post I’m not going into detail anyway the reason why I mentioned it is because of the hate comments which is understandable due to its content.

But all I’m saying is the hate comments that people write are goes to far for example people have written the author needs to burn every copy she has written and that to me is mean and I’m not talking about this particular book.

I am talking about every book you need to take the authors feelings into consideration I’m not saying I haven’t in the beginning of my blogging I did but I realise that this author is really happy to have published a book or series that has taken almost a year to write and after that whole year of hard work you write a hate comment that makes the author upset and that’s not ok I do write if I dislike a book in a nice way for example I wasn’t a big fan of looking for Alaska due to the way the guy main character acted you wrote why but in a nice way.

So please do consider the authors feelings when right a review I’m not saying to be truthful but in a nice way I hope my post has made you realise what you are doing when you write your hate comments and turn over a new leaf I saw someone who done a similar post in January I think that made me think about my actions and I knew I had to change and I hope I have convinced you the same.

Let me know in the comments below what you’re opinion on hate comments are if you agree or if you disagree.

Happy Reading 

October TBR YA books 

Hey Guys, 

I was asked to do my October TBR first by my friends so they can find out what I am planning to read on the month of my birthday yes my birthday I’m finally turning 19 and I am really not happy to be working on my birthday oh well.

So normally I would read a few of my favourite books every month but I am also planning to read new books so please let me know what you recommend me to read this month in the comments below.


No surprise there huh since Levi is my fictional boyfriend I know what you are going to say what about Rhysand my answer is ever since I read this book Levi became my fictional boyfriend no matter what other book I read he will always be.

I absolutely love this book it’s a childhood favourite before you ask technically I never read this book it was read to me by my mum and I use to watch the film lots.

If you are even asking me why this book then you have definitely haven’t read this book two words Mr Darcy he’s a definite second fictional boyfriend he’s just amazing there are literally no words to describe how amazing he is.

I love how Ashley makes this amazing novella about a girl called Meg who dealing with heartbreak after her boyfriend cheats on her then she meets a guy named Ash who is trying to win her heart but waits patiently for her to move on from her ex.

I did do a review for this book but for some reason I can’t link the posts to this post but I will try on my wrap up if not I absolutely can’t wait to reread this.

I want to reread all of cassandra claire books to remind myself of what happened before diving into shadowhunter academy it’s been two years since I’ve last read the series.

I am planning to reread this not only because I love the book but because I want to know what happens next I have the other two books on my shelf and have yet read them I know eye roll but its kind of horror and Halloween is in October yeah I know October the worst year to have a birthday.

Three words Wanda and Ian they are my favourite characters in thus book and little Jem he’s would be my fictional brother but I recently like reading about Aliens for some reason.

I was begged to read this book and continue the series because they knew I would have said no after Liam left I just wanted to stop reading the series because I had a feeling I would be disappointed but my friend begged me to read this and I decided to give in don’t think that will work Jen if you are reading this.

That’s all I can think of that’s Ya don’t worry I’m doing a Na (New Adult) also.

To be read:

That’s my October TBR if you have read any of these books then do let me know I’d love to know you’re opinion.

Also I thought I had posted this after the Emma post but I just noticed now that I didn’t post it sorry guys.
Happy Reading 

Review: The Prelude of Ella and Micha ( The Secret 0.5) By Jessica Sorensen 

Hey Guys,
I only had 3 hour sleep because of this book and I was such a doughnut I read this after the second book I was meant to read this then the first book my mistake. (Oh I forgot this is a Na (New Adult) series.)

This is based on when they were younger and up to the bridge scene I rated this Novella 6.5/5 stars I know what you are going to say you pretty much rated all books that same rating but I definitely rate honestly anyway onto the spoiler section.

The amount of times I felt so sorry for Micha he feel inlove with Ella before she did and the amount of times that they could have ended up got ruined every Bliming time.
Favorite scene has to be when Micha caught her dancing on the bed to one of my favourite songs We Got The Beat By Go Go’s when you read the first book I was expecting that Ella just ran to Vegas without planning it buy she was debating whether to tell Micha to go with her the whole time I was thinking tell him tell him even though I know she doesn’t.
‘It hits me like a blow to the chest, cutting so deeply, I think my heart actually cracks.

I fight to breathe.

Ella is gone.

Without me.

And she might not be coming back.’
The worst part was he pack his bag ready to leave town I literally felt like reading the first book just to see Micha end up with Ella even I  though he does but the way she was saying that them kissing was weird I was mad at her for breaking his heart. 
I am going to stop there because I’m doing a spoiler but not full spoiler only because it’s a novella.
What do you think of this series also what is your favourite book out of all these book because I am curious.
Happy Reading 

Ya recommendations PT 1

Hey Guys,

So after talking to a new blogger a new friend of mine Picnicinthestars which I highly recommend checking out and following her she’s new to book blogging shes a Ya, Fantasy, Fiction and Contemporary reader also is looking for recommendations and gave me the idea to do this post.

1. The Witch’s Kiss (The witches kiss #1) by Katherine and Elizabeth corra

Rating: 6.5/5 stars 

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, paranormal and Witches.

This is based on a 17 year old girl called Marry how has no control over her magic and feels invisible in school and is fed up with her family fued then she meets the amazing Jack and starts to fall in love with him the only problem she has to face is that he has a centry old curse that makes him cut people’s hearts out can true loves kiss stop this curse once and for all.

2. Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon 

Rating: 6.5 / 5 stars 

Genre: Romance, contemporary and mental illness 

This is about a girl called Maddy her illness is not being able to leave her house because if she does she will die the only people who are aloud to be in her house is her mother and Carla her nurse which was fine until she sees a boy name Olly and knows she was going to fall inlove with him.

It also has pictures, emails and phones calls.

3. The Fallen Star (The Fallen Series #1) By Jessica Sorensen 

Rating: 6.5 / 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult and Romance.

I am currently reading the Na (New Adult) version reimagined but this is Young Adult. This is about an 18 year old girl called Gemma her life is far from normal up until recently she has been incapable of feeling emotion and when she is around Alex she starts to feel electricity that makes her skin buzz not to mention the monsters that haunts her nightmare.

4. Anna and the French Kiss Series By Stephanie Perkins 

5.5/5 stars but I am changing them to 6.5/5 stars.

Genre: Romance, contemporary and Young Adult, Woman Fiction and Chick Lit.

I was going to talk about the first book but you can read any of these books in any order but check out these books on goodreads for the blurb.

5. The Host By Stephanie Meyer 

6.5 / 5 stars 

Genre: Romance, contemporary and sifi.

Earth has been taken over by Souls  (known has The Host) an alien race that wipes the human from the body and takes it over most of the human have been eradicated but some like Melanie hid away in caves until Melanie gets caught and Wanda goes into Melanie the only problem is Melanie won’t be eradicated.

That’s the only books I am recommend at the moment before you ask I am going to do a part two let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought about them also what Ya books do you recommend because I am looking for new Ya books to read.

Happy Reading