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Book Review: Stay with me (wait for me \4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Err I don’t know where to honestly start this review series is just amazing when people say I like the series I don’t agree I love this series and I didn’t think that Jennifer could possibly top the first two books and coming into this book I had really really high expectations and she literally topped my expectations I was really excited that the old characters where in this book and we got to know more about Calla and her life (for those who don’t know Calla in previous book she was in Be With Me which was Tereasa and Jase book she had music with Tess) I didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing about her mother taking drugs and stealing them thing I was shocked that it put in only because it’s not something that’s really mentioned in books but when you get to the end you kind of think I can’t believe Calla had to deal with the whole situation as an 11 year old girl but I am glad that we got to see Jax help her with it and it just shows how hard some people’s lives really are.


I just must talk about Jax because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wait till the end but he is one of my favourite characters I didn’t like how horrible he was being but it was kind of strange that he knew she was monas daughter in the being but yet he was flirting with her and then started to tell her to go back to college I know why he did but he didn’t have to be so rude about it (I’ve heard a lot of hate comments about him being bossy and a stalker and I am going to say something in my review just not now) I wasn’t really surprised that he owned the bar because he was mostly running the place by himself I just though at the end of the book Mona would have put it in his name anyway but apparently she did it earlier than I thought also I love the way Jax was patient with Calla and tried to make her feel safe it was just what every girl wants in a guy and I love the way he was like how cares you have scares they are a part of you I may have cried at some of the scene’s he was just a great guy for her I have to totally agree with Clyde Jax was just the perfect guy to help Calla just realise how much of a great person she is.


As I said in the brackets there was a lot of hate comments in the reviews of goodreads and also blogs but I just want to say I respect you opinion and understand why you would say that in a way it kind of is but the reason why he was being bossy (and the right word is Caveman) is because he was trying to get Calla to give him a chance and show her she worthy of being loved (worthy probably not the right word but I can’t find the word I am looking for) and also to ensure her safety would you rather he let her hide away from romance and let her hate herself for being a little rebellious which is silly for me to say because she twenty one but she’s still young that’s why I am saying that I don’t know why on earth you would call him a stalker he was helping her mother Mona go and have the chance to apologies to Calla for all she has done but her mum never had the courage to the very end I love when Jax, Roxy and Katie tease her about her firsts on things she hasn’t done like go to the beach, eating grits, getting wasted and other things also I wasn’t planning on reading this novel but I am glad I did but I am going to cut the Jax and Calla talk because it might make the review too long.


But I am going to say I love the way he got the old gang to like him and the end with Jase and Cam also the bub scene I almost died of laughter also I love how Tessa and Avery opened up about the problems they had so that they could get Calla to talk and I hope that when I read the fourth book with Roxy and Reese we get to her about them still because we are differently going to be having Jax and Calla and also Katie which will be interesting but I do like how Jennifer was giving us hints about hows story is next you and I know somethings differently going on between them and I am really curious why they don’t want to be even near each other and somehow they are going to be with each other can’t wait I haven’t read the blurb for the fourth book I just asked my friend how story it was and guessed right.

Overall I rated this a 6.5/5 stars and if you are looking for a good Na recommendation then this is a series for you also I have rated all the books I have read so far and I am planning on rating the last two/three books left I am just sad this series I’d going to read soon let me know below what is your favourite book and why also hows your favourite character/couple.

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Be with me ( wait for me #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

​I rated this 4.5 / 5 stars when I first read this I thought Jace was a jerk reading half way through I still did until I got to the near end I learned that I like him.

I remember burst out laughing when Cam found Jace and Teresa it was one of my favourite scene’s the biggest shock of them all was finding out that JACK WAS JACES SON I still can’t believe it I love Jack he’s a sweet young boy I hope that he stays that way when he gets older.
Im glad that Eric was beaten up and sent to prison  (for not only making him killing his girlfriend a suicide but for also trying to kill Teresa.)
I’m not surprised that Cam is going to propose to Avey because I have read it and I’m also not surprised Bethy and Olly are hooking up you could tell.

The proposal (wait for me #1.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

​Omg Cam so adorable and so sweet I had to laugh at him and he’s mum so much more funny and embarrassing i am sad that Cam wont have his life story anymore but he will be  in any further books so happy they are finally going to get married as so has I found out I gasp with shocked and then fangirl  squealed I wish them a happy long life together I hope I find someone as good as cam is.

Wait for me (wait for me #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

​If you want quotes please look at my reading statutes. if you are looking for a book that reminds you of easy by tamara Webber, then this is the book. Can’t tell you how good it is with out spoiling it. All I know is whatever your reading put it down and read this I was looking for a book to stop me from reading rosemary beach a thousand times and this is the book. 

Okay but I need to talk about the COOKIE
I think that has actually put me off cookies but it was funny and I love jacob he’s funny and werid and very flirty I really thought he was straight until he was getting the hots for cam.

Omg the sexual chemistry between cam and ayen can’t describe. 
Tell you when I finished it 1:25 in the morning I know I’m bad and should be asleep but hey no college time to relax and enjoy reading.

I can’t describe how amazing cam is I hated steph I wanted to punch her I was very surprised he called Henry over and he left her alone.
I love Cam tortoise it was super cute that he had a pet tortoise I loved the scene when Avey was meeting his family I was really confused when Cam touched her bangle she filped out until in found out why which was sad I loved this book and I hope the next book can top it.