August TBR  2016 

​The books I read this month so far are:

1) Clay Hope judgement of the Six series  by Melissa haag 6.5/5 stars 

2)The Lost Kingdom of Fallada  Book One: Daughter of the Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels 5.5/5 stars 

3)Out of the Shadows Werewolf Wars, Volume 1 Bethany Shaw 6.5/5 stars 

4)Clockwise Prince (infernal devices #2) cassandra claire 5.5/5 stars 

5) Just One Drop Book 3 of the Grey Wolves Series Quinn Loftis 6.5/5 stars 

6) Out of the Dark Book 4 in the Grey Wolves Series By quinn loftis 6.5/5 stars

7) Alpha Unleashed ( Alpha Girl #5) by Alieen Erin 4.5/5 stars

8) Into the fae (healers #1) by quin loftis 6.5 stars

9)Clockwise Princess (infernal devices #3) by cassandra claire 6.5/5 stars 

If I read anymore I will but it in my next post.


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