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I was tagged by someone but I can’t remember who it was so let me know if you did and I will add your link here and I’m sorry that I forgot it was you who else is currently watching the defender I am loving it so far currently on episode 6.

Lets get on with the tag

BLACK                                                                                                                                             Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans?


The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins the reason why I chose this book is because it’s really slow paced and it takes half the book to get into the series but I do understand the hype it’s amazing and the last book is absolutely heartbreaking.

PEPPERMINT MOCHA                                                                                                                       Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year? 


I have to go with My True Love Gave To Me By Stephanie Perkins last year I read one of the stories this year I hope to read all of them also this is the only Christmas that I know of.
HOT CHOCOLATE                                                                                                                             What is your favourite children’s book?

0141311282.02.lzzzzzzz-1.jpg wp-image--1177521395

Actual child book is Fantastic Mr Fox I use to love who cleaver the fox was and how he always escaped the farmers plans I read it to my little sister like my mum use to read it to me and also Princess Bride which I still love to this day I love Wesley and how he saves Buttercup and ended up with her my favourite line of his is ‘has you wish’ I have a necklaces that says ‘Has you wish”.
DOUBLE SHOT OF ESPRESSO                                                                                                             Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish?


So many what to chose from but I am going to chose  Runes (Runes #1) By Ednah Waters this book is about Grimmers (grim reepers) I love love it I haven’t read this type of story before this and it was a good change my favourite character in this book has to be Torin ST James the fighting scenes have to be my favourite plus this book was free on kindle I can’t wait to read the last book and go to Erik story.

STARBUCKS                                                                                                                                        Name a book you see everywhere?


I believe in a thing called love by Maurene Goo I see it everywhere in the booktuber community and also book blogging as well I was introduce into Kpop by TheBookProphet my favourite KPOP band has to be BlackPink so when I saw and read this book I knew I wanted to read 

OOPS! I ACCIDENTALLY GOT DECAF Name a book you were expecting more from?


I am going to go with Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures #4) By Kami Garcia the reason why I chose this book is because I love the first three books in the series and then this became slow paced it I did really understand what was going on and I suppose it might have been my high expectations but I rated it a 1/5 stars and also Dnfed it.

THE PERFECT BLEND                             Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying?

I am going to go with Divergent series by Veronica Roth a series I haven’t metioned for a long time this book series is amazing I love the way it has a mixture of happy moments that you can read for hours and then suddenly you get the sad moments that make you want to rather cry or get mad.

GREEN TEA                                                Name a book or series that is quietly beautiful

Ruby red series by Kristen Geir I love the story and the covers and it’s about time travel that what made me what to read this series but I am glad I did such a shame they did make more or a spin-off.

CHAI TEA                                                    Name a book or series that makes you dream of far off places?

I would say Dauntless but I’ve said that before so I would go with I would love to go to Pemberley and see Mr Darcy estate from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen not only that I would love to have seen what it would have been like to have experience what they have in that time.

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Wonder Woman Book Tag

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I was tagged by the amazing Marillcollins I highly recommend checking her out not is she a great blogger but she is a great friend she is a Ya and contemporary reader she also does film reviews I highly recommend checking her out. I am a huge Marvel fan my favourites character has to be Iron Fist and Daredevil I am currently watching Daredevil and loving it so I thought I watched wonder women the day it came out on cinema and I can’t wait to watch the new Avengers I just need to watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anyway time for the tag.


Wonder Woman: Your favourite badass female book character?


cdb1e6e099795bdc93db9f51c6e4bde7.jpgFor me it has to be Feyer I know some people don’t agree but she has had to hunt to help her family survive and risk killing a shape shifter also had to deal with Tamlin nearly killing her and then at the end of the book sacrificing her life for her Mate Rhysand and friends life going back to Tamlin so yeah she a my favourite.


Fantasy Island: A book setting you want to escape to?

divergent.jpg I would love to go to Dauntless because of the action that goes on there like throwing themselves off trains and knife throwing oh um the slip line sounds really fun maybe its the daredevil in me (laughs) I could totally be Dauntless.


London: A hyped book that let you down

(laughs) I love how chose London for this question.


The reason why I chose this is because it’s still a hyped book not like it’s a great book that’s just come out hype but it’s still popular I agree with the first three books getting the hype but they shouldn’t have made a fourth book it’s really slow paced and maybe it’s due to my high expectations.

Steve Trevor: A book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (I.E. great personality)?
Steve was one of my favourite characters.

 You can say the covers for every series isn’t beautiful I am tempted to buy them in paperback I love the soul guardians it’s got forbidden love, demon fighting and talking chimps what more could you ask for.

Lasso of Truth: A Book you hated?
Don’t hate me for saying this but.

I absolutely love the first book me and my friend love Minho but I could get into this second book no matter how hard I try and I may have Dnf it but I am planning to try the series again maybe it was just what I have read before this maybe.
Wonder Woman’s Shield: A book so sad you need a shield?

 I acually  have an ironic story for this question my family member was in hospital so to cheer me up they went to the book shop and bought me the second and third book to cheer me up which did work till I read the end if this book and was crying due to what happened in the end and they thought I was crying about them which now saying isn’t sound ironic anyho. 

No Man’s Land: A book you want to send through No Man’s Land (i.e. shoot it to death)?
Wow did expet that umm probably.

 If you have read this last book you know why I think it shouldn’t have been written I throw the book in the bin after reading it because he finally made it how it should have been and then just ruined it by writing this should have finished at nevermore.
Ares: A Villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate?

I am going to answer Jack from the witches kiss by Katherine Corr and Elizabeth corr because technically he was a villan even though he was cursed but it was kinda scared me what he does when he is cursed but then you see his kind side and you know you should hate him for what his done but in your heart you know you love him to bits.

Dr. Poison: A Villain that has no reason to exist?

I am just going to say it I thought that Emma in the Divisa series I know she a hunter that hunts Divisa’s but she was just annoying I liked it better when she was on there side but I understand why J.L’s did it.

The Amazons: A book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation?

Non that I know off but I will put it in here if I do.

Justice League: What superhero book friends do you tag?

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200 Follows

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I want to thank all 200 of you guys for following me and liking my posts I hope that I can’t do more has BooksLovesJenny says amazing posts.

Also I want to thank those who have followed Jenny she’s new to blogging and basically post not that great but she is a lot better than I was back when I started so far she has gotten 8 followers and 28 views and she is only on day 2 of blogging.

Currently on page 427 and loving it Levi and Cath are one of my favourite book Characters I don’t really rave about it because I don’t want to bore people but I am planning to review it here when we finish a few pages and do my discussion with Jenny on Saturday on her blog.

Let me know below if you have read any Rainbow Rowell your favourite characters and also who us your favourite authors I am curious.

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Ya Book Update

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Today I did a post on BookslovesJenny page if you guys didn’t know she is my best friend we started of by doing hers and mine introductions she makes me laugh she said I am a natural and was annoyed that she could do a bigger introduction then I showed her my post for the first time and her words were wow mine was differently better and I laughed and told her that she did a really good post and got one follower that isn’t me and I didn’t even get that at my first go it was my third post when I started getting followers anyway Bookfandom1001’s Introduction is my post that I did for Jenny’s page as I said we both will be writing on that account and she may take over mine now and again has a change.


download.jpgI absolutely love Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell Cath reminds me of me I love writing Fanfiction I have only posted one which is Wattpad books: Girl impossible/ Doctor whos grandchild  but I do write more but I don’t post it because it terrible anyway I wanted to reread it because the last time I finished this book was two years ago and I don’t know why I haven’t read it since then but I do know the scene’s of by heart.

28356624.jpgOf course I will be reading the sequel or at least I class as it Cath’s fanfiction by Rainbow Rowell which I love also I am team Baz and Simon all the way I also found out that Simon Snow was in fact a actual book series by Gemma T. Leslie which was surprising I assumed that it was a made up series.

la-selection-tome-1-la-selection-1833822.jpg.jpeg So I have read chapter five of six about ten times a year ago but didn’t read more I think it’s because I’m not really a girly girl but I am going to read this book rather this month or next because I need to give books a chance.

witches-tearsI absolutely love The Witch’s Kiss and I heard that someone comes back into the book and I am currently halfway but I want to finish this book so I am going to continue reading.

That is what I am planning to read so far this month and if I don’t get the chance to read it this month I will differently read it next month let me know below if you have read these books or recommend them also what YA books do you recommend.

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BooksLovesJenny Book Q and A 

Hey Friends,
I am Jenny or if I do my blog BooksLovesJenny which is Lola’s idea nice right Lola asked me to talk about facts so I am 18 like her Jenny is a nickname like Lola is hers I hate Ghosts books favourite genre is Na (sorry for ruining Lola’s plans on read especially Caroline) favourite author Jhon Green my top books of he’s Fault in our stars and looking for Alaska (which she hates I always try to get her to like it but no) anyhos let’s get on with Lola’s questions.
I am typing and Lolas here since I have questions and also on her blog while we talk I type no matter what we say like for example Lola’s says she will be putting on Daredevil on Netflix.

Also Ya reads can read this post.
1. What’s the last post you did?

A book review actually I tell a lie it was a Na Book update 
2. Favorite Ya author Rainbow Rowell.
3. The top authors book you adore?

Fangirl, Carry on and Eleanor and park.
Jenny: aren’t they all her works Lola.

Lola: no there’s the other two books she’s written can’t remember at the top of my head.  

Jenny: oh I meant top two not three (laughs)

Lola: should of said it doughnut how many questions are you planning on doing?

Jenny: ten but our talking will make this post longer so five.

Lola: well right at the bottom if they want us to do more of this are you serious typing this.

(I nodded) 

Lola: it’s like your writing a play (both laugh)
4. Book you said you like bit actually hate? 

Umm non that I can think of oh yeah I do umm Endlessly (paranormally #3 ) by Kiersten White.
Jenny: oh boy not again.

Lola: what 

Jenny: let me guess she shoulda ended up the fae.

Lola: of course but I wasn’t going to say it.

(I eye roll)

Lola: do the whole ten questions.

Jenny: oh how about you guess scenes.

Lola: has river song says SPOILERS (she didn’t yell but that was how I chose to type it).

Jenny: they can skip it.

Lola: on three ok.

Jenny: cool
5. In fangirl what did Levi say first chapter the size of the burgers?
Has big has your fist make a fist.
Umm there where so many.
Jenny: ok show that spoiled the book but not book adaptations.
Easy The Big Bang Theory Sheldon says Dumbledor  (sorry spelling) dies in book six.
7. What happens to angel in Redeeming Angel?
She turns evil.
Jenny: oh really let me check correct apperently 

(Lola eye roll)

Jenny: I saw that
8. Lux series book two how do they find Dawson?
Ah trick question he was already at the house with Dee when Daemon and Kat saw him.
9. Last words in breaking Dawn 

The End.
10. Fictional boyfriend?

I would say Jamie Frazer but I really want to say Levi from Fangirl.
Jenny: oh what happened to Terence Macbane.

Lola: I also want to say him but its a Na and I’m not talking about it.

Jenny: oh Ya readers.

(Lola nodded) 

Lola: can you do a Lola says to followers 

Jenny: sure why

Lola: because I want to

Jenny: it’s your ocd (laughs)
Lola says to followers:
Hey Guys,
I hope you enjoy mine and Jens little book Q and A let us know down below if you more also if Jenny should make a blog sorry for the late post I have been busy just and made her wait last minute which was a great idea for her to say hi to everyone she just got back from New York she will do her goodbye until the next post
Jenny again as Lola said also talk about anything you want below and if you have questions or what a good old chat then Lola will tell me and I will text my reply to her and she will post the comments to yours truly.

NA Book Update

Hey Guys,

If you have read my life blog you know that I had a interview today i will talk about it on my Ya update which I will post tomorrow because some of my friends how are YA readers also my friend Jenny is planning on using my blog tomorrow for one post so she can see how many likes she can get which might made her make a blog I hope.


wp-image--485503685 After reviewing the second book I picked up the third book which is this every time I read Alexa Riley’s books in the series the better they get I am planning to Write a Review for this tomorrow has well if you haven’t check out this series i highly recommend it if you love insta love and Cowboys.


wp-image--1037985850This book is different from the others because this is based on there little sister Dolly Jennings and believe me they left her story last for a reason since she was sixteen she has wanted no one but Brandon Knight when she has grown up now and I have a feeling she is going to cause him nothing but trouble.


wp-image--485503685This is the fourth book in the wait for me series which I can’t wait to read after the two books above this book is based on Roxy and officer Reece when Roxy gets threatening calls she has to go to the one person she least she wants to talk to Reece doesn’t think it’s really a threat but helps her anyway to ensure she is safe.


wp-image-1258997565  I am planning to read this I don’t know what its about I like guessing who the characters are going to be and Jen tells me if I am right.


That’s what I have planed to read so far the next person to be posting will be Jenny she will have a different into and will talk about herself a little then will be interviewing me while typing she will be posting it on her blog if she makes one I don’t know what her questions are which are mean’t to be book related but knowing her it’s not (laughs).

If you have any NA recommendations let me know below I am still trying to read more of these books also what are you favourite Na reads and what you think of these books.

Happy Reading


Reviewing Roping The Virgin (Cowboys & Virgins, #2) By Alexa Riley

Hey Guys,

wp-image-293073171 Ok I admit when ever I plan to read books I end up ignoring what I say I just can’t help it my friend Jenny was convincing me to read all her favourite books and review them and I am actually getting into the NA genre which is surprising since I wasn’t planning on reading this genre anyway onto the review.

I rated this book 6.5/5 stars I love these books this is the second book from Branding the Virgin this is Blake’s version after Ty has married MJ I absolutely love this book more than the first one don’t get me wrong Ty and MJ are an adorable couple and he’s is more layed back and out going whereas before MJ he was bad tempered and grumpy but like Blake said it’s like Blake and Ty have switched places as soon as Luciana came into town.

I love how Blake was like from the moment I saw her I knew there was no other women I would want I wish that these book were longer but I love how they end with a year later I was surprise to find out that Blake never had a girlfriend or any type relationship but I do think that Luciana is a perfected match for him even though she did get him into a fight but I did think Blake was going to hurt Brandon but he’s and Dolly’s relationship confuses me but I suppose when I have read the fourth book they will get together I just hate him for flirting with other women when she loves him.

When reading this we got to know more about Trace and Dolly to be honest I wish my next version to read to have been Dolly’s but I am curious to why Trace is being very strange it’s probably a women all the books come to that i suppose can’t wait to read the next book.

Let me know below if you like these book if you are planning on reading them also who is your favouite characters.

Happy Reading


Book Review: Stay with me (wait for me \4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Guys,


Err I don’t know where to honestly start this review series is just amazing when people say I like the series I don’t agree I love this series and I didn’t think that Jennifer could possibly top the first two books and coming into this book I had really really high expectations and she literally topped my expectations I was really excited that the old characters where in this book and we got to know more about Calla and her life (for those who don’t know Calla in previous book she was in Be With Me which was Tereasa and Jase book she had music with Tess) I didn’t really know what to make of the whole thing about her mother taking drugs and stealing them thing I was shocked that it put in only because it’s not something that’s really mentioned in books but when you get to the end you kind of think I can’t believe Calla had to deal with the whole situation as an 11 year old girl but I am glad that we got to see Jax help her with it and it just shows how hard some people’s lives really are.


I just must talk about Jax because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to wait till the end but he is one of my favourite characters I didn’t like how horrible he was being but it was kind of strange that he knew she was monas daughter in the being but yet he was flirting with her and then started to tell her to go back to college I know why he did but he didn’t have to be so rude about it (I’ve heard a lot of hate comments about him being bossy and a stalker and I am going to say something in my review just not now) I wasn’t really surprised that he owned the bar because he was mostly running the place by himself I just though at the end of the book Mona would have put it in his name anyway but apparently she did it earlier than I thought also I love the way Jax was patient with Calla and tried to make her feel safe it was just what every girl wants in a guy and I love the way he was like how cares you have scares they are a part of you I may have cried at some of the scene’s he was just a great guy for her I have to totally agree with Clyde Jax was just the perfect guy to help Calla just realise how much of a great person she is.


As I said in the brackets there was a lot of hate comments in the reviews of goodreads and also blogs but I just want to say I respect you opinion and understand why you would say that in a way it kind of is but the reason why he was being bossy (and the right word is Caveman) is because he was trying to get Calla to give him a chance and show her she worthy of being loved (worthy probably not the right word but I can’t find the word I am looking for) and also to ensure her safety would you rather he let her hide away from romance and let her hate herself for being a little rebellious which is silly for me to say because she twenty one but she’s still young that’s why I am saying that I don’t know why on earth you would call him a stalker he was helping her mother Mona go and have the chance to apologies to Calla for all she has done but her mum never had the courage to the very end I love when Jax, Roxy and Katie tease her about her firsts on things she hasn’t done like go to the beach, eating grits, getting wasted and other things also I wasn’t planning on reading this novel but I am glad I did but I am going to cut the Jax and Calla talk because it might make the review too long.


But I am going to say I love the way he got the old gang to like him and the end with Jase and Cam also the bub scene I almost died of laughter also I love how Tessa and Avery opened up about the problems they had so that they could get Calla to talk and I hope that when I read the fourth book with Roxy and Reese we get to her about them still because we are differently going to be having Jax and Calla and also Katie which will be interesting but I do like how Jennifer was giving us hints about hows story is next you and I know somethings differently going on between them and I am really curious why they don’t want to be even near each other and somehow they are going to be with each other can’t wait I haven’t read the blurb for the fourth book I just asked my friend how story it was and guessed right.

Overall I rated this a 6.5/5 stars and if you are looking for a good Na recommendation then this is a series for you also I have rated all the books I have read so far and I am planning on rating the last two/three books left I am just sad this series I’d going to read soon let me know below what is your favourite book and why also hows your favourite character/couple.

Happy Birthday


My Book Writing

Hey Guys,


Today I am writing about my short story writings I was asked but Melissa how is a friend blooger if I could talk about my book writing so I agreed I am currently writing four books the reason why I am is because writing is because I want to be a author lots of publishers have asked if they could get samples of my books to see if its publish worthy which made shocked I didn’t know I was that good but they loved the first chapter of ​The curse of the heartless soul my short story  which I dies after reading the witches kiss by Elizabeth corr and Katherine corr the idea popped into my head and I though I’d share it with you guys.

After you read it you requested more chapters so I did a second chapter The curse of the heartless soul Chapter 2  which was terrible my friend said for me to redo that chapter she liked my idea of her not knowing when I was talking to her about it since then I have redone the chapter and did a third chapter which she loved and wished that I could have written the whole book now the publishers are really wanting me to give them the sample but I want to continue writing this book and publishes chapters for advice.

The next book I am writing is becoming Popular Project it’s about a girl called Andy she’s what people would call Nerd and it’s about her doing an assignment about becoming Popular for an A* to get the grade she makes a deal with the queen bees boyfriend she does helps him with science and he helps her become popular the more they get to know each other will they fall in love…..

And I am also writing a sequel becoming a Nerd which I not going to explain because it will spoil the first book but it about the queen bee so you can quess what it’s about my friend read both versions and she said she loved the second book more I am planning to but the first chapter on my blog.

The thrid book I am currently writing is Fae falling for a mortal  I got this idea when I was watching clips of west side story which is a strange its not the same thing but the forbidden love being to different kinds Eldima the princess fae goes to the mortal realm to teach her cousins the fae ways until she meets Luke a mortal she was taught to fear and hate goes against everything she was told can she stop herself from falling the enemy.
Last book will be Emily Rosa (Protecting humanity from Robots #1)  I know what you are thinking terminator no just a coincidence my friend wanted me to right a book about cyborgs to help her get some ideas for her essay she didn’t end up doing it for her class it was kind of hard but I thought what would it be to be half human having feelings and know your a monster and I just started typing and thought I’d post it here to see if it was worth carrying on but I thought why not.
 I hope you guys like these stories let me know if you want me to post more if there are other genre’s you want me to write I have to wattpad accounts Bookfandom1001 and Lolasstories2017.

Happy Reading