June (TBR 2018)

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How have you guys been?

Sorry for the late posts I will now be scheduling my post so some will not be on the day I post them due to me having a crazy work schedule so hopefully there won’t be anymore long posts. I thought I’d do a tbr since I haven’t posted it in a while.

1. The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence #1) By Jessica Sorensen

I have to admit I may have already read this book but I finished it in the month of June and I’ve rated this 5/5 stars I’m planning to write a review soon I will be reading the second book soon.

2. Bridget Jones Diary (Bridget Jones #1) By Helen Fielding

I have heard so much about this novel and also the movie I can’t wait to read it and find out why it’s so popular I’m going to be buying this on kindle in a few days.

3. The Devil Wears Prada (The Devil Wears Prada #1) By Lauren Weisberger

My mum has been literally begging me to read this novel because it’s one of her favourites plus this novel looks really interesting and I thought it would be a good book to read in my work when I have a break.

4. Bared to You (Crossfire #1) By Sylvia Day

I am currently reading it so far it seems a lot like 50 Shades of Grey which I was not a big fan of the first book but have to admit I did quite like the second book this however I am finding it really good it was a bit rushed in the beginning but it seems to get better the more you read can’t wait to see what happens next.

5. The Wedding (The Notebook #2) By Nicholas Sparks

After reading the amazing book The Notebook I was told by my friend Jen that there was a second book I can’t wait to read.

So far this is what I am planning to read this month if I end up reading anymore I will be adding it to my currently reading posts and Wrap Up let me know in the comments below your opinions on these novels and also what books you recommend.

Happy Reading

(The book images are not coming up hopefully it will be sorted soon)


The Phantom Of The Opera (Celebration of the 25th Anniversary)

Hey guys,

So today I am doing the Theatre Edition and it’s filmed in the Royal Albert Hall which is England but now it has been moved to Her Majesty’s Theatre (Incase you want to go see it) but this dvd is to celebrate 25 years I haven’t seen it in Theatre I will be going to but this is with the old cast who I want to see play it but it will be interesting to compare the two and see if it was better with the old cast or the new I just thought I’d give you a quick run down of why this is different to the movie I review Yesterday anyway I hope you enjoy this review.

I don’t know why but I always love the bit with the chandelier but I love how it is in this Edition the character is the theatre are a lot more better then the ones in the movie the costumes are much more beautiful then the ones in the movie more authentic also I like how they are going fall out ballet then marking like they did I the movie.

Wendy Ferguson is a perfect fit for Carlotta when I imagine how she would act and sing Wendy literally exceeded those expectations I can’t wait to see what she does next you can tell she is really jealous of Christine and she shows how much of a diva she is meant to be also in the movie I disliked her but in the theatre version I like her a lot more.

The Phantom Is played by Ramin Karimloo

He does look a bit to old then I imagine he would be but that’s probably because he is wearing a mask it’s somehow making him look older I don’t know haha I like how he tried to act cool by brusing his hair back but overall he is a really good Phantom of the opera I Can’t wait to see what he does next can I just mention him screaming instead of shouting I don’t know why but the scene when he sacred she’s afraid of him makes me cry he’s like a kid wanting to be liked I like that Phantom gave a evil laugh each time Carlotta voice sounds like a toad he seems a lot darker then the movie which I didn’t expect everytime I see her chose Raoul it breaks my heart to see the phantom heart broken I don’t know why they change the mask up so it shows his skull but even with that mask its still in my eyes not that bad.

Christine Daae is played by Sierra Boggess

I like how when she first sings she shows how shy she is and becomes more confident then in the movie when Emmy just sung the song you can actually imagine how nervous Sierra was I wish I could just rate her from that piece of acting there that she was a better Christine I never knew she was ment to be scared of the Phantom you can feel the emotions she is feeling when your watching this you can see her being scared of him then in the movie but she trying to overcome it.

Phantom and Christine

They have great chemistry and you can tell his controlling her stopping her from running you can see her trying to fight her urge to run and stay to see what he’s about and listen but also you can see her trying to escape because she worried what is going to happen if you get what I mean it’s hard to type and watch because I’m so engrossed in there connection and passion Christine does love him but she’s scared of how he acts and if he goes to harm her but she has fallen inlove with him but she is scared to because of how he is but when they first kissed it was so cute that Phantom was confused what they were doing but I love the passion they have and still think they should have ended up together.

The Monkey Instrument

I’m really curious why it’s kept being in the movie is it because it the phantoms favourite instrument or toy let me know in the comments what you think.

Raoul is played by Hadley Fraser

Strangely I prefer this actor a lot more then the movie actor he actually shows he has interest in Christine I still not a big fan of Raoul but Hadley fits the role better than in the movie the think I HATE IS HE KNOWS SHE LOVES THE PHANTOM BUT TAKES THE ADVANGE OF HER BEING SCARED and he knows she wants to stop being scared and says he’ll make her no longer scared if she be with him that’s what I get if I’m wrong let me know in the comments below I can see they have a connection but it’s not as strong as Christine and the Phantom’s.

Overall I still think that this is a lot better than the Movie and I can’t wait to write my Love Never Dies review and has you saw in my unboxing today they were both delivered today let me know what you thought of my review also if you want any other movies review also how is excited to watch the sequel I will be posting a link to the trailer in my review for it if you are wondering if it worth watching.

Happy Watching

My First Unboxing….

Hey Guys,

I am very Excited to do my first Unboxing today I know I have keep being asked to do a unboxing and I don’t but today I finally gave especially since I have been really exicted to buy these movies and I thought you might like to know what I have been waiting months to buy so without further or do here’s my unboxing (or how I have seen people to this).

I got my items from amazon and I am really surprised they came early.

So has you can see I only ordered Dvd’s but I have been wanting these Dvd’s for some time now and I thought you might like to see what types of dvd’s that are out there for you for you to buy and watch.

So has you can see I have the Phantom of the Opera I know what you are going to say but you already have the movie but this isn’t the movie its the 25th Anniversary which I have written the theatre review for which is ironic because after writing the movie review I got asked for the theatre review and I found out that the old cast has are no longer doing the play so I will be comparing the two like I was comparing or will be the movie and theatre.

The second one I ordered was Chicago I have never seen it before and I was recommend to watch it by pretty much everyone and I thought well if I am being recommended it that it must be really good plus when I use to watch Glee I did hear a few songs from it and I liked the songs.

The third movie I ordered was Footloose I have seen the new version but I wasn’t a huge fan of it Jenny my friend you may know her has Jennylovesbooks recommend me to try the original so I decided to buy it hopefully I love it fingers crossed.

I also thought If I am going to buy Chicago because everyone was recommending it to me then I was going to watch Les Miserables I have heard a lot about this movie and also because my mum said to me it was a really good movie also it’s in the theatre and I would need to know the storyline before going to see it.

I have been raving about Love Never Dies but for those who don’t know this is a sequel to The Phantom of the opera and It basically 10 years after the first story and has I said I am glad they written it and help us to see the actual conclusion I will be writing a review for it yes I have seen clips for it and in my next post I do mention that I will be posting a trailer clip when I post the review for you to check it out.

I don’t know anything about Fame but that its a lot like Centre Stage and I do actually like that film so I thought why not watch it and see what it’s about and also because my mum actually recommend it to me so she could watch it because she’s heard a lot about it (laughs).

There was meant to be two more Dvd’s but they are apparently arriving on Monday so on Monday you shall see my SECOND EVER UNBOXING if you like this unboxing do let me know also if you have any request for me to do to rather improve or buy or anything just let me know in the comments below I am curious to know if you have watched these if so please let me know your opinion or even link you review in the comments below.

Happy Unboxing


Hey Guys,


You are probably wondering what my title means well tootingoozingfooding she is a food blogger who I follow on all her social media she not only writes about food but on her Instagram but also health tips and places to check out in tooting I have been to a couple and really enjoyed them so if you are looking for the popular places to go then do check out Tootingoozingfooding for the hottest places she also gives the places Q and A’s so you don’t only get to know what the places are like to eat and drink but find out more about the restaurant also she does giveaways and so much more.

Background info

She a mother of two and in her spare time goes to food places and takes pics of food she trys for her Instagram and gives her honest opinion on them she sometimes does live chats on rather looking at locations her cooking or just to talk about food if I could chose again what I would blog about it would be food blog she is the second person who has inspires me to cook and I sometimes try to follow her guides on cooking.

Here are a some pictures to show you the types of things she does she is really popular on Twitter, Instagram and facebook and gives really good tips and advice for example her mothers day post she writes about the great places to go and gifts to buy for mothers day so let me know if you are going to follow her and what you think of her blog if you have also if you mention her on you blog please do link it to my blog so I can read it because I am curious to see other peoples opinion about her also if you do write about her on your blog don’t forget to write the hashtag #tootingoozingfooding.

I hoped you liked this post and I hope you follow her and I will be give lot more recommendations about other non-book blogging blogs also let me know in the comments below if you have her on social media and you favourite post she has done also which bloggers do you recommend.

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The Phantom Of The Opera (The Movie)

Hey Guys,

Today my review will be for The Phantom Of The Opera written by Gaston Leroux if you haven’t seen the movie yet then click here to view the trailer it might make you want to watch it.

I highly recommend not reading this review if you have not seen the movie yet because it contains a lot of Spoilers so watch the movie and then afterwards come and check out this review.

I rated the movie a 6.5/5 stars

It’s personal favourite of mine I like how they show the future and aswell has the past it give it that petfect suspends that’s needed also I love the way they use the special affect to give it that gothic, dark, passionate affect.

If you could change anything what would it be?

I would have liked Christien Daaé to have ended up with Erik or has you would call him the Phantom I know he’s is seems like the devil which people like to call him but when I watch this you can understand why he acts the way he does and I always thought Raoul was the evil villan in the film but I was wrong but I was glad of they made a sequel but that is for another review.

What are your favourite scene’s?

The Music of the Night

This is my favourite musical scene because of the connection between the phantom (played by Gerald Butler) and Christine Daaé (played by Emmy Rossum) have and they have a lot more passion the Christine and Raoul ever had.

The Goodbye kiss

I love when she shows him she loves him and let’s him know she’s there for him and kisses him but I wish she stayed with him instead of taking the engagement ring of he gave her and leaving with Raoul I was crying at that point while thinking that.

What did you think of the love triangle?

When I was first watching it I thought wow I wonder who she will end up with they are both amazing guys until I got to know more about the Phantom then I didn’t really like how it was pushing to the opposite side of the love triangle.

Would you watch the sequel?

Yes I would if I hadn’t of already watched it I liked how the sequel wraps up the whole ending because me personally I didn’t think the movie was over especially the love triangle but that’s all I’m saying about it until I do the review.

I hoped you liked my review and the new set out I have done also I thought I would answer my followers questions within the review so I didn’t write a big essay on my opinion.

Write below what you thought also what’s your opinion on this movie because I am curious to see what you guys think.

Happy Reading

Jessica Jones Season 1 Review:

Hey Guys,

If you don’t know this series is part of the Marvel movies or should I say comic books I was asked if I have read them the answer is no unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to buy and read them but I am planning to anyway if you guys don’t know I am a huge fan of Marvel I have watched pretty much everything Marvel apart from the new shows and films but I did get asked if I could review Marvel films/shows I have watch and my opinion I have just finished watching Jessica Jones today at 04:20 in the morning.

I rated this show a 6.5/5 stars I absolutely David Tennant in doctor who so when I found out he was in this show has a villain instead of a hero I was really curious if he would be a brilliant villain and yet again he performance was absolutely amazing I literally hated Kilgrave for what he did but the actor playing the part David Tennant is a person you could never hate so it was kinda hard for me to think right I hate Kilgrave and the person who plays him instead it was I hate Kilgrave and I love how David was able to be a Villain but also show his loving humour into the show it would be the same without his humour in any show.

I do kinda feel sorry for kilgrave having to used has an experiment everyday has a child and when I saw the video of his torture it made me litterly cry how he’s parents could do that to him I just wish he could have used his mind control for good instead of hurting people hopefully in season 2 he will.
Anyway onto Jessica Jones has a hero she was amazing but I did understand why she says she isn’t a hero because pretty much all of the heroes say that but I do think there could have been more heroes than Jessica Jones and Luke Cage like Tris I do wish she could have been properly trained for the final fight I was expecting more of an end then what happened but I did still like it I am really excited for season 2 and can’t wait see how the new Villian is or like the rumours say Kilgrave returns but Imagine him returning to become a hero and help Jessica and Tris destroy the new Villian or maybe that’s just me.

let me know below your opinions on Jessica Jones Marvel and what you expect for season 2 also your predications or theory’s so when the time comes I can say someone guessed right also I am curious to see what people think what happens next,

Happy Watching

Tyr Carter’s Q and A 

Hey Guys,

I have two weeks off work so I have lots of time to blog so I hope to do a lot more posts also has anyone else seen the women doctor performance wasn’t she amazing I am so excited to see what happens next.

Has promised Tyr Carter is one of my favourite bloggers me and Jenny both ask Tyr questions because she is just amazing Jenny hasn’t read these questions and has been nagging at me to post it so I hope you guys check out her page she doesn’t only do book but cooking posts and also sometimes music I wish my blog could be as amazing has here’s I hope you guys love her amazing questions has much has I do. 
1.Favorite Genre?

1.. Contemporary. Specifically YA contemporary. I’m a sucker for romance.
2. If you could be in a book what book would it be and why?

2. Hmm… Harry Potter. I would love to go to Hogwarts! I’m a Slytherin so I’d be able to hang out with Draco Malfoy! (My favorite character!)
3. What is your least favourite reads in 2017 and why?

3. Into The Wild by Jon Krakuer while the story itself is a good story I just didn’t like it. I’ve never been a fan of nonfiction. I did enjoy the movie though.
4. What book can you relate to and why?

4. I relate to quite a few books but I’m going to go with Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Sophie, the main character, is extremely shy. I am too, but I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older. And all she does is bake and read. I do too. My blog is literally food and books. If I’m not reading I’m probably baking. And if I’m not baking I’m probably reading.
5. What book two books would you make law to read and why?

5. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen and ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E. Hinton. They are two of my absolute favorite books. Classics! If it were the law to read them people who would never read might end up liking them as much as others do.
6. What book do you wish DIDNT have a tv show and why?

6. Hmm.. Sleepy Hollow. I loved the show when it first started but after the second season it started getting weird and cheesy.
7. How’s are your three favourite book bloggers and why?

7. You, Jenny and Marrill.
8. What do you like best Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell  or Looking for Alaska by Jhon Green (you must chose one.)

8. Fangirl. I haven’t read Looking for Alaska, yet. But definitely Fangirl. I relate to Cath quite a bit. 

9. Are you team Mr Darcy or Mr Bingley? (you must chose one)

9. Darcy all the way!!! I do like Bingley but I prefer Darcy. 
10. What post is your favourite you have read in 2017 and you must say the name of the blogger and the post you can do more than one blogger.

10. I’m going to go with one of my posts because I can’t just choose one that was my favorite! My Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag! It was the first tag I ever did. I was so excited to do it!!

I just want to thank Tyr for encouraging me has a blogger and reading my posts and for being a great Friend I definitely recommend you checking her out if not you will 100% regret it. 

If you want to be included in Q and As please do comment below even if I have already done one for you also what would your answers be for this Q and A I’m really curious.

Happy Reading 

My future blogging for 2018

Hey Guys,

I know that I haven’t been blogging lately but its because of work I know it’s late but HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS.

I have already planned what I’ll will be posting for 2018 and the books I will be reviewing and yes books you guys have recommended on goodreads and also on my blog.

Reading challenge:
So has you guys may know if you have been blogging for a few months or years or in my case a year you would have heard of goodreads for my reading challenge I have decided to set mine for 200 if your like Tyr Carter who told me I would definitely pass that number I thank you for your confidence in me but I have a different job since then but we will see.
Christmas Q and A:
I’m so so sorry I forgot but I will be doing more Q and As if you want to get involved let me know in the comments below.
I am planning to create a few more tags I know it’s a sickness especially since my tag went all over youtube piera Forde actually did my tag can you believe it.
My new years resolution:
Is to blog more I just want to thank those who have followed me and like my post from day one I don’t think I would have continued if it wasn’t for you.
I am planning to post Tyr Carter Q and A tommrow after work because I just want you guys to know what a great blogger and friend she is.

Let me know in the comments below if you wish there was something I could improve or added also how do you find time to blog.

Happy Reading

Lila and Ethan: Forever and Always Review.

Hey Guys,
Sorry about this really really late review but I have been trying to make time to do this but with work and trying to get reading done it’s been really difficult.

I rated this book a 4.5/5 stars I did love it but the book was too short and it felt like she was trying to wrap it up too quickly I absolutely love this series and it really upset me that it was too short.
I thought that what he wrote in his diary for Lila was so sweet and I wasn’t surprised that Lila wanted to settle down with Ethan I had a feeling that this would happen especially after she went to the travelling with him.
I did kinda want Ella and Micha mentioned in this book with them but I do get they have there own life but you know they still talk to Lila and Ethan but hopefully we get to see them in the next book.
I just wish she would have just made this longer but I did love the scene when she complain about travelling with Ethan overall I do recommend reading this I only rated it 4.5/5 stars only because of the lack of pages otherwise it would have been a 6.5/5 stars.
That’s all I’m saying I don’t want to go into depth but I hope you do check out this series it’s one of my favourites and let me know below what you thought of my favourite series also if you are planning to read this.

TheBookProphet Q and A 

Hey Guys,

For those who have been asking me why have you waiting for a whole week before blogging it’s because I have a hard time finding free time between reading and work so I am sorry for not updating has much has I use to but I will try to

Today post has you can tell by the title is a Q and A for the one and only TheBookProphet if you don’t know who she is stop reading this post go on her blog then her youtube channel and subcribe then go and follow her one Instagram believe me she is one of my faves and also a awesome friend.

Has you guys know I do rave about how much I talk about her on my blog especially when I started out if it weren’t for Savannah I wouldn’t be blogging and nearly reaching my 300 followers so I highly recommend checking out her blog hope you enjoy this Q and A. 😉
1. What book do you wish could be a film?

1) Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. Or the night circus. I actually think Ari and Dante have a director and script and some company bought the rifts for the night circus so hopefully they’ll both happen one day!

2. What is your favourite Genre?

2) fantasy for sure! Though this year I’ve read a lot of contemporary.

3. What two books would you like schools to have for Gcse? (Gcse is basically grades.)

3) the hate u give and Starfish.

4. What two bloggers do you recommend? 

4) Flavia @ flaviathebibliophile and Lia @ Lost in a Story

(Unfortunately I haven’t go the link to there blog.)

5. You’re favourite post you have done this year? 

5) yikes… that’s difficult!! A recent favorite of mine is 2018 releases I’m excited for

6. You didn’t blog about books and films what would you have blogged about instead? 

6) probably cooking/baking. I really enjoy doing both of those things 

7. What made you want to be a youtuber?

7) it looked like a lot of fun and I wanted to work on my ‘public speaking’ skills

8. What book was your least favourite read? 

8) Allegiant. Couldn’t even make it past the halfway mark. So boring!!

9. If you could meet one book fictional character who would it be and why? 

9) ahhh this is hard!! I’d have to say… hermione from Harry Potter. I think we’d have a long fun conversation 

10. What book have you read that was out of your comfort zone? 

10) uh… The Two-Family House. I got an ARC of it (one of my first ever ARCs) and it’s historical fiction and adult so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but I ended up really enjoying it.

After doing the Q and A I did ask her what was starfish about and it does sound like a great book which I’m planning to read please do let me know if you follow Savannah also what’s your favourite post by her.

 so the next Q and A will be with a good friend of mine and also BooksandRaven the amazing Tyr and her blog Theperksofbeinganerdblog.

Happy Reading